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26 March 2020
Chris Chapman


26 March 2020
Chris Chapman


26 March 2020
Chris Chapman


26 March 2020
Chris Chapman


26 March 2020
Chris Chapman


26 March 2020
Chris Chapman

April 2020 Chimes entry

14 March 2020
Click the link below to read the Corscombe entry for April edition of The Chimes

Corscombe Chimes April 2020
Chris Chapman

March 2020 Chimes entry

11 February 2020
Click the link below to read the Corscombe entry for March edition of he Chimes

Corscombe Chimes March 2020
Chris Chapman

Februar 2020 Chimes

11 January 2020
The Corscombe section for the February Chimes is attached below

Click here to open the documents
Chris Chapman

Dexters Restaurant in Beaminster

4 January 2020
Carolyn and I have just had a meal at Dexters (formerly The Steak Out). The Chef, Debs has bought out the lease from the previous owner is now the owner. The food is just great, honest, delicious home cooking at very reasonable prices. We will definitely be returning and can recommend Dexters for a good breakfast, Elevenses, lunch or evening meal. I do know that they are open only certain days of the week for the evening - probably Thurs to Sat and they do a carver on Sunday. Give them a try.
Paul Barrow

January 2020 Chimes

21 December 2019
The January 2020 Chimes entry for Corscombe is attached below

January 2020
Chris Chapman

Christmas at Halstock Shop

4 December 2019
Definitely off the starting blocks for the Xmas run. The shop looks amazing and full of delicious treats. See in store for our festive offerings. We will have our normal great offers on beer and wine. Chocolates galore and we have a good selection of Christmas cards, wrapping paper and labels. Also have you thought about a Stamp presentation pack as a more unusual and interesting present. The Post Office has the very popular Gift Cards. Have a look in store to see the extensive range of shops they can be redeemed in. We can take orders for milk, cream and bread for the holiday time, and we can order cheese and meat products (sausages, sausage-meat-for the stuffing etc) We have a 'cold snap' thermals to keep hands and feet warm and hot water bottles for other parts. (For the really prepared maybe a big bag of salt for the driveway).
Don't forget the birdies, as winter bites and the hedges are cut leaving no berries for our darlings, help them with seed and fat balls from the shop, they'll appreciate it by delighting you with their antics on the feeder, and survive the winter to sing for you next spring. During December we will be having another Raffle in aid of Julia's House. Julia's House is an organisation that cares not only for very ill children but also includes their families. Sign up your name on the sheet in the shop for a chance of a nice prize. Tickets cost 50p each. We will also be having a FREE raffle for children under 8 years. There will be a separate sheet for their names and ages. Please support this worthwhile good cause.

Bardy Griffiths Nov 7 2019. On behalf of the Village Shop Committee
Chris Chapman

December Chimes

4 December 2019
The December Chimes entry for Corscombe is attached below

December 2019
Chris Chapman

November Chimes

23 October 2019
The November Chimes entry for Corscombe:

November 2019
Chris Chapman

October Chimes Enrty for Corsombe

2 October 2019
October Chimes
Chris Chapman

New Camera Group in Halstock

2 October 2019
We moved to Halstock just over a year ago, and were part of a local camera group back in Yorkshire

We are exploring the possibility of starting a camera, based in Halstock but for people in any of the villages round about

Ideally it would cater for all ages and abilities, whether you have a camera or a smart phone

We could meet in Halstock Community Room at the shop, but wold also organise trips out as well as looking into the technical aspects of photography

If there is interest, we would organise an initial meeting (perhaps on a Saturday morning) to talk it through and move forward from there

If it is something that would appeal to you, please contact me as

Pete Meathrel
Chris Chapman

Corscombe Chimes entry for September 2019

26 August 2019
September Chimes Entry for Corscombe
Chris Chapman

Corscombe Chimes entries for July and AUgustt 2019

14 July 2019
You will see that documents are now submitted in a more draft form, with the new villages overall editor then applying a consistent style across all pages.

This should not be a problem, as all the information (without design / picture elements) is still contained on the pages

July Chimes Entry for Corscombe

July Chimes Entry for Corscombe
Chris Chapman

Beware of Scams

10 June 2019

This year's Scams Awareness campaign is between l0th and 23rd June. This is when we remind you to be very suspicious about offers, either on line or otherwise, that look too good to be true and to be
extremely cautious when responding to online requests for personal information, even if the request
looks genuine. It is very easy for even the most savvy of consumers to be caught out.

For example we have recently become aware of a scam whereby on the pretence of a £500 grant being available a client was induced to give personal details to a fraudster who was then able to impersonate the client and claim Universal Credit.

We also know that bank customers have lost significant amounts of money in a scam whereby fraudsters change their phone's caller ID to the same number as a bank. If the smartphone receiving the call has the bank's number in its contact list the handset will recognise it and the person getting the call will have no reason to think that it is not their bank that is calling them.
Similarly fraudulent texts can come in apparently from the bank, often alongside genuine ones. Texts have been particularly effective at duping customers because of the way smartphones group messages that claim to come from the same source.

If you receive a voice or automated call or text that claims to be from your bank hang up. Phone the bank yourself, preferably from a different phone. Remember that a genuine bank will never contact you asking for your pin, full password or to move money to a safe account.

For advice on this or any other problem call Citizens Advice on 0344 2451291 or call in to Sherborne CA, the Manor House, Newland. Alternatively visit
Chris Chapman

Corscombe enrtry for the June edition of The Chimes

9 May 2019
Please click the link below to read the document:

Corscombe enrtry for June Chimes
Chris Chapman

Hedgehogs in Corscombe

9 May 2019
Hedgehogs are in serious decline and need our help. By working together and making small changes to our gardens and local area, we can help save this much-loved garden visitor.

Help transform our village into a more hedgehog friendly place.

For further information:


Chris Chapman


3 May 2019
Have you ever wondered what would be the best way to help children who are living in difficult circumstances? Most of you reading this lead comfortable lives. But there are hundreds of children across Somerset growing up in families which are struggling to cope, due to unemployment and a wide range of personal problems.

Research shows that providing a mentor for a young person from a disadvantaged background can make a significant difference for them. PROMISE works is a Somerset charity which recruits, trains, matches and supports local volunteer mentors, each of whom then builds a close, long-term relationship with a disadvantaged youngster.

When asked about their own experiences, the responses of the young people have been heart warming: 'She takes the stone from my heart,' and 'Mentors are like pillars. If they weren't there the roof would fall in'.

We have more than 60 mentors already operating in Somerset and are looking to double this number over the next year or so. Many of the children and young people we support are on the edge of, or have recently left, the care system. PROMISEworks is keen to find more people to volunteer as mentors, and to raise funds to support our work. If you could help with either of these, please visit our website at

Thank you. Michael Fox

Corscombe Chimes for May 2019

26 April 2019
Attached on the link below is the Corscombe entry for the May edition of the Chimes

The new editor has asked for the copy as a one-column document, so you will see the 'raw' state

Click here to download the document
Chris Chapman

New art Group in Halstock

5 April 2019
Vivian and Paul are setting up a new art group.
We envisage it being one evening a month to begin with, but increasing as the numbers grow.

We will be meeting in the Community Room.

All abilities are welcome

If you are interested, please email

Citizens' Advice

5 April 2019

We hope you enjoy the regular articles in the magazine from Sherborne Citizens Advice. They aim to give helpful information on relevant topics that readers will find of interest.

Most people have heard of Citizens Advice but not everyone is aware that we are a charity or that we are available to help everyone, whatever their age or background.

We offer free, confidential and independent advice about just about any problem you can think of.
Examples are housing, relationships, health, utilities or consumer problems but our biggest issues at present are around debt, welfare benefits and employment.

We offer advice on our website, by telephone, by email or face to face and this can vary from basic information through to negotiating on someone's behalf or representing them at a tribunal.

As well as helping people with their individual problems we collect evidence about issues that are causing hardship to people. We use this evidence to help influence change by talking to our MP and local councils and, through our head office, directly with government departments.

Currently we are campaigning on the difficulties faced by many people claiming the new welfare benefit Universal Credit.

Working with other organisations we have already helped in getting some changes made to the legislation but more needs to be done.

As a charity we depend on our volunteers to maintain the service and we are always looking for more, especially at present when our work load is increasing. There are a number of different roles to fill for which full training is given and there is ongoing support from the management team. It is an interesting and rewarding way to get involved in the local community.

If you would like to find out more please contact us on 01305 815694 or email us at

Halstock Community Shop (Lottery Funded)

5 April 2019
When proud-pied April, dressed in all his trim,
Hath put a spirit of youth in everything, '

Said dear WS, and it's his birthday this month on the 23rd, maybe you'll find a mention in one of the window displays.

April is named after the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. In the Roman calendar, the fourth month is Aprilis, meaning "to open." ... The name fits April, because it is when trees and flowers begin to bloom.

Most years April is when we celebrate Easter, which is on April 21 this year, (Check out shop opening hours- they will be displayed on the counter). So what have we in the shop to celebrate spring? Quite a lot I think, with pot luck plants blooming and enticing you inside.

We have new lines from ECOVER.
The company has been leading the fight against plastic and water pollution since 1979. Their aims are very big: all their containers are made from recycled or non-plastic materials.
They use non-toxic fragrances and their factory is ecologically sound.

What's not to like? Also if we badger Barry he will stock the refill containers.

Our own contribution to the green movement is the new Halstock shop bags. You can tuck one of our new cotton bags in your handbag or car and have a new hessian bag ready for the larger shopping trips. Both bags have the new Halstock shop logo. If you have holiday snaps with a bag displayed, pop us a copy and we will display it in the shop.

A fresh milk machine is coming soon. Fresh, pasteurised, non-homogenised milk sold in glass bottles from Liberty Farm (about 2-3 miles away). How's that for fresh?

More about this next month.

We have a free raffle for children aged eight and under.

The cuddly white bear that was named Percy in the Christmas Raffle by the winner Chris Linacre was returned. The bear has been wrapped up and is still new. All children (or you) have to do is write their first name and phone number on the sheets at the shop counter.

You can also purchase your tickets for St Margaret's Hospice, Easter raffle

Look for the sheets in the shop. Tickets will be 5Op each and there will be some good prizes

Bardy Griffiths

Corscombe Chimes Entry for APril

12 March 2019
Click this link to read the Corscmbe Chimes entry for April 2019
Chris Chapman

Sherborne Festival

6 March 2019

Corscombe Chimes entry for MArch

20 February 2019
A sneaky preview:

MArch 2019 Chimes entry for Corscombe

Common Lane Update

20 February 2019
Common Lane and its countryside in the snow – magic! (Unless you have to go out and tend animals or get to work and the shops!)

Maintenance on the Lane proceeds slowly. The Ryewater spur has had its drainage (grips and ditches) sorted and awaits a bit more grit on top. Many thanks to Pete!

There was a minor drama at the Corscombe end below the stables; a mudslide blocked the lane and the Wessex Water Lorries couldn’t get through to the sewage works. We appealed (complained) to Dorset Highways and their team cleared the blockage and put down some surface hardcore. Highways will investigate the source of the water causing the landslides and hope to remedy it.

We will have to continue maintaining the rest of the Corscombe ‘loop’. Hopefully this can be done by the end of March.

The possibility of Wessex Water Lorries approaching the sewage works from the Pines end was suggested (not by us!) and investigated. If you know that stretch of Common Lane, you will appreciate it is not possible without extensive grubbing up of hedges, tree lopping etc!

So, Back to plan A!

Following the meetings last year about linking walking opportunities and countryside access in the parishes, and with the blessing of the Parish Council, two groups are forming to nurture the local rights of way. If you’d like more information contact:

Mel Harper for Corscombe
Diana Staines for Halstock and the Chelboroughs

The Common Lane Project (Friends of Common Lane) will continue to look after Common Lane, and possibly some of the other green lanes / byways in the area.

Your subscriptions go a long way to support the work being done. I hope Members who have not yet done so, will renew their membership for 2019, and other residents will consider joining.

So, along with visitors from all over Dorset, enjoy the coming spring on the Lane.
Freda Hennessy
Chris Chapman

Corscombe Chimes Entry for February 2019

10 January 2019

Please click the link below to view a copy of the Corscombe Chimes entry for February

190201 Corscombe February Chimes.pdf
Chris Chapman

Report on the Rights of Way meeting of 7th December is attached.

17 December 2018
It looks as though the sensible way of moving forward is to keep the Common Lane Project overseeing matters on Common Lane and possibly Barrow Lane i.e. the ‘green lanes’ (byways). The Friends of Common Lane will continue as before.
Footpaths and bridleways would be monitored by the Parish Council via advisory groups. This will be decided by the Parish Council at their January meeting.

Meanwhile some remedial surfacing is planned soon on Common Lane.

Notes of the meeting can be read by clicking here

A very Happy Christmas to all!
Chris Chapman

Corscombe Chimes for January 2019

10 December 2018
Want too read the Corscombe section for January 2019?

Well click the link below!

Chimes January 2019 entry for Corscombe
Chris Chapman

December Chimes and Rights of Way

8 November 2018
Read our village entry for December Chimes:

Corscombe December Chimes entry

Read latest news on Rights of Way discussions:

Rights of Way update

Read latest information: Click here to open document
Chris Chapman

Citizens Advice Bureau

2 November 2018

The cost of loyalty

Are you a loyal customer who stays with the same energy company, bank or mobile phone provider year after year? If so you could be paying far more than you need to. Loyalty is usually seen as something to be encouraged. For example, when a customer is loyal to a supermarket or coffee
shop, they are often rewarded with discounts or special offers. But when it comes to essential service markets such as energy, mobile, broadband and financial services, Citizens Advice has evidence that things are different.

Instead of being rewarded, long-standing customers face a 'loyalty penalty' - sometimes as much as £987 a year, which equates to food for more than four months for the average household. And it's often vulnerable consumers who pay the most. Not everyone has the time or the means to shop around and switch providers on a regular basis and it is unfair that they are penalised as a result.

Citizens Advice has recently submitted a super-complaint about the loyalty penalty to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

A super-complaint requires regulators to investigate markets or market practices that consumer organisations think are significantly harming the interests of consumers. The CMA will have to complete a thorough investigation into the loyalty penalty and take appropriate action following the result.

We are hoping that this will lead to positive action to prevent loyal customers being ripped off.

Citizens Advice helped resolve more than 900,000 consumer problems last year. 26 November will see the launch of National Consumer Week, focusing on people's rights when using on-line marketplaces such as eBay, Etsy and Facebook.

For advice on this or any other problem call 0344 2451291 or visit or Alternatively call in to make an appointment at Sherborne CA, the Manor House, Newland. DT9 3JL.
Chris Chapman


11 October 2018
Thanks to the marvellous Artreach touring programme, Owdyado Theatre Company from Cornwall have built-up a firm following in Dorset and a buzz of anticipation awaited them on their latest call at Halstock Village Hall on Sunday 7th October. And if you were a gamer, a fan of The Twilight Zone or just a lover of black humour and psychological drama, you were not to be disappointed. Even if you simply enjoy a well-told story with pace and a lacing of dark humour, you were in for a treat.

As a resident company at the acclaimed Hall for Cornwall in Truro Owdyado’s credentials are firmly-established and their trademark is always an amusing but thought-provoking yarn. This time they presented ‘Twisted Tales’ a trilogy of 30-minute playlets, each with a dark interior to which the audience needed to apply a little mind-juggling to engage with all that was on offer.

Co-writers and core company performers Daniel Richards and Charlotte Bister switched ably from coarse and vaguely irritating contestants in a locked-room revenge game to a co-habiting couple with a more-than-what-it-seems relationship. In the third piece, a pair of familiar kids-show presenters harboured a dark secret lurking under the desk, with a manipulative puppet that had more to do with Chucky than Sooty. Throughout they were ably supported by new member Chloe Endean in a variety of voices and roles, sometimes sinister, sometimes comfortingly familiar.

Their unsettlingly menacing black set was flexible but the reuse throughout of the same three pieces of staging spoke of budgetary constraints over an artistic need to reflect more clearly the three individual storylines. Lighting and sound however were well measured and projected both malign and mundane situations clearly and cleverly.

This talented trio still have dates to play in South Wales, Devon and Cornwall before attacking Edinburgh, presumably next year, where the show deserves to do well, although a little pruning of the script would help, as 2hr 15 minutes may prove overlong for many Edinburgh Fringe venues and audiences.

Tony Hill

Chris Chapman

Corscombe Chimes entry for November

10 October 2018

November Chimes entry for Corscombe
Chris Chapman

October Chimes Entry for Corscombe

15 September 2018

October Chimes entry for Corscombe

Chris Chapman

August and September Corscombe Chimes

31 August 2018

August Chimes for Corscombe

September Chimes for Corscombe

Chris Chapman

Dorchester AGe UK

29 August 2018
Would you Like?

To have a cup of tea and a chat at home

Get out, meet people and have some fun

How can I help?

It can be difficult to meet people and make new friends, so I will give you a helping hand to do just that

What will I do?

I will visit to discuss your interests and whether you would like a regular visit from a volunteer, or help you to find local activities and groups. If you want to join an activity I will go with you the first time to help you settle in

Or .... would you like to be a visiting volunteer?

If you can spare an hour a week to visit someone or take them out please call me now to find out more
For further information, please contact Jonathan Webber on 07833 084170
Chris Chapman

Taje Care if you Rent to Own

29 August 2018
When money is tight it can be difficult to afford household goods such as a cooker or washing machine. Companies such as BrightHouse and PerfectHome allow you to buy goods over a period of time, usually 1 to 3 years by paying an agreed weekly amount. This can be very useful for people who cannot afford the upfront price but comes at a cost as the interest rates are high and missed payments are subject to fees of around £ I 0 to £12 each time. You do not actually own the goods until the total price is paid. At Citizens Advice we have helped many people who have run into debt through these agreements.

The companies do not always do proper affordability checks to make sure that people taking out a rent to own agreement are likely to be able to keep up the payments. Our research has shown that only half of all these agreements are completed, leaving people having paid large amounts of money without being able to keep the goods.

We would advise anyone thinking of using this method to look carefully at the agreement and think hard about whether you can afford the weekly amount on a regular basis. Check what will happen if you find you cannot keep paying and under what circumstances the company can repossess the goods.

Citizens Advice has been campaigning for better protection for rent to own customers such as a cap on the amount of interest that can be charged and on late or missed payment fees.

If you need advice on this or any other problem call Citizens Advice on 0344 2451291. If needed an appointment can be made to see an adviser at Sherborne CAB, the Manor House, Newland, DT9 3JL.

Alternatively visit> or our local website
Chris Chapman

Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB): Preoblems with Universal Credit

3 August 2018
Last year Universal Credit (UC) was introduced at Yeovil Job Centre, which serves the Sherborne area. UC is a benefit for anyone of working age who in the past would have made a claim for income related Job Seekers or Employment
Support Allowance, Housing Benefit, Working Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit or [income Support. It must be claimed and managed online and is paid every calendar month rather than fortnightly.

Many people have real difficulty with UC, particularly those without a computer or digital skills who need help to apply. It takes at least 5 weeks before any money is paid, and although an advance payment is possible, this has to be paid back. Having the benefit paid once a month, including help with housing costs, has caused problems with budgeting especially for people with an uncertain income, for example people who ha e a zero hours employment contract.

There have been teething problems with the introduction of UC including mistakes being made in the calculations, especially with housing costs. This can lead to debt, rent arrears and possible evictions.

We have seen an increase in the number of people coming to Citizens Advice for debt advice and to ask for food bank referrals. Citizens Advice is continually gathering evidence from across the country on the impact of UC and has managed to help get some changes brought about such as reducing the waiting period from 6 to 5 weeks. This evidence, which is always strictly confidential, helps CA to campaign for further improvements to the system.

If you need help with this or any other problem call Citizens Advice on 0344 2451291. If needed an appointment can be made to see an adviser at Sherborne CAB, the Manor House, Newland, DT9 3JL. Alternatively visit local website

Extract from August Chimes article
Chris Chapman

Corscombe Chimes for June and July

10 July 2018
July 2018 Corscombe Chimes

June 2018 Corscombe Chimes
Chris Chapman

Royal Volunary Service 8oth Anniversary

30 June 2018
Volunteer Dolly Campaign

The Royal Voluntary Service is calling all knitters to take part in a knitting challenge to make a collection of special volunteer dollies to mark Royal Voluntary Service's 80th anniversary

The dollies are knitted in Royal Voluntary Service colours, using a pattern specially crafted and donated by knitting designer, Claire Fairall

The finished dollies will be sold and all proceeds will go to support the work of Royal Voluntary Service in your area

To get a free knitting pattern please contact the local office on 01305 236 666 or email by clicking here

You can also contact us to find out more about out local services, volunteering wit Royal Voluntary Service, or to make a duration
Chris Chapman

Action Fraud

30 June 2018
Scams frauds are on the increase. Being aware makes you less likely to fall for these.

They can be via your telephone, email or letter. Callers purporting to work for legitimate companies such as BT, Sky or Microsoft, advise you of account anomalies or of hackers trying to access your accounts and needing your bank details to sort it out.
However, remember that these companies or banks never contact people over the phone, by email or letter, asking for these details.

ALLWAYS HANG UP THE PHONE. You can telephone the company yourself USING THEIR LEGITIMATE TELEPHONE NUMBER if you are unsure.

Also, report the call to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or by going onto the website '' target = 'new'>

Adapted from an article written by PCSO Alex Bishop (Beaminster NPT) for the July Chimes
Chris Chapman

May Chimes for Corscombe and Halstock

30 April 2018

Chris Chapman

Citizns Advice Bureau (CAB)

30 April 2018
Are you unhappy about a business that has given you a poor service?
Have you had dealings with a business that you feel misled you into buying its products or services or pressured you into buying something you did not want? Or one that sold you unsafe or dangerous items or products that were fake or counterfeit?

In any of these circumstances you might want to think about reporting the company to Trading Standards . A way to do this is to contact Citizens Advice consumer help line on 03454 04 05 006. The help line will assess your problem and pass it on to Trading Standards if appropriate.

For confidential help and advice on this or any other problem, call Citizens Advice on 0344 245 1291. If necessary, an appointment can be made to see an adviser at Sherborne CAB, The Manor House, Newland, DT9 3JL
Or visit:
Chris Chapman

Wellbeing Walks in Nature

30 April 2018
The Kingcombe Centre, Lower Kingcombe, Toller Pororum, DT2 0EQ
(off the A356 near Maiden Newton)

A walk OF 1-2 miles exploring part of the beautiful Kingcombe Meadows Nature Reserve

This walk is recommended for people wanting to improve their wellbeing and build confidence in walking around a Nature Reserve

Optional hot drink, snack and chat afterwards

Tuesdays 1 May / 15 May / 29 May / 12 June
Walking between 3pm and 4pm

Free, but donations welcome

For more information contact Emma Kane
Tel 07899 881590
Chris Chapman

April Chimes

26 March 2018
Please click the links below to access Corscombe's Chimes entry for April 2018


Chris Chapman

March Chimes

7 March 2018
Please click the links below to access Corscombe's and Halstock's Chimes entries for March 2018


Chris Chapman

Corscombe and Halstock Community First Responders

7 February 2018

Why are people apprehensive about joining the First Responder Team?

What we do is not scary, it is rarely bloody, it is valued by the community AND gives you the oportunity to be community minded.

We need more volunteers, preferably under the age of 70. The level of commitment is set by you and can be changed on an immediate basis.

We work with the South West Ambulance Service, and provide support for patients until an ambulance arrives.

We are trained by the ambulance service - and so have skills that can be utilised if a family member or friend needs medical help.

Why not find out more?

Call Chris Chapman on 01935 891015 or Dick Thorne on 01935 891847. We would be delighted to explain how it all works and answer your questions - without obligaction so no need to worry that asking questions would pressure you into joining

We have 7 active members at the current time, but this will drop to just 3 in the autumn (4 members will be 70 years old this year and so will step down)

On a different note .....

A reent ITV news report stated that First Responders have been discharging patients and cancelling the ambulance or paramedic visit.

We cannot comment about this country-wide, only that this is not the case with South West Amulance First Responders - the only medical staff with the power to discharge a patient are clinical staff with the necessary skills and experience.

Chris Chapman

Carscombe and Halstock Chimes entries for February

4 February 2018


Chris Chapman

Corscombe Chimes pages for January 2018

31 December 2017

Corscombe Chimes
Chris Chapman

Corscombe and Halstock Chimes pages for Decemmber

2 December 2017
Please click the link

Corscombe Chimes

Halstock Chimes
Chris Chapman

Keeping warm ths winter

1 December 2017
See page 52 of the December Chimes for information and help on keeping warm during the winter.

Help and funding is available for eligible people - The Citizens Advice can advise and help you - call 0344 2451291 to find out more
or visit one of the following websites (simply click the link to go to the site)

If necessary, and appointment can be made to see an adviser at Sherborne CAB, The Manor House, Newland, DT9 3JL
Chris Chapman

Corscombe Chimes entry for November

26 October 2017
Please click the link below to read Corscombe's section of the November Chimes

November Chimes for Corscombe
Chris Chapman

Corscombe and Halstock Chimes pages for October

4 October 2017
Please use the links below to read a copy of the Chimes entry for each village

Corscombe Chimes

Halstock Chimes
Chris Chapman

Port Bredy Allstar Majorettes

28 September 2017
Port Bredy Allstar Majorettes are, as the name suggests, from Bridport.

This Award Winning Troupe have been involved in Carnivals and other Events in Dorset and Devon plus Jersey with some Somerset Carnivals being added this year.

Training every Friday (except Christmas, New Year period) at The Forster Memorial Hall at Higher Street in Bradpole, an invitation is issued to youngsters and teenagers aged 6 to 16+ from the villages outside of Bridport to come along from 5.30pm to find out more about becoming a Majorette. They will be taught how to twirl a baton, how to use pompoms, how to march, how to do routines through choreography, how to act as a team and how to develop individual skills. Great way to learn something new, make new friends and exercise.

Find out more at

The Troupe looks forward to meeting you and bringing you into the Allstars 'family'. Any question call Alan on 07851 698 835 or email:
Alan Trenery

Halstock Village Shop - Lottery Funded

15 August 2017
When you read this, September will already be upon us. Autumn is just around the corner and temperatures will soon be dropping so hot meals may not be too far away. Winter veg will be the order of the day so we will try and keep a good supply of the most popular vegetables. We also have a great range of soups for those who don’t have time to cook!!

The supply of fruits is still good and we will keep buying your favourites – Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, Grapes, Peaches (including Donut Peaches!), Nectarines, Avocados, and of course Apples, Oranges and Bananas! English Plums will hopefully be available too. If any shop customers have a surfeit of plums which you do not know what to do with, we are always grateful for donations! On that point, thank you so much to all of you who have donated your excess cucumbers, lettuce, new potatoes, beetroot, courgettes, beans, etc. during the summer, which have been very popular with our customers.

We have received our first delivery of this year’s local Somerset Honey. It will be available in small individual jars as well as the larger, “regular” jars.

New Line – we now stock Liberty Fields Apple Syrup from Halstock – Dorset’s answer to Maple Syrup, made only with apples, no added sugar or sulphites. Spoil yourself and buy one to drizzle over ice-cream, add to muesli or granola, stir into rice pudding, mix with balsamic vinegar to make an oil free salad dressing and many other uses.

We are becoming something of a victim of our own success. With the increasing use of the shop by all of you lovely customers, it is putting tremendous pressure on the staff to keep up to date with all of the “behind the scenes” jobs that running a shop entails. If we can recruit a few more volunteers it will ease the pressure all round.

Two or three hours at a time would be preferable. It does not have to be a fixed time every week. If you can help we would love to hear from you. Please come and ask in the shop or speak to Diana Staines or myself and we will be pleased to explain/show
you what is involved.

SHOP GARDEN – Jenie Woodroffe
It is nice to know that people are enjoying the garden. This year, the plants are performing well. Thank you to everyone who has made their appreciation known. Questions have been asked about what some of the flowers are. The very tall red ones by the post box are Hollyhocks – easy to grow, and the other red ones were Daylilies – I think they are called Chicago, equally easy to grow without too many problems.

Correction – in last month’s update I said that we now stocked home made meals from Olive’s Garden but it is Olive’s Kitchen - sorry!! We have had some very good reviews and personal recommendation of the quality of these meals. Orders can be taken for your choice of meal so pick up a brochure in the shop.
Tony Woodroffe - on behalf of the Community Shop Committee. July 8th 2017

Halstock Village Hall News

15 August 2017
The old paper shed has been taken away and by the time you read this, all being well, the new one will have been erected. The new shed is larger than the old one and has a door at both ends and a partition in the middle. This will allow the same amount of space to store paper and a smaller section which will be used to store some equipment that at present is stored in the hall. The section for paper is still the door at the hall end of the shed. Now bring down all that paper you have been saving up.
Is there anybody interested in playing short mat bowls? I have been in discussion with the people in Corscombe who regularly play and as their numbers are going down they would be interested in coming to Halstock to play. Both halls have the equipment so two games could be going on at the same time. Please let me know if you would be interested in playing, or learning to play, the suggested time to play would be Friday afternoons.

As I have said before, we do intend to install a hearing loop in the hall and this will cost in the region of £2,500. We have made a good start in raising this money with over £600 being raised at an event at the beginning of August, so if you have any ideas for more fundraising please let me know.
Peter Brinck 01935 891822


15 August 2017

We are becoming something of a victim of our own success. With the increasing use of the shop by all of you lovely customers, it is putting tremendous pressure on the staff to keep up to date with all of the “behind the scenes” jobs that running a shop entails. If we can recruit a few more volunteers it will ease the pressure all round.

Two or three hours at a time would be preferable. It does not have to be a fixed time every week. If you can help we would love to hear from you. Please come and ask in the shop or speak to Diana Staines or Tony Woodroffe and we will be pleased to explain/show you what is involved.
Tony Woodroffe

Corscombe & Halstock Community First Responders

15 August 2017
First Aid tip for the month:

Unconscious Person

If a person is unconscious (unresponsive to your voice and to you pinching their ear) then follow these steps
  • Call 999. This will ensure help is on the way and the operator will tell you what to do

  • Check the person is breathing and check their pulse

  • If the person is breathing and lying on their back, and you do not think there is a spinal injury, carefully roll the person towards you onto their side. Bend the top leg so that both hip and knee are at right angles. Gently tilt their head back to keep the airway open

  • If breathing or pulse stops at any time, roll the person onto their back and begin CPR (the operator will instruct you)

  • If you think there is a spinal injury, leave the person where you found them (as long as breathing continues). If the person vomits, roll the entire body onto its side. Support their neck and back to keep the head and body from moving separately from each other as you turn the person

  • Keep the person warm until help arrives

If you see a person fainting, try to prevent a fall. Lay the person flat on the floor and raise their feet about 12 inches from the floor
If the person is unconscious from choking
  • Begin CPR (it may help to dislodge the object)

  • If you see something blocking the airway and it is loose, try to remove it. If the object is lodged in the throat, DO NOT try to grasp it. This can push the object further into the airway

  • Continue CPR and keep checking to see if the object is dislodged until medical help arrives

  • DO NOT give an unconscious person any food or drink

  • DO NOT leave the person alone

  • DO NOT place a pillow under the head of an unconscious person

  • DO NOT slap an unconscious person's face or splash water on their face to revive them

We would welcome more people to our Responder Team. What we do is not scary or difficult to learn. But what we do can make a big difference. Why not contact us to ask for more information - Chris Chapman (01935 891015) or Dick Thorne (01935 891847)

Halstock Community Shop (Lottery Funded)

15 July 2017
Summer is definitely trying to show its face and I hope when you read this we will be basking in glorious sunshine. Remember you can always come into the air-conditioned shop to cool off!!
BBQ’s must be on the agenda so get your Rick Smith Genuine Dorset Charcoal at the shop. For the “non-purist” BBQ-ers among us we also stock Calor gas bottles! We also stock plenty of good food to cook on the BBQ so be sure to check the chillers!

Strawberries are not just for Wimbledon and we try and keep a good stock available together with many other soft fruits and of course CREAM!! Remember your 5-a-day and stay healthy! Cherries are now also in stock and don’t forget those doughnut peaches. They might not look pretty but they taste pretty damn good! Where have all you kiwi eaters gone?? You have stopped buying them and I think I am beginning to get a furry face eating them up so we will give them a rest. I will also shave a bit more often!!
Have you seen our new stock items?? Quality, home cooked frozen meals from Olive’s Garden are now available. These are prepared by Charlie and Nikki Allhusen in Sherborne and provide an interesting and appetizing alternative to mass produced meals. Why not look at the selection when you are next in the shop.

We have also recently introduced a new range of Atkins & Potts quality finishing sauces. All you chefs out there, why not impress your guests with something different. Come and see our selection.

Barry, Rachel and Penny are always trying to entice you with their interesting displays and new stock lines in the shop and Rachel’s thoughtful quotations on the blackboard. Browsers are always welcome! You will find that using one of those nice big plastic baskets just inside the door will mean that you can get all of your shopping safely to the cash till without dropping any!!

We were again stuck with a problem with one of our chillers last month. We seem to have been very unlucky with our new equipment when you consider that we had chillers from the original Village Shop still running before we replaced them with the new ones! So much for progress. Fortunately we managed to get it repaired quickly and without too much loss of stock as we had sold a lot of the contents over the weekend.

Finally, an interesting factoid! The shop sells between 30 and 40 dozen eggs EVERY WEEK. That means we sell between 19,000 and 25,000 eggs a year!! That is an awful lot for a shop the size of ours and the price is still the same as when we started over 4 years ago! Give those hens a round of applause!!
Tony Woodroffe - on behalf of the Community Shop Committee.
July 8th 2017

Chris Chapman

300 CLub Draw

8 July 2017

June 2017

1st prize £50 269 Mrs Beryl Stedman
2nd prize £30 173 Mr Chris Higdon
3rd prize £20 38 Mrs Lesley Chapman
4th prize £10 153 Mr Roger Hallett

July 2017

1st prize £20 262 Mrs Heather Starkings
2nd prize £10 209 Mr Henry Lovegrove

Corscombe & Halstock Community First Responders

8 July 2017
First Aid tip for the month:

Tick Removal

This year seems to be a very good one for ticks. These can be picked up when walking in the countryside, and potentially can cause the person to become seriously unwell.


  • squeeze the body of the tick, as this may cause the 'head' and body to separate, leaving the 'head' embedded in your skin.

  • use your fingernails to remove a tick. Infection can enter via any breaks in your skin, e.g. close to the fingernail.

  • crush the tick’s body, as this may cause it to regurgitate its infected stomach contents into the bite wound.

  • try to burn the tick off, apply petroleum jelly, nail polish or any other chemical. Any of these methods can cause discomfort to the tick, resulting in regurgitation, or saliva release


  • use a proprietary tick removal tool (available from the chemist, vets and pet shops), and follow the instructions provided. Two common types of removal tool available are the hook and the loop - both are designed to be twisted to facilitate removal. These tools will grip the 'head' of the tick without squashing the body.

  • If no tools are available, rather than delay use a cotton thread. Tie a single loop of cotton around the tick’s mouthparts, as close to the skin as possible, then pull upwards and outwards without twisting

  • start by cleansing the tweezers/tool with antiseptic. After tick removal, cleanse the bite site and the tool with antiseptic

  • wash hands thoroughly afterwards

  • ave the tick in a container in case a doctor asks for evidence that you have been bitten (label it with date and location).
    Alternatively, kill the tick by crushing it and flushing it down the toilet, or by folding it in a strip of sticky tape and placing it in the waste. Be aware that engorged ticks will contain potentially infected blood, which may splatter when crushed. Do not crush the tick with your fingers and do not allow the crushed tick or the blood it carried to contact your skin


  • The mark may take two to three weeks to fade, but whilst the risk of infection is low, Keep an eye on the site of the tick bite. If the mark spreads, or it becomes infected, or if you begin to feel unwell (over 2 to 3 weeks), visit your doctor without delay

The Responder Team urgently needs volunteers to join the group. We currently have 8 active members and, together, we provide emergency response cover overnight, most nights. Having more members would allow us to provide more cover during the day than we currently do.

Why not find out more about what we do, and assess whether it is something you would like to get involved with. Call Chris Chapman (01935 891015) or Dick Thorne (01935 891847) for an informal chat without obligation

Fete DE La Soupe

8 July 2017
Fete de la Soupe is the Corscombe & Halstock Community First Responders Fund Raiser event for 2017. All monies raised will be used to maintain the Responder vehicle.

This year we are trying something completely unique to this area for fund raising for First Responders.

‘Fete de la Soupe’ is a relatively simple idea.

Groups and individuals are invited to make a large quantity of soup (3 to 5 litres) that will be tasted and voted on by a panel of 3 judges (the Professional Panel) and also tasted and voted on by members of the public who attend the event.

There are two ways to support the event; as a Soupachef or a Soupataster (or as both if you wish!)


There is space for 16 entrants (either as Groups or individual Soupachefs): A group could be the Corscombe Youth Club for example.
Soupachefs will provide their own hand-made soups for entrance to the soup tasting competition, and will receive the accolades and prizes if they win.

Soupatasters (the public as attendees!).
Attendees will donate an entrance fee of £5.00 – for this miniscule cost they will receive a commemorative ceramic bowl (which they will keep) and spoon to take around to the various soup stalls to ‘taste’ their wares. French bread will be available for ‘mop up’.
Soupatasters will also be asked to vote for their favourite soup.

SuperSoupatasters (the Professional Panel)
We have a chosen panel of catering business professionals to judge the soups.

Three quality prizes, to accompany the awards below, are attainable by our Soupacooks;

1st prize – Best soup voted by the Professional Panel

1st prize – Best soup voted by the public attending the fundraiser

1st prize – Best presented soupastall (this can be for most imaginative/original costumes, table decor etc). We know there is imagination aplenty out there in Corscombe and Halstock so we have great hopes for this part of the competition!

The soup voted 1st prize by the Profesional Panel will also have the kudos of being named Corscombe and Halstock Soup of the Year.

Depending on the success of this year, we are planning to continue and expand the event.

To enter as a Soupachef Contact: Geoff Williams 07392 006560, Jan Williams 07428 443737 or landline 01935 891575

Chris Chapman


8 July 2017
Scams are becoming more sophisticated, and can be presented online, by post, or in person.

Scams are aimed at taking your money either directly or by obtaining user names and passwords. Anyone, young or old, can fall victim.

The Citizens Advice website has valuable information to help you steer clear f the dangers -
Chris Chapman

Beaminster Area Seniors' Outing to Minehead

14 June 2017
On Friday the 26th May a group of Corscombe friends joined Beaminster Area Seniors for a coach trip to Minehead. We all enjoyed a few hours there. Most of us had lunch and a pleasant walk along the front, with , of course the obligatory ice cream. We were pretty hot in the coach even though the air conditioning was on.
Because of the humidity and closeness, we were guessing that thunder storms were imminent. We were right; later that night in Corscombe we had quite a scary storm directly above us. I was startled and jumped out of bed in shock when a huge bang occurred - sounding just like a bomb!. The hills and fields were lit up by frequent flashes of sheet lightening, sometimes lasting a few seconds. The storm raged for two hours and came back again an hour later. After the pleasant outing we got little sleep that night. Thanks go to Anne-Marie, Bishop-Spangenberg and Margaret Humphrey who work tirelessly for the ‘The Seniors.’

Paula Denham

Corscombe Tuesday Club Outing in June

14 June 2017
On Tuesday 6th June fourteen members and two guests met at the Shoe Museum in Street. We were able to tour four galleries which exhibit over 1,500 varieties of shoes from Roman (found locally near Langport) to modern day. The museum proudly displays the " last " made for Princess Diana's wedding slipper, but sadly not the shoes themselves. The museum also tells the story of the Clark family and their company C & J Clark from 1825 to the thriving business it is today.
This is a museum worth a visit, & can be dipped into depending on how much time you have available.
Liz North

Corscombe & Halstock Community First Responders

14 June 2017
First Aid Tip of the Month

A broken bone

  • A person may have a broken bone if
    • you heard a “snap” or a grinding noise during an injury

    • there is swelling, bruising, or tenderness

    • the injured part is difficult to move or hurts when moving, being touched, or bearing weight

  • If you see these signs, do the following:
    • Remove clothing from the injured area.

    • Apply an ice pack wrapped in cloth.

    • Keep the injured limb in the position you find it.

    • Place a simple splint, if you have one, on the broken area. A splint holds the bone still and protects it until the patient is seen by the doctor. To make a temporary splint, you can use a small board, cardboard, or folded up newspapers and wrap it with an elastic bandage or tape.

    • Get medical help by calling 999 - the operator will dispatch help and also give you advice over the telephone

    • Do not allow the patient to eat or drink in case surgery is required.

    • If there is neck or back pain, avoid moving the patient

  • If a broken bone comes through the skin, do not wash the wound or try to put it back in. Call 999 right away and wait for help to arrive.

  • If there is significant bleeding the priority will be to apply pressure to the wound to reduce the amount of blood loss

Learning First Aid gives you the skill to help someone in trouble medically. Why not consider becoming a First Responder? You would be fully trained by the ambulance service, and you would join a team that works together to provide emergency medical cover for Corscombe, Halstock and the surrounding area. An ambulance can take 25 minutes to reach the villages, whereas Responders can be o scene within a few minutes - providing emergency care until the ambulance arrives. The level of commitment is determined by you and you are able to vary it on a weekly basis. To find out more call Chris Chapman on 01935 891015, or Dick Thorne on 01935 891 847

How do you call for Responder help?
You do not is the simple answer. In an emergency, you would call 999 - The emergency service will then dispatch an ambulance if necessary, and will then alert Responders to attend - assuming that there is a member of the Responder team on duty at that particular time.


Corscombe & Halstock Community First Responders

23 April 2017

Heart Attack

  • Heart disease is a major cause of death in the UK, so heart attacks are fairly common

  • Symptoms will vary from person to person, but the main ones are chest pain/pressure radiating to the jaw or neck and down the arm, along with skin turning pale, nausea, and/or vomiting.

  • If any of these symptoms are present, dial 999

  • The emergency service may suggest you offer the person a tablet of aspirin as this will potentially help with heart damage.

  • If the person stops breathing before help arrives, start CPR.

How to do CPR
Learn how to do CPR so you have the skill to save a life

Please save the date Tuesday 20 June 2017 for your essential first aid training, 6.30pm, Corscombe Village Hall - it is free !!
As well as learning about CPR, you will also learn how to deal with someone choking, how to recognise signs of a stroke, and how to treat someone who is having a seizure (fit).
These are skills you need just in case ... so you are ready - it is not much use waiting until an emergency occurs!! The 999 service is very good and will give you help over the telephone until the emergency service arrives

Why not consider joining the Responder team. We provide emergency first aid until the ambulance arrives. The ambulance can take up to 25 minutes or more to arrive, whereas Responders can be there in just a few minutes. We provide a valuable community service and work under the control of the ambulance service. To find out more call Chris Chapman on 01935 891015, or Dick Thorne on 01935 891 847


14 April 2017
A small group of Corscombe friends enjoyed a lunch at Beaminster, given by Beaminster Area Seniors on Friday March the 10th. This organisation welcome people from Beaminster and 26 surrounding villages.
The Guest Speaker was Mr. Bruce Upton, a local retired Deputy Head .The topic was ‘ Schooldays’ which stirred up many memories and laughs. Bruce addressed the meeting, cane in hand, which of course was remembered by those who used to misbehave at school. A small slate tablet was shown, which is what was used before pen and paper became common. Milk was provided to make sure that children had enough nourishment in war-time; in the winter this was very cold and many children tried to warm it up on the radiators. The changes in uniform were discussed; from the very early smocks and aprons, to gym slips and navy blue knickers, The boys had serge shorts which came down to their knees, making their knees so sore. Exercises in the playground were remembered, and punishments such as lines, staying in after school, along with the aforesaid cane, which was generally used on the naughtiest children. How very strict the schools were in those days. The games marbles, conkers, hop scotch, five stones or dabs, hoops, and whips and tops were remembered by most of us. Thanks to Bruce we all had an entertaining time, after which Fish and Chips were served - not in news paper, but in neat boxes, courtesy of Long’s Fish and Chips, Bridport.

There seemed far fewer people at Halstock’s weekly Pot Luck Lunch last Wednesday. This is such a good meal, only £4.50 for the main dinner, plus a yummy sweet, and teas and coffees all included. A glass of sherry can be bought at a very low price. This is available every ‘Term Time’ Wednesday 12.30pm till 2.15pm . Please ring Rodney to book on a Sunday, for the following Wednesday, so that enough food can be provided. 01935 891631. Corscombe, Halstock and surrounding villages are all made welcome. If there is anyone out there that would like to help with these meals please ring Peter Brinck on 01935 891822.

Another History of Corscombe meeting was held at Lindisfarne, the home of Paula & Colin Denham, on Tuesday 21st March. Fourteen people attended, and it proved to be an entertaining meeting, chaired by Freda Hennessy. The old schools of Corscombe and Halstock were talked about, before moving on to finding out about the Cottages next door to ‘Lindisfarne’ in the High Street. These two cottages were once one, and in the late 1800’s it was the Blacksmith’s house. It is believed that the Blacksmith’s wife also trained as a Blacksmith, which I’m sure would have been unusual in those days. Later a Butcher bought the Cottage and it was also an Abattoir. An older member of the group remembered that at first it was Newman’s Butcher’s then a Mr. Davis bought it. Eventually it was divided in to two Cottages and sold off. In recent years ‘ Butcher’s Cottage’ has been used as a holiday Cottage, but now is let for longer periods. It’s neighbouring cottage is now called Rosebank - not now an Abattoir, but a very nice Bed & Breakfast business. Many years ago the Butcher’s very heavy money safe was found in Rosebank.
The old Corscombe Farm used to be opposite, but now is in Lovelands . After Old Corscombe Farm was sold, two fairly big houses were built; Beckhams ( nothing to do with David Beckham!). Beckham’s Coppice was behind these houses, so I guess this was reflected in the name. The second house is called Paddock House and is next door to Beckhams. When we bought Lindisfarne, we were told that the land was previously used for chicken houses, all part of the old Corscombe Farm. At the meeting we discovered there were cottages on this land before the chickens, making a row of about five cottages going down as far as ‘The Old Stores’ from which a ‘Mr. Bath’ ran one bus a week to Yeovil early in the 1900’s. It is believed that years later ‘ Bath Travel’ emerged from the same ‘Bath’ family.
At the end of the meeting Bryan Harvey spoke of the research he has been doing on the men on our war memorial, and their families. We all look forward to hearing more about this when it is completed.
It is hoped that in the Summer the History Group can have some guided walks looking at some of the old buildings and historic sites to learn more.

Some of you know I have a column in the Bridport News, called Community News. I don’t always get to hear of news and events, so please assist me by emailing me any news you may know about.
Paula Denham

First Aid tip for the month

14 April 2017
If someone near you has a seizure (sometimes referred to as a fit)

  1. Stay calm.

  2. Look around - is the person in a dangerous place? If not, don't move them. Move objects like furniture away from them.

  3. Note the time the seizure starts.

  4. Stay with them. If they don't collapse but seem blank or confused, gently guide them away from any danger. Speak quietly and calmly.

  5. Cushion their head with something soft if they have collapsed to the ground.

  6. Don't hold them down.

  7. Don't put anything in their mouth.

  8. Call 999.

  9. After the seizure has stopped, put them on their side in the recovery position and check that their breathing is returning to normal. Gently check their mouth to see that nothing is blocking their airway such as food or false teeth.

  10. Stay with them until the ambulance arrives

Having basic training in first aid is a skill that you can call upon when needed - and so be the person that helps someone in distress. Why not join the local Responder Team? You will receive first aid training free of charge and have the opportunity to provide emergency first aid support to the community - supported by the ambulance service. Too big a commitment? Not really! You decide when you will be available or not available, and can change arrangements whenever you wish. Want to know more? Call Chris Chapman on 01935 891015, or Dick Thorne on 01935 891847 for more information.

Early notice

Please save the date Tuesday 20 June 2017 for your essential first aid training, 6.30pm, Corscombe Village Hall
Would you know what to do if someone suffered a cardiac arrest, or a stroke, or a seizure, or began to choke ?????????
If you are faced with any of these situations, you need to know what to do. AND this training will give you the skills - and it is free

Corscombe & Halstock Community First Responders

Advance Notice

14 April 2017
Back by popular demand – this year’s QUIZ AND PUDDING NIGHT will be on Saturday 30 September 7.30 p.m. at Corscombe Village Hall.
You have all summer to get those little grey cells working!

300 Club Results for March

14 April 2017
1st prize No 273 £50 Mrs R Taylor
2nd prize No 10 £20 Mr R Baylie
3rd prize No 167 £10 Mr K Harrington
Dot Gaskell

Julia’s House. A Thank You and Well Done!

14 April 2017
Their Bridport shop closed on 28th March and I have received a letter from them thanking us for the contributions made and for our ‘kind hearted support over the years’. From March 2012 to date, we raised over £7,000 so thank you so much for your support and donations. I received small bicycles, amazing toys, old and NEW clothing, crockery and curtains, books galore and CD’s. These came from villagers, friends, near neighbours and their families which has been fabulous. It is a shame that their nearest shop is just too far away.

I will still make wooden items to sell for their benefit – ideas welcome! Before David Harknett left the village I repaired a chair for him and received a generous donation that I am passing to Julia’s House so I will continue in that vein. Thank you all again.

Brian Starkings

Corscombe Tuesday Club

14 April 2017
Town Mill
Some eighteen members and friends enjoyed an afternoon at the Town Mill Lyme Regis on the 4th April where they were given a guided tour by one of the millers where they saw the huge water wheel in use and watched as mill flour was produced using ancient millstones dating back nearly a thousand years - a most interesting and informative visit.

Jenny Thorne

Musical Evening
A reminder about the musical Meeting in May. Come along and listen to two professional musicians play flute and keyboards. They will be entertaining us with music based on the theme 'The British Isles'. There'll also be the usual cuppa and biscuits, raffle, and an extra prize for the lucky winner of the musical quiz! See you there.

Chris Watson

The June Tuesday Club Meeting - names needed
At the May meeting on Tuesday 2nd. May I would like to know the final numbers for the trip to The Shoe Museum in Street, organised for our June meeting. I have seventeen names at present, so please let me know at the meeting if you want to join us, or ring me on 891043.

We will meet at the museum at 10.45am , a morning outing so you could have lunch afterwards & do some shopping in the Clarks Outlet Centre! The cost is £3.00 a head & the time spent in the museum is approx. 1hr. It is a very old building & disabled access is limited. There is no café there & NO TOILETS! Please arrange own transport. There are plenty of car parks, but the nearest one to the museum is the town council car park behind The Bear Inn, (which is opposite the museum in the High Street). Perhaps a coffee first & a toilet stop before the museum would be a good idea!
Postcode for museum: BA16 0EQ ; Phone no. for museum: 01458 842243 ; Web Page:

Liz North


14 April 2017
Each Wednesday at 12.30pm until 7th June

Teams of volunteers prepare and serve a main course, choice of dessert and tea or coffee.
The weekly cost is just £4.50 per person.

There will be a Summer Buffet on 14th June for which the cost is £5.00 person.
All welcome, just phone to pre-book Rodney (01935 891631) or Peter (01935 891822
Chris Chapman


14 April 2017
Jan and Geoff Williams are running the Fete bookstall this year and would welcome any donations of books (and DVDs and CDs) you can offer. Please drop them in to Beckhams, High Street, Corscombe.
Chris Chapman

14 April 2017


Are you in for a treat!!
Corscombe Fest
Saturday 17 June
1pm to 11pm
The best ever event planned
Something for everyone

Traditional Village Fete from 1pm
Children's games and a fabulous assault course
Traditional stalls and games
BBQ and Hog Roast
Two bars selling real ale
Arena Entertainment … and much more

Fabulous bands line up from 5.30pm to 11pm
David Bowie tribute band - Phil Murray’s Diamond Dogz
Kash Folding /John de Barra

Daytime entry - £2 per person (children concession)
Evening £10 on the door / just £6.95 if bought online - www,
£6 if bought from Halstock Shop / The Fox Inn / Winyards Gap / Chris Higdon (01935 891688)

Chris Chapman

Corscombe Youth Club rise to the challenge

14 April 2017
Well done to all Youth Club members for raising £33.70 by running a cake sale in aid of Comic Relief's Red Nose Day.

Thanks to Clara and Izz for supplying, decorating and selling the cakes. Thanks also to customers of the Fox Inn, Corscombe who also brought cakes at the end of the evening.
Chris Chapman

Have you been asked to guarantee a loan?

29 March 2017
If you are asked to act as a guarantor for a loan taken out by a family member or friend, then the Citizens Advice Bureau advise that you to think carefully before agreeing.

If the person taking the loan defaults on repayments, you become liable for the repayments as you have guaranteed the loan.

The advice is that you should make sure you have sufficient funds readily available to pay the loan should the liability fall to you as guarantor.

Contact details for the Citizens Advice Bureau or give on the useful resources page of thei website
Chris Chapman

Corscombe and Halstock Community First Responders

22 March 2017
We currently have eight active Responders; six in Corscombe and two in Halstock. We would like more members so that we can increase the level of cover we provide.

Trained Responders have skills that benefit the person as well as the community. If a family member or friend is taken ill or has an accident, you would be well placed to provide essential support until an ambulance arrives.

Responders are fully trained by the ambulance service and provide a vital service to the local community. As a Responder, you organise Responder work around your other commitments – doing
as much or as little as suits your current commitments.
Be proactive and join us now so you are ready should an emergency occur. If you would like to know more, call Chris Chapman on 891015 or Dick Thorne on 891847.
Chris Chapman

Halstock Village Hall News

22 March 2017
I hope, by the time you read this we will have ordered the new chairs as a decision was due to be made
at the March meeting. Having new chairs will again raise the problem of storage space. We do have
some ideas how this problem could be helped but this would, as usual, mean spending some money, so
do try to support the hall in any way you can. The tins for the mile of pennies are still located in the
shop and at the hall; we are now well on our way to reaching the second mile.
If you are hiring the hall, can you please make sure that you do a thorough check of all areas before you
leave. In the last month the caretakers have reported lights being left on in the rear toilets, the rear
emergency doors not shut, a heater left on and the light on the outside of the main entrance is quite often
left on.
Finally, our Village Cinema seems to be going from strength to strength so don’t forget to come to the
‘The Light Between Oceans’ which will be shown on April 29th and don’t forget to get your loyalty card

Peter Brinck

Halstock Community Theatre

22 March 2017
Chairman's Report
Spring 2016 to Spring 2017

Over the past year we have again been fortunate to be in a position to host some excellent Artsreach shows which have attracted good audiences and received very positive feedback. We also put on a production of our own which was well attended and enjoyed by all.

When possible we use our profits to support local ventures and this year we have been able to provide funding for new chairs for Halstock Village Hall.

Moscow Drug Club Sun 6th March. Attendance: 103
A very professional and lively performance with a mixture of 1930’s cabaret, Hot Club de France,Nuevo tango, Gypsy Campfire and Django Rheinhardt.

Living Spit ‘The Fabulous Bacon Boys’ Thursday 26th May. Attendance: 102
A very amusing and rofessional performance enjoyed by all. The bacon butties sold well and possibly helped to contribute to our large ticket sales. Thanks to Matt for cooking and Marianne’s help with the serving.

DT2 Productions ‘Kinetics‘ Fri 7th Oct. Attendance: 83 This was a truly memorable show that left the audience feeling both humbled and uplifted. The thought provoking, interesting, funny and poignant play was written, and performed, by local artist
Sue Wylie who has early onset Parkinson’s. Following the show Committee members made a decision to split the profits equally between Parkinson’s research; DT2 Productions and Halstock village hall.

Near Ta Theatre ‘Christmas Time’ Sun 11th Dec. Attendance: 44
A very amusing, well written and entertaining family show with lots of familiar traditional songs, humour and emotion, and clever contrasts and links between our traditional religious Christmas and the fantasy of Santa Claus.

Spitz and Co ‘Glorilla’ Thurs 9th Feb Attendance: 47
We were disappointed not to have a larger audience for this funny and innovative show; however those who did attend thoroughly enjoyed it.

HCT production ‘Last Tango in Halstock’ Fri 1st and Sat 2nd April.
The play which was written by David Tristram and adapted to suit our village, mainly by Pete, was well received by an audience of 100 over the two nights. The cast: Pete and Ali Lemmey, Deb Childs and Adrian Rees enjoyed the performances and all the rehearsals. Special thanks to our co-directors Chris Childs and Alli Rees; Matt Childs who did the sound; Chris on the lighting and everyone who prepared and served the delicious cooked meal and manned the bar.

We made a profit of £745 which we donated to the village hall chair fund. All in all it was a great success. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank HCT members for all their hard work and our audiences for
their support.

Debbie Childs

Halstock Village Cinema

22 March 2017
Next time you come, collect your loyalty card and a stamp at the door. When you have six stamps, your seventh visit is FREE!

We have plans to offer films for families later this season. To receive details
as soon as they’re available, just text your email address to 07950 659233.

We look forward to seeing you very soon at the re-launched

Supported by the BFI Neighbourhood Cinema Fund

Halstock Gardening Club

22 March 2017
Photographic Competition - a new title

The Passage of Time

A collage of four or more photographs of the same subject taken at different times

This category replaces 'A Worm's eye view'
Chris Chapman

Halstock Community Shop (Lottery Funded)

22 March 2017
Easter is almost upon us and we already have our Moores Easter biscuits in stock as well as Cadbury Cream Eggs.

Enticing you on the counter there are also bags of mini chocolate eggs! Don’t forget to
get your toothpaste for later!! As usual we will have an Easter Raffle, all proceeds from which will go to Julia’s House, so please remember to participate.

We have a great selection of wines, beers and spirits at competitive prices, so why not browse our shelves when you are next in the shop and stock up. We have recently introduced a new range of sweet
and savoury snacks which are proving very popular. You will find them on the circular display stand on the back wall of the shop. Why not try a packet to enjoy with your glass of wine or beer?

Calling all “Chocoholics” - Mortimers the bakers are introducing a new range of chocolate twin-packs which should be on The Shop shelves by the time you read this. White Chocolate Millionaire, Rocky Road, Tiffin and others will be available. Enjoy!!

Our intrepid window dressers have been busy again with several imaginative displays. Thank you ladies.
If anyone has a local interest group which they would like to showcase in the windows please
speak to Betty Armour.

Finally, we would like to welcome a new volunteer, Liz North from Corscombe, who has taken on the Wednesday morning shift. Thank you Liz. If there are any more Corscombe or Halstock residents with
a few hours to spare, we always have room for more volunteers.

Tony Woodroffe - on behalf of the Community Shop Committee. March 10th 2017

22 March 2017
Useable second hand clothes and shoes for Refugees
Do please continue to donate your wearable unwanted clothes and shoes to support this humanitarian project. They also need a range of other items including cleaning products such as washing up liquid, hand washing powder or liquid for clothes, washing lines, pegs, dish cloths and tea towels, not to
mention personal hygiene products such as toilet paper, men's deodorant and razors, shower gel and shampoo. (If you do donate toiletries please place them in separate bags from clothes - thank you!)

Sometimes it is easier for those supporting the refugees to receive monetary donations to buy these items so for the next couple of months the items donated will be collected for a jumble sale to be run by the WI and the proceeds split between Blandford Cares and the WI. The collection point is inside
the Ha;stock church at the back near the bell tower.

Thank you.

P.S. Has anyone lost a lady's watch whilst dropping off bags? One has been found at the back of the church - call Liz on 891898
Chris Chapman

Weekly minibus – It is a Mini Adventure!

8 March 2017
Our Nordcat bus to Yeovil on a Friday and to Dorchester on a Wednesday. Telephone 01258 473154 to book a place on the bus between 9am and 4pm the day before you travel. Friday is a market day in Yeovil and Dorchester has an even bigger market on a Wednesday.
Chris Chapman

Brace yourself Corscombe!

8 March 2017
Many properties in Corscombe can get fibre broadband today. Check with internet providers to see what is available for you. Most properties in the following areas can access fibre broadband today:

Lovelands / High Street / Harrow Lane / The Barton / Yew Tree Farm / Fudge Hill / Pine Close / Wood Fold View / Church Farm

Residents will need to speak to their provider to upgrade. Upgrading to fibre broadband allows you to do everything online faster and more reliably, meaning you can make video calls, game online or stream films with ease.

The good news is that the work is not over! Superfast Dorset is returning to Corscombe during 2017* to reach areas that did not benefit the first time around in Norwood Lane, Court Hill, Court Close and Pound Hill. If you missed out before, be the first to find out when you can get a service by registering on - Individual speeds and availability will vary

*Plans may change subject to detailed survey, Superfast Dorset is a complex engineering project and we can’t provide specific timescales.
Chris Chapman

Its all about the money

8 March 2017
The £1 coin is being replaced by a new more secure coin which will be issued from the 28 March onwards. The old coin will continue to be legal tender until 15 October. After this date it cannot be used for purchases but your bank will still take them

On the 5 May, the old £5 note will cease to be legal tender. However, they retain their face value for all time, and so can be exchanged at a bank or building society. If a bank or building society refuses to accept them, then they can be exchanged at the Bank of England. The old £5 note is replaced by the new plastic £5 note.

A new plastic £10 note will be issued in September, and a new plastic £20 note by 2020

Chris Chapman

Corscombe Fete and Fest - Saturday 17th June 2017 - 1pm to 11pm

8 March 2017
We will be holding our usual Gifts stall, a silent auction, and raffle. We rely on friends and neighbours, as well as local businesses, to donate prizes. We would really appreciate any prizes you are able to donate. A prize can be a physical item or a promise to undertake a service - such as gardening or whatever you are able to do. Please contact Chris Higdon on 891688 with details of what you are able to offer.
More information will follow in the next editions of The Chimes

Fete and Fest Committee
Chris Chapman

Corscombe & Halstock Community First Responders

8 March 2017
First Aid tip for the month:


You could save your own or someone else's life, or help limit the long-term effects of stroke, by learning to think and Act F.A.S.T.
F.A.S.T. or Face-Arms-Speech-Time is easy to remember and will help you to recognise if you or someone else is having a stroke.

Face – has their face fallen on one side? Can they smile?
Arms – can they raise both arms and keep them there (with their eyes closed)?
Speech – is their speech slurred?
Time – to call 999 if you see any single one of these signs of a stroke.

There are also other symptoms that may occasionally be due to stroke. They include:
  • Sudden loss of vision or blurred vision in one or both eyes

  • Sudden weakness or numbness on one side of your body (including your leg)

  • Sudden memory loss or confusion

  • Sudden dizziness, unsteadiness or a sudden fall, especially with any of the other symptoms

Why Act F.A.S.T?
If you notice any single one of the signs of stroke, call 999. The faster you act, the better the chance of recovery. The NHS website will give more information if you would like to know more.

We currently have eight active Responders; six in Corscombe and two in Halstock. We would like more members so that we can increase the level of cover we provide. Trained Responders have skills that benefit the person as well as the community. If a family member or friend is taken ill or has an accident, you would be well placed to provide essential support until an ambulance arrives. Responders are fully trained by the ambulance service and provide a vital service to the local community. As a Responder, you organise Responder work around your other commitments – doing as much or as little as suits your current commitments. Be proactive and join us now so you are ready should an emergency occur. If you would like to know more, call Chris Chapman on 891015 or Dick Thorne on 891847.

Chris Chapman

300 Club Results for February

8 March 2017
1st prize No 203 Edna Leonard
2nd prize No 28 Pat Carrivick
Chris Chapman

Tuesday Club

8 March 2017
March's Meeting saw us entertained by Lydie Gardner, a textiles artist who found her way into puppet making via friends who worked with Jim Henson. They were not only responsible for the Muppets, but for puppets for The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth (David Bowie). We marvelled at the detail of the examples of work she brought to show us. A very enjoyable afternoon was had by all.

Don't forget April's visit to Lyme Regis. Contact Jenny Thorne for details

May's meeting will be a musical quiz led by a flautist and keyboard player on the theme 'Around the British Isles' . Come along and put your knowledge of tunes and homeland to good use. There's a prize for the winner! All welcome.
Chris Watson

Chris Chapman

District Neighbourhood Development Plan

8 March 2017
What should our district look like in 20/30 year's time? What facilities would we like to see, and what should be built when and where?

These are some of the questions the Neighbourhood Development Plan is to address. Our vision for the area should align with the wider strategic priorities set by the Council. It is our opportunity to put our views forward so we have some degree of control regarding developments.

For the Neighbourhood Development Plan to be adopted, it must canvass the views of all residents and businesses in the area. It is a big undertaking, and views so far range from "There should be no development" to "It would be good to attract more people so the level of public amenities can be improved" You will be consulted as ideas are put forward. The Corscombe & Halstock website is being developed so that you may then log your ideas online.

The Corscombe & Halstock website ( or - front page - will let you know when the steering group meets - why not come along and influence what is discussed.

Exciting times!
Chris Chapman

Brace yourself Corscombe!

2 March 2017
Many properties in Corscombe can get fibre broadband today.
Check with internet providers to see what is available for you.

Most properties in the following areas can access fibre broadband today:
• Lovelands
• High Street
• Barrow Lane
• The Barton
• Yew Tree Farm
• Fudge Hill
• Pine Close
• Wood Fold View
• Church Farm

Residents will need to speak to their provider to upgrade. Upgrading to fibre broadband allows you to do everything online faster and more reliably, meaning you can make video calls, game online or stream films with ease.

The good news is that the work is not over!

Superfast Dorset is returning to Corscombe during 2017* to reach areas that did not benefit the first time around in Norwood Lane, Court Hill, Court Close and Pound Hill.

If you missed out before, be the first to find out when you can get a service by registering on

Individual speeds and availability will vary

*Plans may change subject to detailed survey, Superfast Dorset is a complex engineering project and we can’t provide specific timescales.

Halstick and District Gardening Club

1 March 2017

Photographic Competition classes for the show on 26 August

  • Black and White Print - A Portratit

  • Early One Morning

  • Beech Art

  • Oops!

  • Aorm's Eye View

  • An Urban View
Chris Chapman

History Group

28 February 2017
A group of 14 people met at Lindisfarne ( the home of Paula and Colin Denham ) on the evening of the 17th January to learn about The History of Corscombe. Two books were offered for sale; ' The Romano-British Villa at Halstock' by R.N.Lucas, and 'Corscombe Through the Ages' by Mary and Peter Sadler.

Freda Hennessy chaired the meeting, and introduced Paul Hawkins who was visiting the village, and had some family connections to the area. At first it was thought that he was related to George Hawkins, a benefactor to Corscombe, but it was revealed that George was not part of Paul's family. Paul recounted some of the sites he used to investigate his family history, and was able to take it back to 1680.

Bryan Harvey has spent a lot of time researching people shown on the war memorial plaque in the Village Hall, he is slowly working through the list. The name 'Sartin' is on this list; a relative of Bonny Sartin of 'Yetties' fame. Some of the Sartin family lived in Corscombe for many years.
John Newman and John Diment, long time residents of Corscombe, had plenty of information for us. Many years ago a shrine was found in Clematis Cottage( John Newman's home), hidden behind a wall; a relic from the days when the Catholics had to worship in secret. A small doll was found on the alter.

We discovered where there were old cottages, no longer in existence, and who lived in them. Also about the many farms in Corscombe, which were owned and which were rented. In the early 1900's there were several thatched cottages damaged or destroyed by fire. We had two Blacksmiths in Corscombe, one near 'Comforts Orchard' and one at Butcher's Cottage.

The School closed in 1966 when Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister, and the very few children that lived in Corscombe at that time were taken to 'Stickland's School in Evershot. The Corscombe school was bought for £800 and from then on used as our Village Hall. Prior to this there was a wooden hut in Pine Close used as a Village Hall

The calendar will identify when the next History Group Meeting will take place.

Paula Denham
Chris Chapman

Corscombe Fete and Fest - Saturday 17th June 2017 - 1pm to 11

28 February 2017
This is a whole village event that brings everyone together to support the Corscombe Community. Please put the date in your diary and invite family and friends to attend. The day will be packed with traditional Fete activities during the afternoon, with lots to see and do. The evening sees the 4th Fest launched, featuring four local bands. It really is a fun-packed day, the success of which is underpinned by your support. Tickets for the evening will be available in advance, and are much cheaper than buying 'at the door' on the evening.

We rely on support from the village in planning and organising the event - so please let us know that you are willing and keen to help - let Chris Higdon know you are available to help - call Chris on 01935 891688
Chris Chapman

Corscombe and Halstock Community First Responders

28 February 2017
First Aid tip for the month:
Drowning is one of the most common causes of accidental death, especially among children.-Before just jumping in, follow this guideline: Reach, Throw, Row, Go

Reach: If the person is near the edge of a pool or dock, lie flat on the ground and try to reach the person. Use a tree branch, oar, towel, or shepherd’s hook to lengthen your reach. If you have to, get in the water and hold onto the pool edge or dock while trying to reach the person

Throw: Throw a safety ring, if available

Row: Get a boat (again, if one’s available)

Go: Swim out as the last resort. Bring a rescue safety ring, towel, or shirt with you so you can tow the person in.

Once you have the person out, call 999 (if needed) and then check for breathing. Place your ear next to the nose and mouth of the person and listen for air. Also look to see if their chest is moving.
If the person is not breathing, check for a pulse (check for at least 10 seconds).
If there is no pulse, start CPR (chest compressions) and continue to do it until paramedics arrive

It takes 25 minutes (on average) for an ambulance to reach an emergency in our area. First Responders provide emergency support until an ambulance arrives. We work with the ambulance service and can be on scene within a few minutes. We are a voluntary team, and always welcome new members. If you would like to know more, call Chris Chapman on 891015 or Dick Thorne on 891847. We are equipped and trained by the South West Ambulance Service. We have fun and provide a vital emergency support for the two villages.
Chris Chapman

Neighbourhood Development Plan

28 February 2017
More villagers are becoming interested in The Neighbourhood Development Plan, and there was a good attendance for the meeting on the 10th of January at Corscombe Village Hall. Geoff Williams chaired the meeting, and led the group to draw up an action plan of what we should aim to achieve by when; also setting a deadline for the production of the final plan.

As stated by Government,

'Neighbourhood planning gives communities direct power to develop a shared vision for their neighbourhood and shape the development and growth of their local area. They are able to choose where they want new homes, shops and offices to be built, have their say on what those new buildings should look like and what infrastructure should be provided, and grant planning permission for the new buildings they want to see go ahead. Neighbourhood planning provides a powerful set of tools for local people to ensure that they get the right types of development for their community where the ambition of the neighbourhood is aligned with the strategic needs and priorities of the wider local area.'

For a plan to be accepted, it has to canvass the views of local residents, landowners and businesses, so this exercise is likely to take at least 18 months to complete, and everyone will be given the opportunity to contribute or comment.

The calendar page will detail the dates of future meetings.

Paula Denham
Chris Chapman

Parish Council

28 February 2017
There will be a vacancy for a Corscombe councillor from May this year.
Anyone interested should contact the Chairman Henry Lovegrove 891415 or the Clerk Freda Hennessy 891448.
Freda Hennessy
Chris Chapman

Chimes Distribution

28 February 2017
As you may be aware, the distribution and delivery of the Chimes is entirely down to volunteers. We took over distribution in the Corscombe area 18 months ago. This involves dropping off bundles of magazines, brought to us by another volunteer from Halstock, to those kind people who deliver them to your door. It takes about an hour and a half towards the end of each month to do this.
Since we began, we have had no official reserve distributors to cover for when we are not available, although this has only happened twice in the last eighteen months. On those occasions we were kindly covered by previous distributors as a favour.
We are looking for anyone with transport prepared to deputise for us when we are unavailable. The more backup we can recruit, the less frequent the need for individual involvement. And of course, full explanation of the process along with the route will be given to volunteers.
If you think you could help out when necessary, please get in touch on 07788 563857 or call at 3 Yew Tree Farm, Corscombe.

Many thanks
Chris and Iain Watson
Chris Chapman

Halstock Community Shop (Lottery Funded)

16 January 2017
Happy New Year to all and welcome to another year of Halstock Shop news!!

Although it is only early January as I write this, I have been informed by Phil the baker that spring is in the air!! On January 3rd he announced that he had a daffodil in bloom in his garden!! He promised me it was a real one! Let’s hope that Spring really is not far away and we miss any really bad wintry weather here in tropical Dorset

Thanks to all of you who supported our Christmas fund raising efforts. Betty Armour’s idea of making a donation to put your name on a label displayed in the shop window wishing all your neighbours a Merry Christmas raised £130 for the Children’s Society. The shop raffle of the Polar Bear and other gifts raised £37.50 which has been donated to Julia’s House. The winner of the bear was Meriel Wheeler. What a fantastic effort for a small community like ours.

Speaking of windows, thanks to Betty, Rosemary and all the others who made so many fantastic displays. I think we had 5 or 6 different, topical window displays in the space of a couple of weeks. How do you come up with all of those ideas?? They all take time to make as well and they don’t just happen. Well done ladies.

Thank you all for supporting your shop with your Christmas purchases. On Christmas Eve we had our biggest ever day’s sales! The staff is very grateful to you as you have slowly been eating your way through the extra stock that Barry ordered in anticipation of bumper sales which made negotiating the stock room difficult on occasions. We still have plenty to sell however, so keep shopping!

One note of apology to those of you who were looking for Milk on Monday January 2nd. Unfortunately the milk delivery truck never found it’s way to Halstock and despite the best efforts of our staff and the milk company’s sales people to locate the truck, we were milkless that day. Fortunately an extra delivery was arranged for the Tuesday.

Finally our Facebook page continues to be viewed far and wide. Over 600 “Likes” have been recorded for the Christmas window displays and we even have a gentleman in Japan who regularly views our page. He also adds some comments in Japanese which we are not yet sure are complimentary or otherwise. Anyone speak or read Japanese??

Tony Woodroffe - on behalf of the Community Shop Committee.

Chris Chapman

Halstock Village Hall News

16 January 2017
The financial benefit of our solar panels is now becoming apparent. In December £418.21 was paid into our bank account for electricity fed back to the national grid. This covered the period up to the beginning of September and the next payment will be due at the start of March. Not only do we get this feedback tariff, we also save money by using electricity that we generate and this will reduce our electricity bill.

As a result of the new heaters being fitted, we do need to do some redecorating in the main hall and several of the other rooms are also in need of a fresh coat of paint. If there is anybody who would like to help with this please let me know.

Peter Brinck 01935 891822
Chris Chapman

Royal British Legion (Halstock & District Branch)

16 January 2017
I am now in a position to let you know the results of the collections made for the Poppy Appeal during remembrance week. The house to house collections raised £2,447.01. The static point collections, these are boxes which are put in pubs, schools or other unmanned locations, raised £543.60. The collections from churches raised £621.70 so with some other donations this makes a grand total of £3,652.31. I am pleased to say that all of these collections are up on last year’s figures.
In addition to the above collections I can now say that the Coffee Morning, which was held on Friday 11th November, raised £238.96 and this also goes to the Poppy Appeal.
Many small branches of the Legion are being forced to close due to lack of members and our branch has, for a long time, been trying to recruit some new members. Would you be interested in joining us? If you would like to know more please give me a ring or just come along to our next meeting which will be held on Tuesday 14th February at 7.30pm at the Rest and Welcome Inn.

Peter Brinck 01935 891822
Chris Chapman

Drone Lost - please help find it

16 January 2017
A four rotor white DRONE Parrot Bebop 2 was lost on Jan 15th near Halstock Lower Leigh. There is a possible reward for safe return

Contact Bob Moore on 07795 565 085 or email
Chris Chapman

Weekly minibus - your weekly ticket to ride

9 January 2017
Our Nordcat bus to Yeovil on a Friday and to Dorchester on a Wednesday is a lifeline to those no longer driving.
You have to phone (Nordcat 01258 473154) to book a place on the bus between 9am and 4pm the day before you travel. Friday is a market day in Yeovil and Dorchester has an even bigger market on a Wednesday. Please support this service!
Chris Chapman

300+ Club - Results - December

9 January 2017
1st prize £100 No 270 Mrs Jenny Thorne
2nd prize £50 No 94 Mr Rob Fear
3rd prize £20 No 315 Mr Steve Whitlock
4th Prize £10 No 53 Mrs Judy Cowley
Dot Gaskell 891127
Chris Chapman

Tuesday Club

9 January 2017
December 13th saw 51 people sit down at Haddon House Hotel West Bay for a Christmas lunch, which was very enjoyable. By the time you read this our AGM will have taken place with the current committee standing down and a new one formed. We have some very interesting speakers planned for the coming year and I hope as many as possible will support them. It only remains for me to say I hope you all had a very enjoyable Christmas and New Year.
Dot Gaskell
Chris Chapman

Welcoming in 2017!!

9 January 2017
We had our usual Ceilidh for New Year's Eve at Corscombe Village Hall run by Steve Cunio and Babylon. Steve was the main M.C. and Caller for the dances. Mike and Nicola Selley, and Ruth Thompson proved to be good Callers for the dances they led. The Scratch Band played some lively music.
Ian May recited a version of 'The Twelve Days of Christmas', although his version had thirteen days. Thirteen people held up printed words for all to join in as and when they were needed, and it all made for fun and laughter. Colin Denham recited ' Billy Bones the Pirate' and 'Paddy McGinty's Goat'.

People came from far and wide to this event. The evening culminated in 'Auld Lang Syne' and a champagne toast at midnight. A few of us went outside to watch the fireworks on the skyline. The Hall is on a hill and one can view Halstock, Yeovil and Sherborne fireworks.
Paula Denham
Chris Chapman

Corscombe & Halstock Community First Responders

9 January 2017
First Aid tip for the month: Burns
Immediately after a burn, run cool tap water over the skin for at least 10 minutes.
Cooling the burn will reduce pain, swelling and the risk of scarring. The faster and longer a burn is cooled, the less the impact of the injury
Do not put ice, butter or anything else directly on the burned skin.
After the burn has been cooled, cover it with cling film or a clean plastic bag
The cling film should not be wrapped tightly
This helps prevent infection by keeping the area clean. It is an ideal covering because it does not stick to the burn, and it reduces pain by keeping air from the skin's surface
If necessary, call 999 or get someone else to do it
The burn may need urgent medical treatment. If you are in doubt, seek medical advice and always call 999 if a child has been burned

If you would like to learn more about what we do, and perhaps consider joining this voluntary team, call Chris Chapman on 891015 or Dick Thorne on 891847. We have fun and provide a vital emergency support for the two villages.
Chris Chapman

District Neighbourhood Development Plan

9 January 2017
The 'Steering Group' for Corscombe & Halstock's District Neighbourhood Development Plan met at the Corscombe Village Hall at 7.30pm on Friday the 9th of December. Eleven of the 15 people that signed up for it attended. There was plenty of discussion and also plenty of information to read around the room, including the 'post it's' suggestions of importance made by villagers at the last meeting.

It was agreed that help and guidance would benefit the group and that Jo Witherden, Consultant, would be invited to the next meeting planned for Tuesday January the 10th at 7.30pm at Corscombe Village Hall - to answer questions and give help and advice. Anyone in Halstock and Corscombe who is interested in the future of the two Villages, and would like to be part of this 'Steering Group', please ring Freda Hennessy 01935 891448.
Paula Denham
Chris Chapman

Corscombe Information Exchange

9 January 2017
Now that the mobile library has been discontinued there is even more of a place for Corscombe's book swap. As most people know, it is in the Information Exchange aka the old phone box in the High Street.

It would be nice if the New Year brought an influx of new material, so please have a look through your bookshelves and see if there are any titles you feel you could part with that others may enjoy. If there is a surplus I will store and refresh the shelves from time to time. Thanks
Barbara Darnley, Crispin Cottage
Chris Chapman

Money for Old Rope (and Newspapers!)

9 January 2017
There is controversy about the origin of the term “money for old rope”. Some say that it originated in previous centuries where “old rope” was bought to seal (caulk) the planks on wooden boats. Others are not so sure. However…. what is absolutely certain is that old newspapers can be efficiently recycled to make new paper. In fact using old newspapers to make new paper uses 70 % less energy than using freshly cut trees. The village hall sells old newspapers to Viridor (a local recycling company) who pay about £400/year to village hall maintenance funds – but it could be much more!! It just needs us all to take our old newspapers to the Collection Shed in the Car Park. It would also be great if people looked out for notices in the Chimes (and on the website as to when volunteers are needed to fill the skip. So…. Please don’t “bin” your newspapers- they are indeed “money for old rope”!
Andrew Tomkins
Chris Chapman

Discover the rich history of Corscombe!

9 January 2017
'Corscombe through the Ages' was written by Mary Sadler in 1990. She provides wonderful accounts of life in the village over hundreds of years. These were drawn from a wide range of books, interviews, reports and some precious photographs. Her booklet has been out of print for many years but as a result of a grant from Corscombe, Halstock and District Parish Council, it has been reprinted by Corscombe PCC.
'St Mary’s Church Corscombe – a record of worship, life and service in the community' was written by Andrew Tomkins in 2015, to celebrate 700 years of named clergy serving in Corscombe. His booklet contains newly analysed historical data and reports of the church and community in Corscombe, starting in 754 AD. It reviews how the demography of Corscombe parish has changed over the years and describes the many ways that church officers cared for the sick, the poor and the disadvantaged, hundreds of years before the welfare state.
These booklets are now available at the amazing price of £3 each or £5 for both. Their cost includes a small contribution to the maintenance of the fabric of our beautiful St Mary’s Corscombe church. They can be obtained from Andrew Tomkins (Milton Brook - 01935 891083) or Freda Hennessy (Lilac Cottage 01935 891448)
Chris Chapman

Church Mugs And Tankards For Sale

9 January 2017
We only have a few mugs and tankards left to sell, and the PCC (St Mary's Church) have agreed to lower the price on these lovely commemorative items. Mugs are now £5.00 each and tankards are now £10.00 each. They are made of bone china and are lovely to use.

Proceeds go to the Church Restoration Fund, so to a good casue!

Please call Liz North on 891043 or Celia Tomkins on 891083 if you would like to see one, or buy more for yourself and friends and family. If we have any left we may have them on show and to sell at the Big Breakfast in February.
Liz North

Chris Chapman

Christmas at St. Mary’s Corscombe

9 January 2017
What a wonderful series of Christmas Services! The Christingle Service, held jointly with Halstock, was so moving as children and their families made and lit their candles as a memory of the birth of Jesus.

St. Mary’s Corscombe was beautifully decorated and nearly 100 people were welcomed by the bell ringing to the Carol Service on December 11th. Many played a key role in the service, reading the “lessons” describing the events of the first Christmas and playing the music for the carols. A video clip from Tearfund reminded us of the needs of refugees in the very land where Jesus was born. The offering (shared between Tearfund and Ezo, South Sudan) was £273. Mulled wine and mince pies afterwards gave a great “villagers together feeling”; thanks to all the helpers.

Carol Singing round the village on December 14th was attended by around 20 people and collected £250 for Save the Children Fund. Many thanks for the delicious refreshments afterwards at the Else’s. The Crib Service on Christmas Eve was attended by around 80 children and parents/relatives/friends; a reminder, in the barn of Corscombe Court so generously made available by the Peakes, of the environment in which Jesus was born.

The Christmas Day Service, led by Paul Rendell, was attended by around 90 people; a warm celebration of all the joy of Christmas – both 2000 years ago and now. Thanks to all who made this Christmas a very special time.

The PCC St Mary’s Corscombe
Chris Chapman

Halstock Community Shop (Lottery Funded)

23 December 2016
When you read this Christmas will be over and another New Year just ahead. How time flies!! 2016 has been another good year for the shop. Thank you all for your continued support and making the Shop and Community Room the focal point of the village. We hope that 2017 will be another successful year.

There were several notable events in 2016. HVSL celebrated 25 years as a community owned company and a party was held on June 4th to thank all of you who have contributed to this remarkable event. We all owe a debt of gratitude to those pioneers who set up the Company in 1991 and they can feel justifiably proud of where the Shop and Community Room are today. I am sure many other communities would be envious of the facilities that we have.

The major change in the shop was the installation of air conditioning which was financed by a grant from the Post Office Community Fund. It was probably not a coincidence that we had increased sales during the warmest months of the year, when the shop was the “coolest place in town”. There were not exactly lines outside the door but we were busy! Interestingly, the extra cost of running the air conditioning is largely offset by the savings in electricity for the chillers and freezers which are running less because the shop is so much cooler. And we no longer have melting chocolate!!

In April we extended our opening hours on Saturdays to 6pm and generally we have enjoyed increased sales as a result. Our thanks to Robert Wilkinson for taking on the task of manning the shop for the extra two hours each week.

Jane Robins left us in June and we were very fortunate to find two extremely good people willing to come and join the staff. Rachel Hamlin and Penny Whittingham joined us in June and both have fitted in very well.

Local gardeners kindly donated excess produce from their gardens and our customers appreciated the fresh fruit and vegetables which supplemented our regular offerings.

The 25th Annual General Meeting of the shop company took place in November and was supported by our loyal band of shareholders, staff and volunteers and other villagers. After the meeting formalities were over, we were all able to enjoy some nibbles and a glass of wine or fruit juice. Everyone is welcome to attend the HVSL AGM, not just shareholders, so we hope to see more of you there next year!

It just leaves me to thank our loyal, hard working staff and all of the volunteers for your support and contribution to another great year in the life of Halstock Village Shop and to wish everyone A Happy and Healthy New Year! Our thanks also to the Chimes for providing us with this “window on the world” to get our message out!

Tony Woodroffe - on behalf of the Community Shop Committee
Chris Chapman

Halstock Village Cinema RELAUNCHED!

22 December 2016
With funding from the British Film Institute, Halstock Village Hall now has its own high quality Blue Ray, screening and sound equipment. This enables us to select a wider choice of up-to-the-minute films for Halstock. Better still, we can announce our spring 2017 season in full NOW!

Here’s our great Relaunch Season, so make sure these dates go in your 2017 right away.

Saturday January 21. Wonderfully chaotic comedy from the popular TV favourites. Jennifer Sanderson, Joanna Lumley and Julia Sawalha

Saturday February 18. The latest in the series of the hapless Bridget and her romantic entanglements. Rennee Zellwegger, Colin Firth and Patrick Dempsey

Saturday March 18. The feel-good true story of a busker whose life is transformed by a street-wise ginger cat. Luke Treadaway, Joanne Froggatt (Downton Abbey) and Bob the cat himself.

Saturday April 29. Stirring story of a couple’s dilemma over a baby found adrift in a rowing boat. Michael Fassbender, Rachel Weisz.

There will be loyalty offers for regular customers and we have plans to offer films for families too, so to receive details as soon as they’re available, just text your email address to 07950 659233.

Would you or someone you know like to help with showing the films, collecting admission money or helping to run the bar? Now that we are independent, we’ll need people from time to time to help us operate Halstock Village Cinema. If you think that might be you, a member of your family, or perhaps a friend who’s keen on films, call Tony on 01935 892485 or Peter on 891822 for a chat about the opportunities.

We look forward to seeing you soon at the relaunched:
Supported by the BFI Neighbourhood Cinema Fund
Chris Chapman


22 December 2016
Volunteers are now carrying out Community Speed Watch monitoring in Halstock and Corscombe, with the support of Dorset Police. By keeping the monitoring going consistently, we can create an awareness and bring about success in maintaining the speed limits in our two villages. However, to do this, more volunteers are needed. If you would be interested to find out how you could help for just an hour, every now and again, please contact TONY HILL on 892485.

Chris Chapman

Congratulations to Jennifer Diment

9 December 2016

ennifer Diment graduated with First class honours from Harper Adams University, with a BSc. In Agriculture with Animal Science. Her course was four years (2012-2016) which included a one year work placement which she completed with McDonald’s on their Progressive Young Farmer Scheme; following their supply chain from farm through processing and into restaurant. She is now using all the skills and knowledge she learnt to help run the family farm at home in Weston. Belated Congratulations Jenny.

The photograph show Jennifer with proud parents Christina and Michael Diment

Paula Denham
Chris Chapman

Tuesday Club

8 December 2016
By the time you read this our Christmas lunch may be a pleasant but distant memory! So the report will be in next month’s edition of Chimes. Our January meeting will take place in the Village Hall on 10th January at 2.30pm. It will be our annual AGM, and will be followed by a quiz.

If you would like to join the committee in any one of the following roles - Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Committee Member - would you please telephone Dot Gaskell on 891127 or Liz North on 891043 prior to the meeting, or come along on the day and let us know. If you just want to know more about what is planned, then just come along to observe and chip-in your good ideas - all are welcome.

The annual membership fee is £10 and is due in January. We have an exciting programme for 2017 so do please join us and support the Club.

It remains only for me to wish everybody a Happy New Year.

Dot Gaskell 891127
Chris Chapman

300+ Club - November Results

8 December 2016
1st prize £20 No 89 Mr M Else
2nd prize £10 No 208 Mrs J Mosser

Dot Gaskell
Chris Chapman

Corscombe & Halstock Community First Responders

8 December 2016
In case of cardiac arrest:
  • What you do in the first few minutes can mean a life is saved

  • Call 999 immediately - they will talk you through what to do whilst you are waiting for the ambulance to arrive - if you have someone with you, get them to call 999 whilst you start treatment

  • Send someone for the village defibrillator (make sure you know where it is - it is located on the main road at the entrance to Woodfold View - look out for it now so you know where it is). Do not leave the patient to go and get it yourself - you are needed to start treatment

  • Check the person has not got something in their mouth - if they have, remove it - the ambulance service will guide you

  • Once you have established that the person is not breathing, put him / her on their back on a hard surface and start chest compressions - aim to do about 100 compressions per minute with the chest depressing by 1/3rd for each compression. Remember: the ambulance service will stay on the line and tell you what to do

  • For a baby, give 2 rescue breaths first - gentle shallow breaths because the baby's lung capacity is small and then use 2 fingers for chest compressions (about 1/3rd chest depression is the target - do not press too hard) - the ambulance service will talk you through exactly what to do

It costs about £700 per year to run the Corscombe and Halstock Community First Responders Team. We receive donations from the Corscombe Fest, from Halstock Fete, and also donations from village members. Because we have charitable status, we are able to claim Gift Aid on any private donations we receive. This year we received £139 from Waitrose as part of their Community Projects initiative - thank you to all who put their green tokens in the Responder's voting slot! We are planning a fund raising event for October / November 2017, so look forward to support from the two villages. Our Responder Vehicle is good for a few years yet, but at some point we will need to replace it, which is why, in reality, we need to raise more than £700 per year.
If you would like to learn more about what we do, and perhaps consider joining this voluntary team, call Chris Chapman on 891015 or Dick Thorne on 891847. We have fun and provide a vital emergency support for the two villages.
Chris Chapman

New Year's Resolution? Play Ping Pong!

8 December 2016
We would like to hear from anyone who is interested in playing ping pong (or table tennis). It is great fun and anyone can play. Any age, any level, any day, anybody! Please give us a call to find out more - speak to Mike North on 891043 or Pat Carrivick on 892318

Chris Chapman

Julia's House

8 December 2016
I am sorry to say that the Bridport shop for Julia’s House is due to close in March/April 2017 as the rent has been increased. The distance to the next nearest shop is such that I will no longer be accepting items to deliver to the charity once the Bridport shop closes. I will continue until that happens.

On a happier note, I am pleased to say that, since the Fete, proceeds from the adhoc sales of my wooden clocks, boot removers etc. have been supplemented by sales at the Big Breakfast Craft Sale which has enabled me to donate the sum of £100 to Julia’s House. Thank you to all who have purchased my wooden bits and bobs.

It is good to see that the Big Breakfast has been taken over so successfully by the Village Hall. If you haven’t sampled it, you must!

Equally our thanks must go to the First Responders team for running the Big Breakfast for so long. Dick & Jenny Thorne deserve a special mention. Having worked with them I have seen at first hand the huge contribution they made before, during and after each event.

Brian Starkings
Chris Chapman

Weekly minibus - 'Use it or lose it'

18 November 2016
Our Nordcat bus to Yeovil on a Friday and to Dorchester on a Wednesday is a lifeline to those no longer driving.
You have to phone (Nordcat 01258 473154) to book a place on the bus between 9am and 4pm the day before you travel. Friday is a market day in Yeovil and Dorchester has an even bigger market on a Wednesday. Please support this service!
Chris Chapman

Chris Wheeler

18 November 2016
Most Villages have their 'Characters' and Corscombe certainly does, in Chris Wheeler. Long before we all thought about helping the environment, Chris, living in his Park Home, had a wind turbine creating his own electricity, a Well for his water, and solar panels. He lives quietly and simply down in the valley, the wildlife all around him are so tame; birds, foxes, deer, badgers and rabbits. Over the years he has kept chickens, until, sadly, the fox got them. It is a beautiful little haven down there, and we love visiting him.

Although Chris has a problem with dyslexia, he is a fine artist, very creative in pottery and making things and extremely useful at mending things, and inventing all manner of useful articles. He has a keen sense of humour and although he is now in his sixties, he loves playing pranks on people. For instance he was once hanging from a tree on his land, making very effective Gorilla sounds, as we walked through, wondering where on earth the sound was coming from. He once made an 'African' mud hut, which looked great on his land, it was there for years, but sadly the cows got in from the next door fields and broke it up. It was disappointing, as the children loved to go into it.

Chris grows most of his own vegetables, and is so successful at taking cuttings and getting them to grow healthily, and his land can be very colourful with lovely roses and many other flowers, he keeps it so nice. He usually gets plenty of fruit from his apple, pear, plum and cherry trees. He even grows grapes, peaches and tomatoes in his greenhouses. His main companion is Tibber the grey cat, and he has taught the cat not to catch birds.

He is often found working in his workshop mending lawn-mowers, chain saws and other assorted equipment. He has made lots of racks and cupboards for his Park home, and has his own bottled fruit and jams neatly on shelves, as are all his spices and herbs. Chris has faced the Park Home with split logs making it look more like a Log Cabin. It's like another world down there in his quiet valley home. We love it!
Paula Denham
Chris Chapman

Tuesday Club

18 November 2016
On 1st November 33 people, consisting of members and non members, took part in skittles at Winyards Gap Inn followed by a supper. The skittles was won by Chris Lunt with Dick Thorne a very close second. Jenny Whitlock was the winner of the wooden spoon award! Our next meeting is on 13 December and is a lunch at Haddon House Hotel in West Bay. Please let Jenny Thorne (891847) know if you would like to come by 1st December. In the meantime have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
Dot Gaskell 891127
Chris Chapman

Common Lane

18 November 2016
We really do want to get the rest of the Lane surfaced adequately this winter. Donations and subscriptions for the Friends of Common Lane are trickling in. If you are already a Friend please make sure your sub is up-to-date. If you just enjoy walking and riding the Lane please help the effort and join the Friends. It’s only £5 per household a year but this all adds up and shows funding bodies the support that this lovely local amenity enjoys.
Contact: Freda Hennessy 01935 891448
Chris Chapman

Winter Roads

18 November 2016
The Parish Council has provided nineteen (!) salt/grit bins round Corscombe and Halstock.
Dorset Highways supply the first filling but we have to buy any refills at about £40 a bin!
In general the roads between the villages are not visited by the gritting lorries so we have to spread our own local supply. If you can help to do this please do. Bring your own spade.
  • Spread THINLY – large amounts don’t give quicker melting;

  • Don’t expect immediate melting;

  • Don’t expect ANY melting below about -6 degrees!

  • Please report any empty bins to me.

  • DON’T USE THIS SALT FOR PRIVATE PREMISES. You can get bags of salt cheaply at builder’s merchants.

  • Gritting works best on icy roads. If we get thick snow it’s all hands to the shovels!

Freda 01935 891448
Chris Chapman

Corscombe Village Hall News

18 November 2016
Following our AGM last week we are pleased to welcome several new members to the hall committee.
The chairman is now Paul Rendell, vice-chairman is Steve Brown, secretary is Pat Carrivick and treasurer Rob Fear. Rosemary Lovegrove will be taking over bookings from mid December. She can be contacted on 01935 891415.
Chris Chapman

Corscombe & Halstock Community First Responders

18 November 2016
First Aid tip for the month:
In case of bleeding:
  • The aim is to stop the bleeding as soon as possible.

  • -In almost all cases, applying direct pressure with a clean cloth to the wound will stop the flow. If necessary, use a piece of clothing.

  • If it’s a large wound, have the person bleeding lie down and elevate the area of the body that is bleeding.

  • Remove any large debris or dirt from the open wound, but leave objects that are deeply embedded.

  • Apply pressure for at least 20 minutes, without checking to see if the bleeding has stopped. Add more gauze if needed.

  • If the bleeding has not stopped, apply pressure to the artery. Pressure points of the arm are on the inside of the arm just above the elbow and just below the armpit. Pressure points of the leg are just behind the knee and in the groin. Squeeze the main artery in these areas against the bone. Keep your fingers flat. With your other hand, continue to exert pressure on the wound itself.

  • Make sure 999 is called - you will be given advice over the telephone and an ambulance will be dispatched to your location

  • If you would like to learn more about what we do, and perhaps consider joining this voluntary team, call Chris Chapman on 891015 or Dick Thorne on 891847
Chris Chapman

Halstock Community Shop (Lottery Funded)

18 November 2016
With Christmas only a few weeks away, we are organising our stock and seasonal specials. Look for details in the shop.

We will have a special Christmas deal on wine of 10% off when you buy 6 or more bottles at a time. This will apply to our full displayed range and you can Mix & Match. If you have favourites, we will attempt to get stocks so please tell us in advance. This is a great deal as our prices are already extremely competitive. Other deals will hopefully be available on other products including beers. Watch the notices in the shop for details

To ensure we have sufficient stock, if you require extra quantities of milk, cream, cheese, etc. for Christmas, please let us know in advance. We can order roasting joints of beef, pork and lamb, gammon hams, turkey breasts, pies and sliced meats, etc. from our various suppliers. Details will be in the shop in due course.

Bread, Cakes, Christmas Cakes and Mince Pies, etc. will need to be ordered in advance for Christmas delivery so again, please be sure to let us know your requirements.

Finally, don’t forget to get your stamps for your Christmas cards. Leaflets providing information on final posting dates are available in the Post Office so be sure to pick one up when you are next in.

On general shop matters we have a couple of issues. We regret that the Dorset Echo is no longer available in the shop. Delivery service is no longer provided to Halstock and so the publisher was mailing them to us. As the paper was arriving the next day, the news was old and not surprisingly, nobody wanted to buy it! The Bridport News is, however, still available arriving every Friday.

Some of you might have seen the letter in the shop from Calor saying that they would not be supplying us with gas in the future. I am pleased to say that after Barry spoke to Calor they have now agreed that they will continue to supply us with the 19kg propane (Red) and 15kg Butane (Blue) gas bottles. These are in fact almost the only ones we sell, so we will be able to continue to meet most of your needs for Calor gas.

2016 has been another good year for the shop. We had several months of record sales and we hope that 2017 will be equally successful. Thank you to everyone who has used and supported the shop and also to our loyal and hard working employees and ever willing volunteers. We would always like to have a few more volunteers and hope that some of you reading this, especially our new residents, will be able to give us a few hours a week to take some of the pressure off of our small band of willing helpers. Please don’t be shy and come and ask any of the employees or volunteers for details.

Finally, we have been nominated for the Countryside Alliance “Rural Oscars”. Watch this space to see if we progress beyond the nomination level.

All that remains now is for me to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Tony Woodroffe - on behalf of the Community Shop Committee.
November 9th 2016
Chris Chapman

The Royal British Legion Quiz Night

18 November 2016
By the Wednesday prior to the Quiz Night we only had sold tickets for five or six tables, however by the Saturday we had gone up to ten tables. Our quiz master, Paul Sitzberger, had organised eight very interesting rounds on various topics. Half way through we stopped for a delicious meal cooked for us by Jim Griffiths and an interesting selection of puddings provided by various members of the Legion and ladies of the village. I think I am safe in saying that everybody had a very enjoyable evening. I think all the hard work that went into putting on this event was very worthwhile as at the end of the day we made a profit of £702.32 for the Poppy Appeal. The Halstock branch of the Legion has now very few members and without the help we received it would not be possible to put on such an event. I would therefore like to extend the branches gratitude to Jim Griffiths for cooking our wonderful meal and Paul Sitzberger for organising the quiz also all the people who provided the puddings.
Peter Brinck
Chris Chapman

Pot Luck Luncheon club

18 November 2016
As many people know Pot Luck Luncheon Club meets each Wednesday in the Village Hall for a meal provided by six teams of cooks. We are always looking for more volunteers to join these teams, so if you are interested please let me know. At present we are looking for a regular washer-up, this would involve arriving at the hall for 12.30pm and finishing at about 2.00pm. There is a payment of £15.00 per session and a free meal. Again if you are interested please let me know.
Peter Brinck, 01935 891822
Chris Chapman

Halstock Village Hall News

18 November 2016
As I reported in the Chimes last month, the heaters in the hall were condemned and I was awaiting the last two quotations for replacing them. I am glad to say that these final quotations arrived shortly afterwards and the new heaters have now been fitted. The even better news is that we had a very kind offer from a local resident to pay for the new heaters which is very helpful as it means that we can still go ahead with replacing the chairs. There are instructions for operating the heaters in the hall but they operate in exactly the same way as the water heater in the kitchen, if you have any difficulty in operating them please let me know. Due to current regulations it is not possible to replace the shelves above the heaters, so please make sure nothing is placed on top of the heaters. I hope I will have more to say about the chairs in the next Chimes.

Recently we found four badly cracked small glass jugs, which looked as if they had fallen out of the cupboard, had been put back in the cupboard. Accidents can happen but please if you are aware of any damage let somebody know as in this case these jugs are used every week by the ‘Pot Luck Lunch Club’.
While we were cleaning out the store cupboard we became aware that we still have two snooker tables. If anybody would like one of these for a small donation to the hall please let me know.
Peter Brinck, 01935 891822

Chris Chapman

Halstock Village Cinema RELAUNCHED!

18 November 2016
With funding from the British Film Institute, Halstock Village Hall has now acquired its own high quality Blue Ray, screening and sound equipment enabling us to select a wider choice of up-to-the-minute films for Halstock and the surrounding villages.

Our Relaunch Season will begin on Saturday January 21st and among the exciting titles we hope to announce very soon are some of the most popular recent releases including:

Bridget Jones’ Baby
Absolutely Fabulous
The Girl on the Train
The Light Between Oceans

There will be loyalty offers for regular customers and we have plans to offer films for families too, starting with the wonderful, brand new CGI version of The Jungle Book on Sunday 4th December at a special 3.30pm family matinee. Details of all the confirmed film titles will be announced very soon, so to receive details as soon as they’re available, just text your email address to 07950 659233.

Would you or someone you know like to help with showing the films, collecting admission money or helping to run the bar? Now that we are independent, we’ll need people from time to time to help us operate Halstock Village Cinema. If you think that might be you, a member of your family, or perhaps a friend who’s keen on films, call Tony on 01935 892485 or Peter on 891822 for a chat about the opportunities.

We look forward to seeing you soon at the relaunched:
Supported by the BFI Neighbourhood Cinema Fund
Chris Chapman

Shakespeare Out Loud

18 November 2016
Returning for 8 sessions beginning on January 12, at 7.00 – 9.00 in the village Hall.

The theme for these sessions is ‘Fathers and Daughters’, and we will begin with King Lear.

Bring copies of the play (or complete works)

NEW members very welcome – no previous experience necessary – Just interest and enthusiasm. Come along on the night, or contact Bardy Griffiths if you would like more info.
01935 891736
Chris Chapman


18 November 2016
Volunteers are now carrying out Community Speed Watch monitoring in Halstock, with the support of Dorset Police. By keeping the monitoring going consistently, we can create an awareness and bring about success in maintaining the speed limits in our village. However, to do this more volunteers are needed. If you would be interested to find out how you could help for just an hour, every now and again, please contact
Tony Hill on 892485.
Chris Chapman

Save money and make a difference!

18 November 2016
There will be a 'Christmas Greetings' window in the shop from the 16th December
and you are invited to add your name to the 'card'
wishing all the village a Happy Christmas for a donation to the Children's Society.
Children will benefit from your generosity while you will be saving money
(all those cards exchanged with friends and neighbours we see every day),
time and energy (writing and distributing) not to mention all those trees!

All you will need to do is sign a Christmas label and give a donation
Labels will be available in the shop between
Saturday, 26 November and Thursday, 15 December

Please, please - help make someone's Christmas happier
Chris Chapman

Common Lane Meeting

31 October 2016
Click the link below to read the latest newsletter.

If you would like to become a member of the Friends of Common Lane Group, click the link below:
Membership Form with Standing Order.docx
Chris Chapman

300+ Club Winners – September and August

8 October 2016
1st prize £50 No 16 Ms Paula Bowles
2nd prize £20 No 167 Mrs Claire Higdon
3rd prize £10 No 311 Mrs Jenny Whitlock
1st prize £20 No 140 Mrs Jennifer Gregson
2nd prize £10 No 260 Mrs Beryl Stedman
Chris Chapman

Corscombe Fete and CorscombeFest date for 2017

7 October 2016
The date is Saturday 17 June 2017.

The aim is that this is a whole village event to celebrate all that is good in Corscombe. The daytime is filled by a lovely traditional village fete, with the evening giving way to a music festival .

Please keep the date free and plan to come along to help and support. It is a lovely village day, so please invite family and friends to attend.

The next planning meeting is Thursday 12 January – 7pm – venue to be advised. It would be lovely to have more support during the planning phase, so please do come along if you would like to be involved. Meetings are fast and fun!

It is going to be a great day!!
Chris Chapman

Corscombe and Halstock Responders

6 October 2016
First Aid tip for the month:
In case of choking:

If a person can’t speak and appears to be choking, try to help them cough by hitting your fist firmly between their shoulder blades.

If that doesn’t work, quickly do the Heimlich maneuver: Get behind the person, placing your hands just above their belly button. Make a fist with one hand and place the thumb side of your fist just above the navel. Grasp your fist with the other hand and give quick, forceful thrusts upward to dislodge the object. When applying the maneuver to a child, take care not be so forceful as to cause injury. Make sure a call is made to the emergency services (999), as this will ensure help is sent if needed and will also provide instructions that tell you what to do
If you would like to learn more about what we do, and perhaps consider joining this voluntary team, call Chris Chapman on 891015 or Dick Thorne on 891847
Chris Chapman

Corscombe 300+ Club Winners - August

20 September 2016
1st prize £20 No 218 Mrs Helen Perris
2nd prize £10 No 195 Mrs Edna Leonard
Chris Chapman

Common Lane Newsletter

15 September 2016
Click the link below to open the latest Common Lane Newsletter -
Click here to open the Newsletter
Chris Chapman

Road Closure

9 September 2016
There is a planned road closure on Corscombe High Street.

Details are in the letter attached - Click here to open letter

Wessex Water, have applied to the Council, to close HIGH STREET, CORSCOMBE from its junction with Hackney to its junction with Fudge Hill and Cross Lane, a distance of approximately 240 metres. The closure has been requested to allow Wessex Water to carry out mains repair and relay service in the highway. These works are programmed to commence from 17th October 2016 for 5 days with an end date of the 21st October 2016. The road closure is necessary for safety reasons, as the works will take place within the whole width of the carriageway. Wessex Water will publicise the road closure in a number of ways: they will place information boards on the road in this area to inform
the travelling public of the works; they will carry out a letter drop to local residents directly affected by the works; and they will sign a
vehicular diversion route using the local road network. The following map shows the extent of the closure and the diversion route
Chris Chapman

Ha;stock Community Shop (Lottery Funded)

21 August 2016
As I write this the sun is shining and we are enjoying some summer weather at last which will hopefully continue into September. For those last few BBQ’s why not try our fantastic Rump Steaks and other fresh meats. Pick some up next time you are in the shop. We also have Sams award winning sausages which are made from Halstock reared pigs! They are gluten free too! Also, don’t forget the local charcoal supplied by Rick Smith or the gas for your grill.

On the food trail, Jon Thorners pies, quiches and cakes are still proving to be very popular. Normal delivery day is Friday with occasional additional deliveries on Tuesdays if stocks are low! If we are out of fresh pies or quiches, check the freezer.

Our stocks of fresh fruit have proved very popular and we try and keep a reasonable selection for you. Don’t forget the fresh/clotted cream to go with the strawberries and scones. Have you tried the Yeo Valley Greek Honey yogurt with fresh raspberries sprinkled with flaked almonds?? It is delicious!!

For you cheese lovers take a look at our selection. I am sure we have something for everyone’s palate in our chiller that will round off a perfect meal. We also have a large selection of wines, spirits and beers on offer at reasonable prices which will help increase your enjoyment of the meal and cheese! Also look for our Manager’s specials.

Another item worth mentioning is our selection of vegetarian meals. Take a look in our freezer to see our selection.
For you last minute summer travellers venturing overseas why not get your travel money from the Post Office? Rates are competitive and currencies can by available by the next day if we do have in stock. You can also buy your travel insurance through the Post Office. Pick up a brochure and ask Barry, Rachel or Penny for information how to proceed.

Have you noticed that we have a Poet in our midst? Appropriate verse appears regularly on our notice board in our efforts to brighten your day!! There might, of course, be a hidden meaning to some of the verse encouraging you to step inside the shop to make a purchase so don’t hesitate – come on in!!

Finally, I would like to thank all of our loyal customers for a fantastic July. We had our largest ever sales in a month since we started running the Community Shop and it would not have been possible without your support and the great effort by our loyal staff and team of volunteers. It might have helped that we had some very hot days in July and with our air conditioning running the shop was probably the coolest place in Halstock! But I would like to think that it was because we have a shop that everyone can be proud of which is providing a valuable service to the community. Thank you all.

Tony Woodroffe - on behalf of the Community Shop Committee.

Chris Chapman

Corscombe & Halstock Community First Responders

21 August 2016
The South West Ambulance Service provided an excellent training session on 13th July. The idea is that villagers are trained in how to give emergency life-saving support to someone who has suffered a heart attack. The training occurs once a year, and is valuable because it refreshes skills so that those attending can have confidence that they will do the right thing when confronted by such an emergency.
Kate Fisher delivered the training in a professional and confidence-building way, and it was valued by all attending. The acronym to remember is Drs ABC - Look out for danger to you and the patient / check the patient for response. If not responsive, shout for help, check airway, check breathing, check circulation - if not breathing and no circulation, deliver CPR.

The training will be available again in 2017 - it is well worth attending!

To find out more about the work of Responders, call Chris Chapman on 891015 or Dick Thorne on 891847.
Chris Chapman

Halstock Village Hall News

21 August 2016
By the time you read this we should have received our equipment for running our own film shows. We have arranged the films that we will be showing for September, October and November. They all look to be good films so please try and support us.

There will not be a film in December as we feel people will have other things to think about!

As mentioned in the last Chimes we are planning a working party day and we have now decided that this will take place on 1st October. Please let me know of any work that you think needs doing and if you would be willing to undertake any identified tasks.

Next month I will put a list of tasks we hope to get done and ones you have suggested in the chimes. I know this won’t come out much before the day but this will act as a good last minute reminder.

Peter Brinck Tel; 891822
Chris Chapman

Weekly minibus - 'Use it or lose it'

21 August 2016
Our Nordcat bus to Yeovil on a Friday and to Dorchester on a Wednesday is a lifeline to those no longer driving.

The numbers using the service has dropped recently, possibly due to holidays. Any one of us, at any time may have to temporarily or permanently stop driving, so do think seriously about using this service, it would be devastating to some people if we lose it. It costs a mere £5 to register. The times of pick-up can vary a little, but it is usually about 11.30am. Nordcat will inform you of times. For you drivers, it makes a change for you to sit higher on the bus, than in a car, to survey our lovely countryside, and you don't have the problem of parking. There is a really friendly bunch of travellers on the bus, and you will be picked up from your door. The drivers are very helpful.
If you wish to register please ring Nordcat 01258 473154 for a registration form. You will need to enter your bus pass number on the form. Non bus pass holders will have to pay a fare. You have to phone to book a place on the bus between 9am and 4pm the day before you travel. Friday is a market day in Yeovil and Dorchester has an even bigger market on a Wednesday. Please support this service!

Submitted by Paula Denham
Chris Chapman

Common Lane Photograph Competition and more

14 August 2016
Don’t forget! The Photo Competition last date for entries is 1 September. Perfect weather for snapping at the moment. Why not get out there? The theme is ‘People and Plants’ – but that means anything from one person (large or small or ?animal) and one or many plants/trees. Remember, photos must be taken on or from the Lane.

We bumped into a ‘man with a load of tarmac’ last week. Well, not quite the usual rascal, but the contractor who has been doing the resurfacing works round Corscombe and district for the County Highways. He offered to do a stretch of Common Lane – scrape, stone and roll. It was agreed he would do the ‘easy’ stretch on the level on the south of Woodfold Hill. It will probably be done this week!
Of course we’ll have to pay. There is some money in the Friends’ account, some to come from the Parish Council. The rest will have to be!

I suggest that we ask our expert Pete to look at the drainage on the South slope of Woodfold. The rest of the Hill could then be surfaced at last – this winter? That just leaves some wobbly bits on Brickyard Lane (Corscombe from Pines to sewage works) which we might be able to do with local effort.
There will be work parties in the winter to clear verges and ditches.

The little public sitting area by the Lane near Halstock desperately needs someone to mow the grass. The Parish Council will pay anyone who will do it.

Best wishes to all walkers and riders. Get out and walk/ride while it’s so dry!

Freda Hennessy
01935 891448
Lilac Cottage, Corscombe
Chris Chapman

Message from Sarah Measures

4 August 2016
Pat Measures living at Toller Whelme, Beaminster has, at the age of 93, retired from driving and would like to have one or two drivers she could call to give her rides. This would generally involve driving her from Toller Whelme to Beaminster, waiting for 30 to 40 minutes and driving her home again. Please e-mail her daughter, Sarah Measures to discuss rates.-

Item placed by Sarah Measures
Chris Chapman

COMMON LANE NEWS summer 2016

11 July 2016


Returning by popular request, the Common Lane Photo Competition.
Details are on the leaflet attached to this email, and at the Halstock Shop. Theme this year is People and Plants – mix and match as you please! Open to all, including visitors. Closing date 1 September.

Click here for the entry form


So far nothing has been arranged. Is there anyone who could organise something? Suggestions made are: sponsored dog walk, fun run (the Fox Trot), a picnic.................. Meanwhile, as part of the St Juthware Festival, a Roman centurion led a group of civilians along the Lane from Halstock Green to the Roman Villa site and gave an amusing talk about life in the Legions, with a demonstration of the fearsome weapons he carried.


Many thanks to new members and stragglers for their subscriptions. Every pound counts; £4000 needed! Please continue recruiting members and supporters and possibly sponsors. Someone suggested crowdfunding. Anyone any idea how to do this? The Photo Comp will not bring in any funds, it’s just for fun – and prizes (sponsored by Thorny Hill Farm)!


There was much excitement in Corscombe when the road team came to fill potholes and grit the entire road network, except Common Lane of course. Parts of the road were closed at times and diversions put in place causing the usual chaos. Best suggested diversion was one for Lovelands – go back to Corscombe village, up Common Lane by Woodfold Hill and back down Ocean Hill to Ryewater. As you know, this section of Common Lane is undriveable, almost unwalkable! When pointed out, the authorities offered an alternative via Halstock Leigh and the A356!!
We had been hoping to get some of the grittings for the Lane. They had been half promised. No sign of them yet. Improvements to the Lane will have to wait until autumn.
Happy Lane-ing and start snapping!
Freda Hennessy 01935 891448
Chris Chapman

Weekly Minibus - Corscombe and Halstock

19 May 2016
The Yeovil Community Bus was not entirely a success. The bus ran only on Friday 15th of April after which Henry Lovegrove rang a Company called 'Nordcat' to see if they could help. To date we have had 2 Friday 'Nordcat' buses which seem reasonably successful. The first one had a few teething problems regarding timing, as the driver had to be guided through the route.

To receive particulars from 'Nordcat' ring 01258 472164. You will have to fill in a registration form; there are some in the Information Exchange (The red Telephone Kiosk). You need to book your seat by ringing the above number on a Thursday before 4pm and ask what time to expect the bus. The bus comes to your address, always on a Friday, but timing may vary. The return times from Tesco's also may vary, but you should be informed about the expected time of pickup.

This company is partly assisted by charity. You can use your bus pass, but will have to pay full fare if you have not got one. The cost to register is £5 per year. No other costs involved, but it would help the bus to continue running if you put at least £1 in the box on the bus, this is optional.

There is also a bus to Dorchester Market on a Wednesday, so you would have to book before 4pm on a Tuesday.

Information provided by Paula Denham
Chris Chapman

New Book Club for Corscombe

30 April 2016
The existing book club run by Paula Bowles is currently full

For this reason Sarah Corke is starting a new Book Club.

If you are interested then email me or visit our Facebook page called 'Corscombe Book Club'. or call me on 01935 892399 / 07710 506785
Chris Chapman

Become a Community First Responder

29 April 2016
Would you be interested in becoming a Community First Responder in Corscombe or Halstock?
The ambulance service is now recruiting for our area and is inviting applications. No previous medical training is needed – the South West Ambulance Service Foundation Trust (SWASFT) will provide full training and give first class support. The commitment is as much or as little as you wish it to be – and you can change this on a weekly basis. It does not interfere with family commitments, holidays etc – you undertake duties in such a way that suits your personal circumstances

This is a rewarding role, and it gives you valuable life-saving skills. An ambulance can take 25 / 30 minutes to reach our two villages – this is where Responders step in to provide support within a few minutes of being called by the ambulance service.

The skills you learn will be valuable to you on a daily basis – if a member of your family or a friend needs help, you will be able to provide it without delay

Click here to go to the NHS jobs website - search for Community First Responder and scroll down to the Dorset entry. You can apply to join the team from here. The deadline for applications is 31 May 2016

Contact Chris Chapman (01935 891015) if you would like more information to help you decide whether or not to apply
Chris Chapman

Corscombe Village Hall 300+ club winners

12 April 2016
1st prize £20 No 81 Mrs Daphne Davis
2nd prize £10 No 117 Mrs Dot Gaskell
Chris Chapman

CorscombeFest - Saturday 18 June

9 March 2016
We are hoping for tremendous support from villagers in Corscombe (and Halstock). Please put the date in your diary ad invite family and friends. It will be a great day and evening that should be very enjoyable. Increasingly people will travel from further afield as the word spreads.

The daytime entertainment is booked and there are some real treats on offer; including a model plane flying club live display, as well as the opportunity to 'fly' a simulator - do well at this and you will be offered the chance to fly a model plane - at the fete!

We have the evening entertainment sorted. Bands performing are The Antics (with our very own George Howard), Birds on a Wire playing their lovely jazz, Kash Folding giving us some great covers, and then the headline act Storm - a great local band from Yeovil. They make a great sound - go to to listen to a sample of their songs.

There will be real ale on sale as well as lots of other food and drink opportunities

Go to and read about what is planned - and buy tickets for the evening show - just £6.95 if purchased now.... the total number of tickets is limited to 400 in total, so early purchase is recommended - because we do anticipate this being a sell out. Go to and look up the fete day on the calendar - click the links to listen to the bands.

The group planning the day are working really hard to make it a success. Being there and showing your support will be a great way to keep that village community feeling alive!!
Fest Planning Committee
Chris Chapman

Corscombe & Halstock Community First Responders

9 March 2016
The Responder Group covered 85% of evenings and nights over the last year (March 2015 to February 2016). There was also some daytime cover, although this was not so extensive. As we recruit more members our level of cover will increase, and each Responder will have a smaller number of duties to undertake.

So what happens if there is a medical emergency that is life threatening? It is important to call 999 to get help on its way. The emergency service will dispatch an ambulance and also dispatch the First Responders (if appropriate). This is the only route by which Responders may be summoned. If you call 999, the emergency service will give you instructions on how to help the patient whilst you are waiting for the emergency services to arrive.

Perhaps you would be interested in learning life-saving first aid and perhaps joining the First Responder team. If you would like to know more, then call Dick Thorne (891847) or Chris Chapman (891015).
Chris Chapman

Corscombe and Halstock March Chimes

27 February 2016
Corscombe Chimes

Halstock Chimes

The Chimes Magazine is available to every household in the diocese - reproduced here are the Halstock and Corscombe entries - make sure you receive your copy of the whole magazine / it is packed with essential information about what is going on and what is planned
Chris Chapman

Congratulations to Mark Measures

10 February 2016
Mark was educated at Corscombe and Beaminster Schools, going on to gain BSc (hons agric) and ARAgS qualifications. He joined the Organic Research Centre in 1983 initially as Farm Manager, and subsequently as Head of The Organic Research Centre.

On Wednesday the 10th of February he went to The House of Lords to receive recognition for his outstanding contribution to organic agriculture, presented by The Associateship of The Royal Agriculture Society
Chris Chapman

Chimes Village Pages

26 January 2016
Good News!!
The Chimes Village Pages will return - starting March and then monthly as normal

A new villages editor has been appointed.
Chris Chapman

Corscombe Chimes - February 2016

18 January 2016
Click here to open the February Chimes pages

The Chimes is not carrying village pages at the moment. Corscombe news will be placed on the News Page of the website each month.
If you have problems accessing this, please contact me (01935 891015)

Chris Chapman

St Mary's@700 Church Tower Abseil

26 July 2015
Wow! Even the Bishop of Salisbury did it!

Several brave souls abseiled down the church tower, under the expert guidance from M Rendell, all to raise money for the church restoration.

Click on any one of the photographs below to see a print-sized version of the photograph which you can then save and/or print.













Chris Chapman

St Mary's@700 History Presentation

26 July 2015
Prof Andrew Tomkins presented a fascinating lecture on the History of Corscombe, whilst Bonny Sartin, of 'The Yetties' fame, presented a more general History of Dorset in words and song. Freda Hennessy provided displays on aspects of the History of Corscombe.

There was a packed audience for this very special treat, which was very well received by all who attended

If you would like a copy of one of the pictures below, click it and a larger version will open which you can download to save or print.



Chris Chapman

St Mary's@700 Flower Festival

26 July 2015
Saturday 18 July 2015 saw several activities commemorating the 700th anniversary of the first clergyman to serve at the church

A delicious Cream Tea was served as part of the celebrations and the photographs below show of the participants for this scrumptious event - click any any photograph to see a larger version, which you save and / or print





Chris Chapman

StMary's@700 Flower Festival

26 July 2015
St Mary's Church was decked in beautiful flowers to celebrate the Church's 700th anniversary since the appointment of its first clergyman.

Each group in the village was asked to decorate a window to an historic theme - the results were splendid!

Photographs of the various displays are shown below - click on any photograph to open a bigger version of the photograph which you can download to save and/or print














Chris Chapman


23 April 2015
Items for Summer Fete
29th August
Bottles for Tombola
We can find a use for most things
Collection can be arranged
Help needed on the day
Would you like to join the Committee?
Contact Peter Brinck 01935 891822
Chris Chapman

Halstock Village Shop (Lottery Funded)

23 April 2015
Easter is now behind us and the shop continues to do brisk business. Judging by the weather as I write, summer can only be just around the corner, so look out for our usual supplies of fresh summer fruits. We also have a good stock of competitively priced wines, spirits and beers for those Al Fresco dining occasions

Post Office news – don’t forget that postage prices increased from March 31st. Pick up a new price guide from the Post Office.

Our Easter raffle raised £48.70 for the Kenya charity which Halstock WI supports. The lamb, named “Lady” was won by Alison Smith. The winner of the Easter egg was Poppy Roberts. Thanks to everyone who participated.

We welcome back Diana Staines who has made a very rapid recovery from her recent hip surgery. Thanks to all of those volunteers who helped out with extra duties while Diana was away. With summer holidays on the horizon we will need some extra help to cover the duties of our vacationing volunteers so if you have any spare time why not come along and help keep the shop running smoothly. It is your shop so why not volunteer?? Please contact Diana Staines on 891076 or speak to Suzanne or Barry in the shop.

Shop opening hours for the May Day Bank Holiday will be published when you read this. Don’t forget that the Post Office will be closed that day.

The Community Room will be holding its Village Market outside the shop on Saturday June 6th from 10.30am – 12.30pm. Refreshments (tea, coffee and cold drinks) will be available. Mark your calendar.

Tony Woodroffe - on behalf of the Community Shop Committee.
Chris Chapman

Corscombe and Halstock Community First Responders

23 April 2015
We have been asked how Responders are called to an incident. The answer is that we are not called directly by the public, but by the Ambulance Service.

If you have a medical emergency, then you should call 999. Ambulance Control will dispatch an ambulance, if appropriate, and also decide whether or not to request Responders to attend.

In fact, Responders are not allowed to attend the scene of an accident or incident without first gaining permission from Ambulance Control. If we are approached directly by the public, then we must first contact Ambulance Control, who will then either ask that we respond, and/or dispatch other suitable resources.

Because we are a small team of volunteers, we are not able to provide cover 24 hours a day. We generally provide cover from early evening until the following morning, most days of the week. Ambulance Control knows when we are available and when we are not, and so is able to deploy us when needed without wasting time.
We would like more volunteers to join our team. Anyone joining receives training, and is well supported by the Ambulance Service and by the team. Why not contact us to ask for more information. Call Chris Chapman on 01935 891015, or Dick Thorne on 01935 891847. You can email if this is more convenient.

Thank you to all who support us through attending the Big Breakfast in Corscombe and in other ways. The funds raised go to provide the Responders vehicle and also equipment and ongoing training.

Public Access Defibrillator

A defibrillator for public use is located in front of Edna Leonard's fence facing onto the High Street / Fudge Hill.

Defibrillator for public access is located behind the community shop

Make a point of checking where it is so you will know in an emergency

When 999 is called, the ambulance service will assess whether or not to dispatch an ambulance. Once an ambulance is dispatched, the service will, where appropriate, mobilise the First Responders to give immediate support whilst the patient waits for the ambulance to arrive on scene.

Because the Responders are not able to give 24 hour cover (we are a small group of volunteers), the ambulance service may direct you to send someone to collect the public access defibrillator, and will then tell you what to do and how to use it .

The defibrillator is actually easy to use; once you open the defibrillator case, it tells you exactly what to do. Also, the ambulance service will stay on the telephone to give you instructions and support.

Chris Chapman

Traffic speed, the playground, traditional children's games, and pot luck lunch

23 April 2015
Just another reminder - - after school and in the school holidays we have children playing in the road. The High Street is a winding road and 20 M.P.H. or even less, is a safer speed, as one cannot foresee what is round the bend. We would hate a child to be hurt !

Please if you can pass any news from Corscombe on to me; I can use it in my Bridport News Column in The Community News each week. I don't always get to hear all the news. The News will often print a photo for me.

The Playgroup could benefit by sending me news, as there are many Playgroups that are overflowing in the area, and might be interested in joining Ladybirds.

Attention Parents and children ! - - Paula and Colin and friends will be at the Fest on June 20th willing to show interested children the sort of traditional games that their 'Grannies' used to play. A lesson on recent history, long before Computer Games, mobile phones and television.
It could be fun!

Congratulations Tony Frost and Corscombe friends stepping in to form a much needed Team for Halstock Pot Luck Lunch on the 1st April, they provided braised beef in a yummy sauce with plenty of vegetables and no less than a choice of five delicious sweets., Lindisfarne, High Street, Corscombe, , DT2 0NZ, 01935 891494
Paula Denham
Chris Chapman

New to You Accessories Stall at CorscombeFest

23 April 2015
Chris Wheatley and Daphne Davis are planning to run a new to you accessories stall at this year's fest.

This has been met with great enthusiasm generally and we have already received a number of donations which is encouraging. It seems that a lot of us ladies have neglected jewellery, scarves, handbags etc lying idly around and we are looking forward to finding them new owners.

Any unsold stock will be donated to Julia's House Hospice via Brian Starkings.
Any contributions can be left with Chris at 7 The Barton or at 2 Woodfold View with Daphne. Thank you for your support.
Daphne Davis
Chris Chapman

CorscombeFest - Saturday 20 June 1pm to 11pm

23 April 2015
If music be the food of love .... we have both in abundance!

Corscombe is running it's music and food festival, alongside its lovely village fete, on Saturday 20 June 1pm to 11pm
We have
  • Live bands playing from 4pm onwards
  • Traditional Dorset Food Stalls
  • Lively children's entertainment
  • Novelty Dog Show (dogs note that owners should be on a lead)
  • Tea, cakes, cream teas, POMMS, two bars, and more
  • Side stalls, crafts, cricket, games .. and more
  • Preserves, home made cakes, plants, gifts ... and more
  • ,

      We would love you to join us. Entry is £2 for adults and children aged 11 and over, and free for under 11 year olds provided they are accompanied by a responsible adult. Car parking is free
      Visit our website to listen to the bands and find out what we offer and where we are.

      Please support CorscombeFest by .....
      • Attending on the day
      • By bringing family and friends
      • Offering to help run a stall, a game, or help in some other way that is needed
      • Buying some raffle tickets and selling to family and friends - we have over £1000 worth of prizes!
      • Ensuring those buying raffle tickets know how to find us (post code on ticket)
      • Making preserves, chutneys, jams - to Barbara Darnley or Heather Starkings as soon as possible
      • Making cakes for the cake stall and the teas & cakes cafe stall (deliver to the stalls on the day)
      • Donating good quality bric-a-brac to the Gifts Stall - Joan Fender is collecting in her garage
      • Donating fashion accessories- Daphne Davis is collecting (2 Woodfold View) and Chris Wheatley (7 The Barton)
      • Donating bottles for the bottle tombola - Rosie Taylor and Glynis & Kelvin Braithwaite are collecting
      • Making / loaning bunting for the day - Lesley Chapman is collecting
      • Loaning a gazebo for the day - Chris Chapman and Edna Leonard are collecting
        Your CorscombeFest Committee
Chris Chapman

A name for the Playground in Corscombe

23 April 2015
The Playground is being given to the Parish Council by its owner Mrs Jean Chase.

The Parish Council would like to give the area a suitable name in recognition of this generous act. Mrs Chase said: 'Ask the children who use it what they’d like it to be called.'

So, what ideas do you have for a name for it for the years to come?

Let me know.
Freda 891448 Lilac Cottage
Chris Chapman

Corscombe Walking Group

19 October 2014
A group of Corscombe Ladies do a weekly Corscombe & Surroundings walk.

The group meets at 9.30am on Thursday mornings (weather and availability permitting), for a very enjoyable two or three hour walk.

If you would like to join then please call Daphne on 891647
Chris Chapman

Thankyou Steve Whitlock

19 October 2014
You may have noticed that the road sign located at the top of Court Hill, where you turn right to go onto Fudge Hill or straight on to go up Sleight, has been refurbished. The Council has been systematically replacing these signs with less attractive modern ones. Steve liased with the relevant people to ensure we kept our existing sign, which he then refurbished. The result is a traditional road sign that maintains a link with the past but is also fit for purpose!
Chris Chapman

300+ Club

19 October 2014
September Draw of the 300+ Club
1st prize £50 100 Mrs A Firth
2nd prize £20 107 Mrs M Folwell
3rd prize £10 258 Mrs P Tolin

October Draw of the300+ Club
1st prize £20 065 Mrs J Dalton
2nd prize £10 267 Prof. A Tomkins
Chris Chapman

St. Mary's@700

19 October 2014
In July 2015, Corscombe celebrates the presence of a church for at least 700 years (the names of the vicars for the last 700 years are written on a notice board in the church).

We have an exciting range of fun activities for all in the village in the week (prior to a special service at St Mary’s Corscombe at 6pm on July 19th 2015, attended by Bishop Graham Kings.

This celebration gives an opportunity to contribute to 'St. Marys@700', an appeal for the refurbishment of our village church. This will involve:-
  • Vital restoration work to prevent further deterioration of the church beyond repair

  • Installation of eco-friendly, under floor heating which is essential to maintain the fabric, and entails the removal of the pews and provision of new seating

  • Installing a toilet and kitchen facilities to allow more versatile use of the church for worship and as a community space

The church is a Grade 1 listed building with the original mediaeval porch and tower; the chancel will not undergo any alteration. We have to raise the entire funding for 'St. Mary’s @700' appeal by our own efforts, so a series of fund raising activities has been launched.

As a Starter – WE HAVR PRODUCED A BEAUTIFUL MUG – it will make a wonderful Christmas present for your relatives and for yourself!!

To buy one of the beautiful celebration mugs – cost £10 – please contact
Liz North (891043), Kelvin Braithwaite (891133), Miriam Howard (891092) or Sarah Mitchell (891586)

Chris Chapman

Babylon Morris

28 September 2014
Babylon are a morris team who have been based in Corscombe for nearly twenty years. Unlike most morris, our dances were traditionally performed in the winter. To reflect this custom, we have danced on every New Year's Day in Beaminster and the surrounding villages since 1996.

This year, we are offering you the opportunity to join us!
We’re hoping to be running free sessions on Wednesdays in Corscombe Village Hall, DT2 0NU, in the run-up to Christmas, teaching our dances. And then, come New Year's Day, you'll be dancing in public with us!

Our dances, although effective to look at, are comparatively simple and we are sure that most people who attend the set of evenings will be able to reach an appropriate standard by the New Year. Come along and give it a go!

For more information please look at our website -

If you’re interested, please get in touch with one of us to confirm which dates the sessions are on.
Email - or phone Andrea (01460) 271208, Rosemary (01935 891415) or Steve & Jane (01935) 829050
Steve Cunio
Chris Chapman

300+ Club August Draw

28 September 2014
1st prize £20 No 285 Mrs J Whitlock
2nd prize £10 No 3 Mrs J Allen
Chris Chapman

8 June 2014
There were reports from all the local groups and organisations – nearly 20 of them!

  1. There was wide discussion on local concerns. It was evident that many residents need information on services and how things work here.
    It is suggested that we resurrect the CORSOMBE DIRECTORY in an accessible form (loose leaf/website) and keep it updated for present residents and newcomers. If anyone can help with this - ideas and data collection – please contact Freda. Work will start properly in late summer.

  2. John Peake gave his plea for more volunteers to ‘adopt a drain’ – to clear drainage gullies outside their houses or as they walk, and to pick up litter. John is a shining example of this in action!

  3. Overgrown rights of way are still a problem. Please report bad patches to the RoW officer Simon Dalton 891671. Owners are supposed to cut hedges, mow weeds and not obstruct the paths.

  4. There was much concern about the danger posed by inconsiderate drivers in the High Street and down Sleights and Court Hill. The matter will be referred to the Parish Council for proposals for action.

Freda Hennessy
Chris Chapman

Fudge Hill

8 June 2014
There seems to be some confusion about where Fudge Hill, Corscombe is! This is probably due to two things: it was a local name, only made official recently; and Google have put it in the wrong place (as they have many other parts of Corscombe – and the world!).

Fudge Hill is the part of High Street (another modern naming – it used to be ‘Corscombe Street’) from the stream by Milton up to the corner by Pines and Pope’s Cottage.

It was probably named after the Fudge family who lived in what is now Down Cottage. In the early Victorian times the family were carpenters and woodworkers who had a workshop there – and a saw pit in the back. The pit was where they sawed trunks into planks using huge saws. You’ve probably seen this in documentaries. The family was obviously a pivotal part of the working farming community.

Fudge Cottage, near the phone box further down the High Street, was so called by recent residents after the descendants of the famous Fudges who lived there. Before that it was ‘number 8’ (Corscombe) – reference to the ownership by the Corscombe estate. Number 14 Corscombe is next to the Fox.

Up to the closing of the village school and it being changed to a village hall, community meetings, plays and parties took place in ‘the Hut’ which was on Fudge Hill. The steps up to its site can still be seen in the garden of 1 Pine Close.

Incidentally, when the sewerage pipes were being put through the village in the 1960s it is said that there were two disasters. Firstly, the trench works on Fudge Hill hit the rock under the road and the contractors had to blast a way through, nearly bankrupting them. Secondly , one of the workers ran off with a local housewife!

So Fudge Hill is a short length of road with a long and interesting history. Perhaps it should be signposted?

Freda Hennessy
Chris Chapman

Winners of the 300+ April Draw

12 April 2014
1st prize £20 no 55 Mrs J Craft
2nd prize £10 no 211 Mr J Platt
Chris Chapman

Winners of the 300+ March draw

12 April 2014
1st prize £50 No 138 Mrs Jennifer Gregson
2nd prize £20 No 278 Mr John Viol
3rd prize £10 No 262 Mrs Pat Tolin
Chris Chapman

Line Dancers

12 April 2014
In response to the recent request for a list of the dances taught so far including the title of the dance together with the name of the choreographer (some dances have the same name but more than one choreographer) see below. The dances that can be found at with a step sheet, demo or tutorial are indicated with an asterisk. The others can be found on U-tube.
Just a reminder that we reconvene on Monday 28th April. Happy practicing (Highly Recommended)
  • NOMI*
  • WALTZ ACROSS TEXAS* Lois & John Neilsen
  • COME DANCE WITH ME* Jo Thompson
  • INSPIRATION* Robbie McGowan Hickie
  • DON’T STOP* Craig Bennett
Chris Chapman

History of Land on Watery Lane

13 December 2013
I own a small piece of land at the end of Watery Lane, Halstock. It is directly next to the sewage works. I am attempting to trace the history of this land and the descendants of the previous occupant. I am aware that prior to the 1970's there stood a cottage and small holding on the land. This was demolished and my own house built around 20 years later on the adjoining piece of land.

I purchased the old abandoned plot in order to extend my Garden. However from the amount and type of things I have dug up, it is clear that the land was inhabited for a long time.

I would very much like to find any information regarding the previous property and its owner.

Please contact me or place information on this website (registering on home page enables you to post news items)

Contact details:
Rob Gale
Email by clicking here
01935 891844 / 07779 615354
Chris Chapman


4 December 2013
The winners are as follows:-
1st prize £30 Chris Childs
2nd prize £10 Sallie Else
3rd prize £5 John Perris
Christine Garrett

Summer Fete 2014

11 November 2013
Twenty four villagers met in September to think about how we should develop the fete to build on past strengths and make it a key event in the Dorset year. A tremendous quantity and quality of ideas were generated; the full list can be read by clicking this link.

The key points to emerge were that the fete should be

  • Fun and informative for all who attend and take part
  • Weather independent as far as possible
  • A big music event – famous band with smaller support acts
  • Organised around a central arena, so crowds are together rather than scattered
  • Presenting local foods and drinks stalls
  • Featuring traditional Corscombe stalls that make money– BBQ / Bar / preserves / tombola / cakes / cream teas / plants – etc
  • Charging for entry
  • Aiming to develop a unique name – e.g. Corscombe Cracker – linked to the theme that emerges for the event over the next 2/3 years (like the Dorset Knob)
  • Presenting a lively arena of events as well as music – integrated together as one programme or as two separate integrated programmes
  • Presenting lively activities for children
  • Aiming to start later and run till later – night activities perhaps ending with fireworks (at Fox)
  • Organised by a proactive management team rather than by a single person, so that synergy builds as ideas are shared and so that planning does not fall to a single person

The first planning meeting is Tuesday 10th December 2013, 7.30pm (finish at 9pm) in the village hall. This meeting is crucial as it will identify whether or not there is sufficient support to run the event. The aim is that it should be fun to organise and run - with sufficient goodwill we can make it a treat!
Chris Chapman


27 October 2013
Winners for November 2013 draw are as follows:-
1st prize £10 Mr Jonathan Coleberd
2nd prize £5 Mrs Pat Tolin
Christine Garrett


27 October 2013
Winners for the October draw are as follows:-
1st prize £10 Mr R Hallett
2nd prize £5 Mrs A Robertson
Christine Garrett


4 September 2013
The winners for the September draw are as follows:-
1st prize £30 Mr & Mrs White
2nd prize £10 Colin Denham
3rd prize £5 Mr & Mrs Lee
Christine Garrett


29 August 2013
Winners for August 2013
1st prize £10 Mr Platt
2nd prize £5 Edna Leonard
Christine Garrett

Stickland's School Swimming Pool

30 July 2013
The Friends of Stickland's School Association (FOSSA) announce the following opening ties for the swimming pool:

Wednesdays 3.30pm - 5.30pm - term time

Wednesdays 2pm - 4pm - term time

All Saturdays 10am - 12 noon

£1 per person / swimmer and all children need to be accompanied (at the pool side or in the water if appropriate)

Chris Chapman

Halstock Reading Group

18 July 2013
Halstock Reading Group welcomes new members. If you enjoy reading books and meeting up with like minded people why not come and join us at our next meeting on September 2nd at 7.30 pm . We meet once a month in each others’ houses to discuss the book that we have all just read, courtesy of Beaminster Library, enjoy a glass of wine and have a good chat.

For more information contact Deborah Childs on 01935891744 or email
Chris Chapman

Halstock Community Shop

18 July 2013
Your shop is continuing to do brisk business and we hope that we are still meeting your needs. Our thanks to all of our regular customers and we welcome any readers who have not yet sampled our fare!

At the time of writing this we are experiencing Summer! If you are in the BBQ mood we have some lovely sausages and pork chops from Sam Holloway (Sam’s Pigs), which are reared in sunny Halstock. We also have local burgers on order, which we hope will arrive soon!

Although Wimbledon is behind us, we are trying to keep a good stock of strawberries (don’t forget the cream). and we have plenty of lemons for gin & tonics on those warm summer evenings that we are going to have!

For those days when salads are not on the menu, we are now stocking Jon Thorner pies and quiches which are getting “rave reviews”. If you have not already done so, please try one. I am sure you will enjoy it.

Finally, a reminder for those of you looking forward to enjoying some “R&R” time away from Halstock that you can get your travel money and Travel Insurance at the Post Office before you go.

Tony Woodroffe – on behalf of the Community Shop Team
Chris Chapman

Bridge Nights Halstock

18 July 2013
Bridge Nights are held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of every month at 7.30pm in the Community Room. Enquiries 01935 891249
Chris Chapman

Tea/Coffee & Cakes in the Community Room

18 July 2013
You may have already noticed over the last couple of months that tea/coffee and cakes are being served in the Community Room every Tuesday and Thursday mornings between 10 and 11.30 a.m. It is planned to continue these mornings for the foreseeable future so please do come and support this effort and help utilize this wonderful facility.
Chris Chapman

The Lord’s Larder

18 July 2013
The Lord’s Larder Food Bank is a local ‘bank’ of non-perishable food operated by volunteers from churches in and around Yeovil. It began in a small way in 1991 when a representative of Yeovil Citizens’ Advice Bureau spoke about the need for emergency food to members of one of the churches in Yeovil. It is now supplied by over 45 local churches, 25 schools and several community groups. Last year in 2012, over 42,000 items of food were given out via 60 different agencies to help 1,986 adult and 1,116 children.

If you would like to give some items of food/drink to help support this effort to provide for those less fortunate than ourselves, there is a collection point in the Community Room. Anything placed in the basket will be delivered to YCST for distribution.

The most needed items at present are: Packets of Instant Potato, Tins of Mince and Onion, Tinned Tomatoes, Jars of Pasta Sauce, and Bottles of Squash. However, any non-perishable, long-life products would be gratefully received.

Chris Chapman


8 July 2013
1st prize £10 Rosemary Childs
2nd prize £5 Yvonne Russell
Christine Garrett


10 June 2013
The winners are:-
1st prize £30. Stella Worman
2nd prize £10. Paula Bowles
3rd prize £5. John Viol
Christine Garrett

132 Club June Draw

10 June 2013
1st prize £30 Stella Workman
2nd prize £10Paula Bowles
3rd prize £5 John Viol
Lesley Chapman


5 June 2013
You may have heard of this fundraising activity already - now it is available in Halstock

Jumble wanted on an on-going basis. Unwanted clothing (even washed underwear, tights & socks and worn items). Fabric - towels / sheets / blankets / curtains (but not duvets or pillows), belts, hats, handbags, paired shoes (tied together)

Collection bags available at the village shop - leave full bags in the porch at 4 Hollis Close.
Proceeds to St Juthware & St Mary's Church
Chris Chapman

Photogeaphic Competition

30 April 2013
The competition for the summer show is as folows:
Black and White, Exotic Plant(s), ater water everywhr, Bridges, Workijng Animal(s), and Inside and Out (a pair of photographs)
Chris Chapman

'132' club May Draw

29 April 2013
The winners are:-
1st prize Mrs A Robinson £10
2nd prize Mr G Davis £5
Christine Garrett


31 March 2013
Winners for April 2013 are as follows:-
1st prize £10 Freda Hennesey
2nd prize £5 Norma Jones
Christine Garrett

Line Dancing

18 March 2013
Great progress and fun being had by all
Dances learnt so far:
  • Birchwood Stroll

  • Cowboy Charleston

  • County Line Cha Cha

  • NOMI

  • Blue Night Cha

  • Waltz Across Texas

Step sheets and videos of these dances can be found at
Simply click on this link to visit the site
Chris Chapman

Corscombe Tith Barn Fete

18 March 2013
This is a fete with a difference on the 15th June 2013 at Corscombe Court DT2 0NS opposite The Fox Inn from 12noon until 7.00pm.
Extra music after 5.00pm.
Corscombe Court was part of the Sherborne Abbey Estate in the 15th and 16th centuries, where the Monks had beehives to supply the estate with honey.
There is a moat on which we run rowing boats. Swimming in a heated pool (bring cossies and towels), hog roast, teas and ices, music and dancing, many varied stalls, dog show, Punch and Judy, crazy horse and so much more. Free entry and car parking. Programmes £1
All welcome to this delightful event.
Enquiries ring Paula Denham on 01935 891494 or Tony Frost on 01935 891321
Paula Denham


11 March 2013
1st prize £30 Mr R Hollett
2nd prize £10 Mr R Fear
3rd prize £5 Mr R Hollett
Christine Garrett


25 February 2013
The winners are as follows:-
1st prize £10 Mr Harrison - 5 Lindhay

2nd prize £5 Mrs J Childs
New House Farm
Christine Garrett

Fox Cricket Club

22 February 2013
Soon it will be summer ....we all hope!!
With the re-opening of the Fox Inn, the cricket club now has a local again. Like Phoenix from the ashes (forgive the cricketing pun)club members want to see the club thrive alongside the pub.
What we need is cricketers (aspiring, young, mature & creaking), fixtures and interested supporters (scorers, umpires etc).
If you would like to get involved in any capacity contact Rob Fear(Club Secretary) on 01935 891200 or asap
Rob Fear

Artist needed!

2 February 2013
Peter Gorman is a local artist from Beaminster who has painted our three pantomime backgrounds each year - ready for our January pantomime.

Peter has decided to retire this year, so we now are appealing for an artist to work with us eah year. Peter is willing to help and provide tips / hints on techniques.

Please call Chris Chapman (891015) if you would like to find out more
Chris Chapman

Halstock Village Shop & Post Office - UPDATE

27 January 2013
We are pleased to be able to tell you that Halstock Post Office will remain open during the transition of the sub post office to Halstock Village Shop Limited.

There will be no disruption in service and it will be open on January 31st and February 1st. Thereafter, it will be open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9am to 1pm for the full range of services currently provided.

The shop will be professionally cleaned on Thursday evening and it will be open for business as usual on Friday February 1st at 7am. We ask your forbearance if some of the items which you usually purchase are not available initially. Deliveries are scheduled for Friday February 1st and items will be put on the shelves as soon as we can unpack them!

We will endeavour to stock as large a range of items as possible which we will closely monitor to try and keep up with your needs. Please complete the questionnaires which will be in the shop and tell us if there are particular items that you would like and will purchase regularly. Your feedback will be appreciated since that is the only way that we will be able to ensure that we are stocking what YOU want to buy.

We have a group of enthusiastic volunteers who will help in the shop and if you need help to fill your basket or have your order carried to your car, they will be pleased to assist.

This is YOUR shop. We hope that you will come and see the changes and that you will be pleasantly surprised.

January 26th 2013

Anthony Woodroffe


12 January 2013
1st prize £6 Chris Chapman
2nd prize £4 Joe Vassie
3rd prize £2 Chris Garrett
Christine Garrett

Salt Bins

11 January 2013
All bins are now topped up for teh winter. If more salt is needed then call Highways on 01305 221020
Chris Chapman

Fox Pub Grand Opening

1 December 2012
The Fox opens on Saturday 1st December 2012 - offering drinks and a warm welcome for its first week.

From Saturday 8th December, the pub will also offer meals as well as drinks.

This is Corscombe's and Halstocks local pub. It is an unspoilt and welcoming pub that should enhance the area significantly.

Well worth a visit!!!!
Chris Chapman


1 December 2012
1st prize £30 Ms H Ward
2nd prize £6 Mr G Taylor
3rd prize £4 Marlene Viol
4th prize £2 Mr G Folwell
Christine Garrett


5 November 2012
The winners are as follows:-
1st prize £6 Mr Platt
2nd prize £4 Ms H Ward
3rd prize £2 Marjorie Bristow
Christine Garrett

Wanted. Sorry, Would like.

6 October 2012
Urgently required. A second hand/unwanted chicken house, shed or even old wendy house etc. Needed for 4 chickens, whos home is falling apart around them. Please contact Nathaniel Anstey, aged 13, on Corscombe, 01935-891492. Thank you.
Jon(athan) Anstey


26 September 2012
1st prize £6 Hilary Chatwin
2nd prize £4 John Peake
3rd prize £2 Brian Fry
Christine Garrett

Window Cleaner

9 September 2012
Does anyone know of a reliable window cleaner?

Please contact Roger Knight - 01935 891733
Chris Chapman


1 September 2012
Dorset Police have received some information that you may find useful in relation to people charging you for their calls!

If you receive a phone call on your mobile from any person, saying that he or she is a company engineer, or telling that they're checking your mobile line, and you have to press #90 or #09 or any other number, end this call immediately without pressing any numbers. There is a fraud company using a device that once you press #90 or #09 they can access your 'SIM' card and make calls at your expense.Forward this message to as many colleagues, relatives and friends as you can, to stop it.

Also be cautious in relation to scam emails and do not reply if you feel they are asking for money or a request that is too good to be true.

Chris Chapman


30 August 2012
Are as follows:-
1st prize £30 Laura Cox
2nd prize £6 Barbara Baylie
3rd prize £4 Michael Else
4th prize £2 Jean Mosser
Christine Garrett


27 August 2012
Hi i am looking for a second hand chicken coop, old wendy house , shed etc for my chickens. URGENTLY NEEDED
Please call Nathaniel Anstey on 01935-891492. Thank you.
Jon(athan) Anstey


27 July 2012
The winners for the August draw are as follows:-
1st prize £6 Chris Garrett
2nd prize £4 Chris Chapman
3rd prize £2 Brian Starkings
Christine Garrett


26 July 2012
Bells will be ringing on the 27th of course my error, sorry.
Glen Tavener

All the Bells

26 July 2012
I with Liz and Millie will be joining countless others across the land to ring bells at 0812 hours on 26th July 2012 to herald in and welcome people to the London Olympics. We will be at St Juthware & St Mary's Church Halstock, tuneful...maybe not, loud oh yes! For three minutes everyone who is able will be ringing a bell anyone can do it, Big Ben will be ringing continuously at the same time. will give you more details.
Glen Tavener


2 July 2012
1st prize £6 Mrs J Craft
2nd prize £4 Rosie Taylor
Popes Cottage
3rd prize £2 John Viol
8 Woodfold View

Christine Garrett

Brian Starkings's Jubilee Photographs

23 June 2012
Brian Starkings has provided the photographs below, taken at the Jubilee evening perfomance




Chris Chapman

Diamond Jubilee Video

23 June 2012
Ian Tolin has kindly provided video footage from the Jubilee evening performance.
Click the link below to view.
The quality has been reduced for showing over the internet, but it si still fun!
Click here
Chris Chapman

Corscombe Diamond Jubilee Village Photograph

6 June 2012
Sunday 3rd June saw villagers turn out in force for the village photograph - thank you to all who took part! A selection of photographs is shown below - click any one to open a larger version which you can save to your computer and print.

If you would like a copy of the official version, this can be supplied framed for £28 (Includes a £1 charge that will go to the Village Hall)
Call 0781 6655 278 or email

Official Photograph:

Additional Photographs

Chris Chapman

Halstock & District Gardening Club

31 May 2012
Photogaphic Compeition.
The summer (2012) flower show photographic compeition will accept entries in one of the following categories:
Chris Chapman

Corscombe '120' Club

30 May 2012
The winners of the June 2012 draw are as follows:-
1st prize £30 Louize Hodgson
2nd prize £6 Mr & Mrs Bamfield
3rd prize £4 Bev Coleberd
4th prize £2 Venetia Peake
Christine Garrett

Two guinea pigs found

21 May 2012
2 guinea pigs found loose in a field at the edge of Corscombe. Owners or new home required.

Please email or Telephone 07967 728397
Chris Chapman

'120' CLUB

1 May 2012
The following are the winners for the '120' Club May 2012 Draw:
1st prize £6 Mr Platt
2nd prize £4 Bev Coleberd
3rd prize £2 Millie Ellis
Christine Garrett


4 April 2012
1st prize £6 Mr C Dowding
2nd prize £4 Mrs J Gregson
3rd prize £2 Mrs E Leonard
Christine Garrett


1 March 2012
The winners are as follows:- 1st prize £30 Chris Garrett 2nd prize £6 Paula Bowles 3rd prize £4 Charles Gaskill 4th prize £2 John Peake
Christine Garrett

Youth Club Meeting & AGM at Halstock Community Room 7pm this Wednesday 8th February 2012

4 February 2012
The Halstock Youth Club is holding its AGM this coming Wednesday, 8th Feb 2012. We are affiliated to the Dorset Youth Club Association, & all relavent checks are done. Although we are called The Halstock Youth Club most of the children that attend, Friday evenings between 7pm & 9pm term time, come from Corscombe, Evershot, Maiden Newton, Crewkerne as well as Halstock.
As with most organisations like ourselves the Youth Club is run by a hand full of volunteers who turn up night after night.
WE have now got to the stage that we need more input, and help ESPECIALLY from those parants whos children attend.
All it would take is for each parent to do 2 Friday evenings, at the most, per term. We also need more people on the committe. PLEASE ATTEND THE MEETING & the AGM, if only just to find out what we do.
We are only asking for a few hours a month of your time.
Jon Anstey
Youth Leader.
Jon(athan) Anstey


2 February 2012
1st prize £6 Mrs T Taylor 2nd prize £4 Brian Starkings 3rd prize £2 John Perris
Christine Garrett


7 January 2012
The winners are as follows:-
1st prize £6 Celia Tomkins
2nd prize £4 Mandy Follwell
3rd prize £2 Ian Cox
Christine Garrett


2 December 2011
The winners are as follows:-
1st prize £30 Ian Tolin
2nd prize £6 Sarah Girling
3rd prize £4 Terry Girling
4th prize £2 Ian Cox
Christine Garrett


2 November 2011
The winners are as follows:-
1st prize £6 Mrs Jean Mosser
2nd prize £4 Mrs T Taylor
3rd prize £2 Mrs Dalton
Christine Garrett

Calendar 2013

14 October 2011
Theme of the calendar: The Unexpected related, of course, to Corscombe.

This is an early call for photographs, so that budding photographers can think about suitable entries for the 2013 competition.

Entries will be presented at the July 2012 fete for visitors to vote on the photographs to be included in the calendar.

Further details on how to submit entries will be given later - in the meantime, good luck in taking those unusual photographs!
Chris Chapman


4 October 2011
Are as follows:-
1st prize Mrs Robertson £6
2nd prize Mr Raitt £4
3rd prize Mrs Girling £2

Christine Garrett

Jack and the Three Musketeers Panto

17 September 2011
The event we have all been waiting for - oh yes we have!!!
Corscombe and District Players panto takes place on the 26th, 27th, and 28th January - the calendar gives details of time and ticket prices.
Please put a note on your calendar and make a date to support this lovely village event
Chris Chapman


7 September 2011
1st prize Ms K. Russell £30
2nd prize Rosemary Lovegrove£6
3rd prize Tessa Safadi £4
4th prize Mr Platt £2
Christine Garrett

Village Hall Meeting on 8th September 2011

31 August 2011
There will be a Village hall meeting on Thursday 8th September at 7.30pm at the village hall.

Please do try and attend. We value your input and need to have a quorum for the committee to function

If you represent a group and can't attend yourself please can you nominate a representative from your group.

Items on Agenda:

Approval of minutes
Matters arising from minutes
Financial report
Heating update
House keeping - Kitchen refurbishment
Bookings report
Fund raising - Quiz nights, Auction of promises, Arts and craft Fair
Secretary and Chairman vacancy
Any other business

Please let me know if you would like to add anything else

Chris Chapman

Images of Corscombe 2012 Calendars - NOW AVAILABLE

27 August 2011
Images of Corscombe 2012 Calendar
(all proceeds to Corscombe village Hall)

To purchase one please contact Tessa on 01935891068 or Henry/Rosemary on 01935 891415
You can buy them at events such as the; Quiz nights, Big Breakfast, Arts and Crafts fair, Auction of promises.....

Tessa Safadi

Oil Theft

6 August 2011
A new scheme,called 'Stop That Oil' has been established. The aim is to help oil tank owners improve security around their oil tank.

Contact Beamister SNT on 01305 222222 or 01308 862222.

Contact your local Dorset Police Beat Manager PC2613 Cuff or PCSO 5410 Sarah Pilcher on 01305 222 222 or email ' for more information on alarm systems.
Chris Chapman

Fox Cricket Club Corscombe Companion Dog Show July9th 2011

6 August 2011
The Fox Cricket Club are pleased to report that the first Companion Dog Show yielded a profit of £664 which was dived between Macmillan Cancer Support and the Fox CC who will use the money to upgrade equipment for maintenance & improvement of the outfield and square. We hope to repeat the dog show in 2012.
Rob Fear
Rob Fear


31 July 2011
The winners are as follows:-
1st prize £6 Mrs Plattt
2nd prize £4 Mrs Lovegrove
3rd prize £2 Mrs Platt
Christine Garrett

JULY 2011 '120' CLUB

4 July 2011
Winners are as follows:-
1st prize £6 Mrs Westlake
Knapp Farm
2nd prize £4 Deborah Childs
Norwood Lane
3rd prize £2 Paul Howard
Pine Close
Christine Garrett

Summer Flower Show

14 June 2011
Halstock & District Gardfeing Club holds its summer flower show in August.

Contact Show Secretary (01935 891420) for details
Chris Chapman

June 2011 120 Club Winners

8 June 2011
1st prize £30 No 117 White, 4 Yew Tree Farm
2nd prize £6 No 89 Starkings, Brook House
3rd prize £4 No 3 Bamfield, 6 Woodfold
4th prize £2 No 33 Dowding, Crockermore Farm
Chris Chapman

2012 Pantomime

22 May 2011
It is time to start thinking about the January 2012 production .... Oh yes it is!!!

This year we need a director, as Paula Bowles has decided she would like to act for a change.

If you are interested in directing, then come along to the Pantomime AGM on Thursday 15th September - Corscombe Village Hall - 7.30pm - register your interest and come armed with the pantomime you would like to direct.
Chris Chapman

MAY 2011 '120' CLUB

9 May 2011
The winners are as follows:-
1st prize £6 Bev Coleberd
2nd prize £4 Paula Bowles
3rd prize £2 Sarah Girling
Christine Garrett

Corscombe Companion Dog Show

7 May 2011
On July 9th at the Fox Inn cricket ground.
Website is (Denise Blackie)
Rob Fear

Calling all Corscombe Residents!

30 April 2011
We are offering each village within the Melbury Team the opportunity to have a stall at the Vintage Country Fayre on 17th July at West Compton to raise funds for your church.

Think vintage, retro and 50’s.

Traditional children’s entertainment; hook the duck, coconut shy, lucky dip, or pretty homemade crafts; bunting, pressed flowers, basket ware etc. Come along and enjoy what promises to be a great day!

More info on: or contact Oonagh Stewart: 01300 320400
Chris Chapman

Vintage Country Fayre 17th July

30 April 2011
To be opened by Paul Atterbury from the Antiques Roadshow.
11am - 5pm West Compton, DT2 0EY (just off A35)

A great day out for all the family! Punch and judy, dog agility, vintage homewares, birds of prey, beer / pims tent, classic cars, children’s magician, fly casting competition, local artists, cream teas, alpacas, flower arranging competition, companion dog show, bbq and much, much more!

Admission: adults £2, children £1, family of four £5.

Proceeds to go to the St Michael’s Restoration Fund and towards the other churches in the Melbury Team.
Chris Chapman

Arts and Crafts Fair - Saturday 22nd of October 2011

21 April 2011
We are looking for talented members of the community.
Are you a photographer, love sewing, make cakes, cards, paint or design bags, jewellery or work in wood, and would be willing to come along and display your work?

There is no charge for your stand and it is up to you
whether you just want to display or sell your work.

If you would like to take part please contact:
Tessa Safadi as soon as possible on 01935891068 or at
Chris Chapman

Corscombe Tithe Barn Fete

19 April 2011
The annual fete is on June 18th - we need more helpers to make it happen successfully. If you want to get involved in this fun event, both before and/or during the day plase contact Tony Frost 01935 891321 or come to the next planning meeting on Tues May 24th, 19.30 at the village hall
Rob Fear

Corscombe Companion Dog Show

16 April 2011
Dog Show at the Fox Inn Cricket Ground, Norwood Lane on Saturday July 9th. 17 classes, including pedigree sporting & non-sporting, waggiest tail, most appealing eyes,best rescue.
Rosettes to 5th place. Fun "have a go" dog agility course, BBQ & refreshments. Proceeds in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support & the Fox Inn Cricket Club.
Email for more infomation.
Rob Fear

The Noble Summer Game – Available in Corscombe

13 April 2011
As Spring 2011 moves towards Summer, the Fox Cricket Club team start applying linseed oil to willow bats and wind themselves up for another exciting sporting season.
We play occasional competitive matches on weekday evenings but mostly our games are played at home to visiting teams on Sunday afternoons, starting in early June. These weekend fixtures are played in that spirit of village cricket that is not subject to the stress and tension of the Ashes, the World Cup or the IPL (except when we play Evershot!).
Our home ground, in Norwood Lane, Corscombe, now boasts a set of practise nets for the first time, so you can brush up your late cut or your off-cutters before being exposed to the glare of the game!
Young, middling or mature, male or female, if you would like to get involved as a player, umpire, scorer, coach, or help with ground maintenance or refreshments, please contact:
Rob Fear (Corscombe) – 01935 891200, or
Alastair Forbes (Halstock) – 07825 417641,
Rob Fear


4 April 2011
The winners are:-
1st. prize £6 Tony Frost
2nd prize £4 Mrs I Russell
3rd prize £2 Mrs Raitt
Christine Garrett

Call to budding photographers - Corscombe 2012 Calender

30 March 2011
Corscombe Village Hall is putting together a Corscombe Village Calendar for 2012.
Please send in your photos of Corscombe to before May 27th 2011.
The photos will be displayed at the Corscombe Village Fete where everyone will get a chance to vote for their favourite 12 images, which will then be included in the calendar.
Tessa Safadi

Corscombe Arts and Crafts Fair - Saturday 22nd of October 2011

30 March 2011
We are looking for talented members of the community. Are you a photographer, love sewing, make cakes, cards, paint or design bags, jewellery or work in wood, and would be willing to come along and display your work? There is no charge for your stand and it is up to you whether you just want to display or sell your work. If you would like to take part please contact:
Tessa Safadi as soon as possible on 01935891068 or at
Tessa Safadi

The Spirit of Halstock

17 March 2011
Halstock Community Theatre Group are planning a Community Play on the theme of the legend of St Juthware.
The planned prduction date is 16th July 2011
If you are interested in taking part, please contact Andy Ellis, Alli Rees, or Deb Childs.
Lots of help needed - acting and also backstage
Chris Chapman

Corscombe Tithe Barn Fete Saturday 18th

17 March 2011
Corscombe needs you, and any contributions to
the fete !
This is our biggest event and most important fund raiser of the year. All profits to be
distributed around the Village Clubs, Church,and Village Hall.

Bric-a-brac – Joan Fender, The Heights, High Street, 891554.

Plants – Jane Allen, Yew Tree Farm, 891684

Cakes – Sallie Else, Lower Farm, 891425

Preserves – Heather and Brian, 891538

Dog Show – Tiggy Jones, 891365 (helpers required with experience of dog handling)

Any contributions i.e. cakes and sandwiches for the tea tent, either delivered to the tea tent on the day, or delivered to Paula & Colin at Lindisfarne High Street, 891494
Bottles for Tombola can be delivered to any of the above addresses. Or to Edna at Woodfold View, 891645

Jewellery that is never worn or no longer liked, for the jewellery stall to Barbara Darnley of Crispin Cottage, High Street, 891193.

Please give generously. Ring Paula on 891494 or Tony on 891321 if you can offer any help on the day. This too is very much needed.

Enquiries. Paula Denham 891494 or Tony Frost 891321
Chris Chapman


1 March 2011
The winners are as follows:
1st prize £30 Jenny Whitlock
2nd prize £6 Mrs Platt
3rd prize £4 Mrs Rosemary
4th prize £2 Mr & Mrs Bamfield
Christine Garrett

Common Lane February Newsletter

13 February 2011
The Common Lane group have produced a new newsletter. This can be found on the Common Lane page or by clicking the the link:
Common Lane Newsletter Feb 2011

The group are setting up working parties for the 13th March and 10th April.

They have made great progress, but need more suppoort to keep up the momentum. If you are able to help then contact any of the following:
Simon Dalton - 891671 or
Freda Hennessy - 891448 or
Finlay Macpherson - 891105 or
Katharine Smith - 891111 or
Dave Wright - 891449 or
Tony Woodroffe - 891312 or
Chris Chapman

Pudding Night

11 February 2011

A selection of canapes

A choice of Main Meals:

Hungarian Beef Goulash

Chicken Braised with Cider and Bacon

Spinach and Feta Filo Pie

All served with new potatoes and green beans

Followed by:


Tea or coffee

With music by Mike Caplen!

Saturday 26th March 2011
Corsocmbe Village Hall
Ticket price £15

Tickets available from:
Halstock Shop
Vicky Harknett (891247)
Miriam Howard (891092)

Booking essential
Group bookngs available
Chris Chapman


9 February 2011
The winners for Feb. 2011 are as follows:-
1st prize £6 Mr Platt
2nd prize £4 Mr G. Taylor
3rd prize £2 Mr B Starkings
Christine Garrett


9 February 2011
Christine Garrett

Corscombe '120' Club January winners

5 February 2011
Are as follows:-
1st prize £6 Mike Mosser
2nd prize £4 Paula Bowles
3rd prize £2 Mr & Mrs Girling
Christine Garrett

First Aid Course for Parents and Grandparents on Saturday 15th January

19 January 2011
Twelve parents / grandparents attended for an action packed session of practical learning. Two Paramedics from the South West Ambulance Service Trust ran the training, bringing handouts and kit designed for us to practice the various techniques learned from their expert input.

Every parent or grandparents’ worry is that their child will be taken seriously ill or suffer a serious accident, and the parent or grandparent will not know what to do to keep the child safe until help arrives. An ambulance can be as much as 40 minutes away, so knowing what to do in the mean time gives peace of mind.

The Corscombe & Halstock Community First Responders provide support that is just a few minutes away in an emergency, but do not cover every hour of the day and night. So knowing what to do in an emergency is a great strength that gives confidence to carers – especially grandparents, who feel the responsibility for grandchildren even more strongly than they did for their own children.
The course covered Basic Life Support techniques with a specific focus on their application to children. Topics included choking, febrile convulsions, meningitis, croup, epiglottitis, poisoning, and how to deliver effective cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

The course, which was organised by the First Responders, was judged very worthwhile by all those attending. Several suggested that the course should be repeated in the future, as it gives essential knowledge and skills to the community; which they may be called upon to use for children in their care or for someone in need of help that they just happen upon.

Two Corscombe & Halstock First Responders have used their CPR skills whilst off duty and out of the village, each coming across a person suffering a heart attack. Needless to say, immediate CPR treatment greatly increases the chance of survival and recovery of the patient.

Chris Chapman

2 January 2011
Chris Chapman

Oil Tank Security

1 January 2011
Regrettably, theft from oil tanks continues, so please report any suspicious activity as it happens to Dorset Police on 01305 222 222. This includes vehicle registration numbers where possible

With regard to oil tank security, Beaminster and Marshwood Vale SNT's, in conjunction with OFTEC registered oil installers and hte Bridport Crime Prevention Panel, have launched a scheme called 'Stop That Oil'. This is aimed at getting people to improve security around their fuel tanks.

If anyone would like to know more about the scheme or requires further advice, pleasde contact Beaminster SNT on 01305 222 222 or 01308 862 222
Chris Chapman

Halstock & District Gardening Club

31 December 2010
Have you paid your subscription and collected your membership card? You can attend all the interesting lectures and visits arranged for next year. Your seed order should be in to John Paul as soon as possible
All this for only £2 per year!!!
The first lecture for 201 will be on 16th February
Chris Chapman

Would you like and allotment?

30 December 2010
I would like to ascertain how much interest there is for establishing allotments in the village. If you would like to join a waiting list, please can you let Henry Lovegrove know - call 891415
Chris Chapman

Village Hall 120 Club

30 December 2010
The club is looking to expand because income is not keeping pace with inflation. The Club raises about £350 a year for village hall funds through annual subscriptions in multiples of £5. Prize draws are made monthly at public events. If you are not a member and you'd like to join, please ask me for a standing order form. If you are a current member, could you increase your standing order by a multiple of £5 and let me know? Prize values will rise in line with new subscriptions
Contact Henry Lovegrove on 891415
Chris Chapman

Tuesday Club Christmas Lunch

7 December 2010
Today saw the Tuesday Club Christmas Lunch at Haselebury Mill.

Despite a cold day, everyone arrived safely and enjoyed a warm reception, good company, and great food.

Well done to Heather Starkings for organising yet another successful event!
(Click a picture to see a bigger version)

Chris Chapman

Free First Aid Course for parents and grandparents

7 December 2010
Your child has an accident or is suddenly taken ill. An immediate first aid response is needed long before an ambulance can arrive ...... would you know what to do?

We are running a free first aid and life support training session aimed at parents and grandparents, which addresses how to give essential medical help and life support to young children.

The course will be run by a paramedic from the South West Ambulance Service, and will take place on Saturday 15th January 2011, 10am to 1.30pm (lunch included) – the venue is Corscombe Village Hall.

The training is supported and funded by Corscombe & Halstock Community First Responders. Places are limited, so please email ( or telephone (01935 891015 / 0781 6655 278) Chris Chapman to book your place.

“This is going to be so useful for me as help is always 20/30 minutes away in an emergency” said a parent we asked about the idea.
Chris Chapman

Corscombe '120' Club

6 December 2010
1st. prize Ian Tolin £30
2nd prize Edna Leonard £6
3rd prize Mrs Platt £4
4th prize Mrs Scannell £2
Christine Garrett

new low carbon, renewable energy heating system at the village hall

22 November 2010
If you are not yet aware the village hall has suffered several oil thefts over the years. This in conjunction with the hall’s concern over rising oil costs and a desire to become more environmentally aware has meant that the village hall committee felt the need to look at other alternative fuel options for heating the hall.

After careful consideration of a range of possible low carbon, renewable energy systems it was decided that the best option was to look at a biomass fuel system.

Wood fuelled heating (Biomass) is organic matter of recent origin. It doesn't include fossil fuels, which have taken millions of years to evolve. The CO2 released when energy is generated from wood fuel is balanced by that absorbed during the fuel's production. This is why it is considered to be a carbon neutral process.

Biofuels fall into two main categories:
  • Wood fuel includes forest products, untreated wood products, energy crops, short rotation coppice (SRC) e.g. willow.

  • Non-wood fuel includes animal waste, industrial and biodegradable municipal products from food processing and high-energy crops, e.g. rape, sugar cane, maize.

The system considered was a wood pellet burning boiler, which would use a renewable wood pellet source, this form of biomass will allow for automatic feeding to the boiler and offers the advantage of a low cost carbon neutral fuel.

However, the initial cost of this system, at about £33,000 was well beyond the means of the village hall finances. The ability of the village hall to install such a system therefore relied on us being successful in our bid for two grants, which in total would cover this cost. The village hall applied for and were successful, being awarded both the Community Sustainable Energy Programme (CSEP) grant and The Low Carbon Building Programme (LCBP) grant which meant that at the end of August work started on putting in a new wood pellet heating system. Ecofirst, a local company based in Yeovil, has managed the project. The boiler has come from Woodpecker Energy Heating Technology. Where possible we have tried to use local suppliers and companies. We would like to thank local electrical company Lawrence’s and builder Martin Sibley for their help with this project.

The new heating system did require that some of the under croft space had to be used for the wood pellet boiler. To compensate a new shed has been constructed next to the paper shed. This new shed has taken a large amount of the equipment stored in the under croft. This has had the added benefit of freeing up space in the under croft so that the stage can now easily be accessed.

It is hoped that this new heating system will not only ensure that hall users can benefit from a low cost, low carbon, environmentally friendly fuel system but that it will also raise the awareness of renewable energy resources in the village and further afield.

This has been a year of change for the village hall, not only the new heating system but also our beautiful new garden area thanks to the Ladybirds Play Group and a Grass Roots grant and a lovely new cooker thanks to the Corscombe First Responders.

If you would like to come and visit the hall please do, we would love to show you around! There is also a display in the village hall outlining the new system in more detail. You can also find more information on the Village Hall on the Corscombe web site; we now have our own page.

There will be an official 'launch' of the system on Saturday 4th December at 10am - during the First Responder's Big Breakfast. The ribbon will be cut by Councillor Tony Frost, who is a Charity Trustee of Corscombe Village Hall
Chris Chapman

Corscombe Village Hall Stage

15 November 2010
The Corscombe Pantomime is set for January 2011 - oh yes it is !!!!

If you use the village hall, please be aware that the stage will be in situ from Saturday 20th November until after the pantomime in January - see calendar for details.

Apologies to users of the hall, and thank you for your tolerance
Chris Chapman

Chimes Oil Group Syndicate (COGS)

5 November 2010
this is a local oil buying group that saves money on heating oil supplies for its members.

To find out more call Sally-Jane Emm on 01297 444 347 or email
Chris Chapman

Friends of St Mary's Church Halstock 100+ Fund

5 November 2010
Monthly prizes: 1st = £100, 2nd = £40, 3rd = £20, 4th = £5

If you would like to become a member please call Liz on 01935 891898
Chris Chapman

'120'club winners for November

5 November 2010
Are as follows:-
1st prize Mrs Dizzie Simms £6
2nd prize Mrs Deborah Childs£4
3rd prize Mr Ellis £2
Christine Garrett

Dorset Country Car Scheme

5 October 2010
This scheme provides low cost transport for those that are infirm due to age or disability. The service is available for visits to doctors, dentists, clinics, chiropodists and friends or relatives in hospital. It can also be used to collect prescriptions, pensions and disability benefits and where there are no alternative means of transport; it can also be used for essential shopping trips by the elderly and inform. It cannot be used for hospital appointments (there is a hospital car service for these). Passengers make a small contribution per mile travelled and the County Council pays 40p/mile plus parking charges.

Each participating area has an organizer and a pool of driers who can be called on. For many years Jim Foote has taken on this role and he and a few volunteer stalwarts have provided many trips for which passengers have been very grateful. Jim is anxious to pass the baton on; I have volunteered to take up the baton but cannot do it without help from additional volunteers from the Halstock / Corscombe / Evershot / Yetminster region. Volunteers must undergo a CRB check and fulfill car insurance requirements (which should be at no cost).

So please join me in providing this help. As a volunteer you can decide when and how much time you give. Obviously the more volunteers there are available the less you will be asked to do. Just as obviously, the fewer volunteers will mean we cannot help our neighbours in need.

Call me, Janet Lister, at 01935 891 901 or email - click here to discuss how you can help
Chris Chapman


4 October 2010
The winners are as follows:-
1st prize Jenny Bennett £6
2nd prize Chris Garrett £4
3rd prize Brian Starkings £2
Christine Garrett

Council News

1 October 2010
  • Mrs Jo Vassey was co-opted to the vacancy for Corscmbe; there is still a vacancy for a Halstock member

  • GRANTS have been given to Halstock Youth Club and to Corscombe Village Hall towards installation of a new heating system

  • GRIT/SALT BINS will be installed on the Corscombe - Halstock road at Mill Hill and at Merrylands

  • CORSCOMBE PLAYGROUND It is hoped to start the renovation work this autumn

  • HALSTOCK GP CLINIC Concern was voiced on the adverse report on the suitability of the premises for this vital village facility. A meeting will be held 7pm on 9 September

Chris Chapman

Chimes Oil Group Syndicate

1 October 2010
For all people new to the area, and for those who have not considered becoming a member of this oil buying group, please come and join us. You will find you will save a lot of money from buying your heating oil through the group. Ask people who are members and see what they have to say.

For more details contact Mrs S-J Emm: 6 Lym Close, Lyme Regis, Dorset, DT7 3DE, telephone 01297 444 347, email cogs
Chris Chapman

Bonfire Night at Halstock

7 September 2010
Chris Chapman

'120' CLUB

7 September 2010
The winners of the September draw are as follows:-
1st. prize £30 Mr Ian Cox
2nd. prize £6 Ms Paula Bowles
3rd. prize £4 Mrs Westlake
4th. prize £2 Mr John Viol
Christine Garrett


14 August 2010
Just to let everyone know, we have renamed Majolica, it's now called BEGGARS ROOST. Regards, Guy and Mandy.


11 August 2010
Are as follows:-
1st prize Mr. Craft
2nd prize Liz Male
formerly of 10, Woodfold View
3rd prize Joe Vassey
Underhill Farm
Christine Garrett

'120' CLUB

5 July 2010
The winners for the '120' club July draw are as follows:-
1st prize £6 Tessa Safadi
2nd prize £4 Steve Whitlock
3rd prize £2 Helen Perris
Christine Garrett

Open Cardens at Corscombe

2 July 2010
Corscombe has an Open Gardens event on Saturday 3rd- and Sunday 4th July 1.30pm to 5.30pm each day.
There will be Cream Teas at Milton Brook from 3.00pm (this will be clearly signposted)
Entrance fee is £5 for both days, or £3 for one day. Under 16s are free.
The start and parking is at the village hall (there will also be special parking for viitors with a disability)
Tickets and programme will be available at the village hall or from Edna, Henry, Rosemary, Colin or Paula for villagers wishing to buy in advance

We look forward to seeeing you - Thanks Edna
Chris Chapman

Corscombe's 2010 Tithe Barn Fete success

28 June 2010
Well done to all who helped organise, took part on the day, or came along to support the fete.
The day was superb, with everyone declaring it a success and great fun.
Profit for the day stands at over £4500, and the meeting to decide how funds should be used is planned for Wednesday 7th July (7.30pm in Corscombe Village Hall).
Why not come along to help us learn from what went well and what could be improved - so that 2011's fete is better still.
Bring a plate (of food!) and a bottle to make the meeting a celebratory party, as well as a debriefing meeting.
Chris Chapman

'120' club winners for June 2010

9 June 2010
The winners for
June 2010 '120' club winners are as follows:
1st prize
Mr Fry, White House Farm.
2nd prize
Mrs Folwell, 'Majolicia'
3rd prize Mrs R Childs, New House Farm.
4th prize
Mrs J Bennett, 12 Hollymore Gardens, Beaminster.
Christine Garrett

Friends of Corscombe First Reponders

21 May 2010
The group met on Thursday 20th May and decided that:
  • Fist Aid kits should be placed in Corscombe and Halstock village halls

  • A new cooker should be purchased for Corscombe village hall

  • Articles should continue to be submitted to The Chimes to raise awareness and to help residents deal with an emergency

  • Work should continue on finding ways to locate houses quickly in an emergency - many properties are not clearly labelled with their number or name

  • We should work towards establishing an independent sub-team in Halstock so that a faster response is achieved for emergencies in the Halstock area

It was noted that snow chains and snow overshoes have been purchased for the Reponder vehicle and crew, so that call-outs would be responded to quickly, even in bad weather (when an ambulance might be significantly delayed)

Friends meetings are open to anyone to attend, so why not come along to the next meeting and help us provide a better service? The next meeting is on Thursday 11th November, 7.30pm in Corscombe Village Hall
Chris Chapman

'120' Club

10 May 2010
The winners of the May '120' Club
are as follows:
1st prize £6 Mr G Taylor
2nd prize £4 Mrs T Taylor
3rd prize £2 Mrs Jean Mosser
Christine Garrett

Chime Oil Group Syndicate (COGS)

9 May 2010
The next oil order will be on Friday 4th June
March Prices
Syndicate price per litre: 40.9p + VAT (29th March) - 53,000 litres ordered
Annual Charge
You will remember that last month I explained that there would be an annual charge of £10 to cover my expenses. The £10 will cover all oil orders per household per annum frm 1st June 2010 till 31st May 2011. Therefore payment by 1st June each year, for the whole year. Please make cheques out to Mrs S-J Emm and my address is 6 Lym Close, Lyme Regis, Dorset, D17 3DE.
Regrettably, no payment received prior to the oil order, means, no oil order being processed to thast household.
My telephone number is 01297 444347 and my email address
The rules are the same as they have always been, but may be changed as time progresses. However, I expect all members to be subscribers to The Chimes magazine and actually read it - otherwise you may miss things of importance to you, especially your all important oi order dates.

Please be accurate with the amount of oil to be delivered and remember that oil cannot be delivered in less than 500 litres quantity to any household.

Ensure that all addresses, tel nos., emails, etc that are correct, adn that you are available for contacting on the Monday afternoon following the oil order date for being provided with teh usual information for you to deal wth payments.
Future dates for oil orders
None in April or May
Friday 17th September
Friday 29th October
Future dates to be listed

Many thanks for supporting this community led venture, that is non profit making and has no affiliation to any oil company.
Chris Chapman


5 April 2010
We are approaching the season when local beauty-spots are targeted by thieves. Many people leave valuables in their vehicles, some even in plain view from outside. Possessions like Sat Navs, mobile phones, even loose change and clothing are targets for offenders. It takes only seconds for a thief to smash a window and make a quick getaway, leaving a devastating experience for the victims.

We advise that if you are planning to go to one of the numerous beauty spots in our area, please do not take personal belongings. But if you need to take, for example, a mobile phone, DO NOT leave anyhting in the car. ALWAYS takes your belongings with you.

Article provided by PCSO Alex Bishop, Beaminster Police Station

If you have information about a crime, you can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 in complete confidence and there may be a reward
Chris Chapman

Parish Council Money

5 April 2010
For Groups in Corscombe, Halstock, East and West Chelborough

Each year the Corscombe, Halstock and District Parish Council puts aside some of its resources to give small grants to organisations and groups which help people living in the four parishes. A letter will be going out to all groups contacted in previous years. If any other groups would like to know more - who is eligible, how to apply - please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council, Freda Hennessy (01935 891448)
Chris Chapman

Halstock Summer Show Photographic Competition

5 April 2010
The Halstock & District Gardeing Club will be holding its annual photographic competition at the Halstock Summer Show in August.

Entry classes are as follows:
Black/White, Reflections, Emergency Services, An Old Wall, Cat or Cats, Dorset Bridge, and Hills and Valleys.

Now is the time to start planning entries!
Chris Chapman

Chimes Oil Group Syndicate

5 April 2010
The next oil order will be on Friday 4th June (See May ‘Chimes’>

Our Syndicate rice per litre at 39.10p plus VAT was, as always, very competitive. The most expensive quote per litre was 52p plus VAT (Monday 1st March prices)

Thank you for your comments in response to my request from the previous months. The results suggest that many people have problems in ordering, due to tank size, and not knowing how much oil is used, and when they need to order. Perhaps if I list more dates, this will help you to organise your oil ordering better.

In the last month’s Chimes, I mentioned charging for this venture on account of the amount of time it took to organise and the expenses incurred.

I shall therefore be charging a £10 per annum, which will begin prior to the June 4th order. Please remember to pay the £10 per annum charge before your first order running from June 2010 until end of May 2011. No payment received prior to the oil order means no oil order being processed. The £10 will cover all orders per household per annum from 1st June 2010 till 31st May 2011. Therefore, payment by the 1st June each year, for the whole year.

Please make cheques out to Mrs S J Emm, Address: 6 Lym Close, Lyme Regis, Dorset, DT7 3DE

However, if someone else would like to take on this venture, free, and provide a better service, please do so, I can provide you with the information to date.

Remember, oil cannot be delivered in less than a 500 litres quantity to any household.

If you are unable to read your oil tank capacity, I suggest you purchase a Watchman Sonic or the upgrade and fit it.

Future Dates for Oil Delivery
None in April or May
Friday 4th June
Friday 17th September
Friday 29th October

Many thanks for supporting this community led venture, that is non profit making and has no affiliation to any oil company.
Chris Chapman

Halstock Pot Luck Lunch

3 April 2010
We need you help!

Pot Luck has been serving nutritious lunches in The Village Hall on Wednesdays since 1987 to people from Halstock, Corscombe & surrounding villages. We now need additional helpers to join our six teams. Lunches are served 35 weeks of the year during school term time (subject to the weather!), and 'take outs' are delivered to residents unable to attend.

Can you spend some time working with one of our teams once every six weeks to EITHER:

Prepare food at home - eg vegetables or desserts, etc. and bring to the hall by 11am on lunch days, (all food costs reimbursed); OR
Help in the kitchen between 11am and 1.30pm preparing the lunch or serving meals and then clearing up afterwards (free meal is provided); OR
Help to set up and lay tables between 9am and 9.30am on lunch days

We are a very sociabe group and would love you to join us. If you are willing to help in any way, please call
Gill Lynch - 891859
Lucie Peach - 891442
Alison Smith - 891249
Frankie Hester - 891366
Marguerite Pring - 872485
Peter Brinck - 891822
George Geraghty - 891359

Be wary of doorstep callers demanding cash

3 April 2010
An unknown male entered a victim’s address and demanded £700 in cash for an unpaid Council Tax bill. The male then drove the victim to a cash machine in a white van. The victim became suspicious and did not withdraw any cash. The male then drove the victim home and said that he would be back later that evening to collect the money, though he never returned.

If anyone has someone knock at the door claiming to be from a company, they should ask to see I.D. and when produced, should take a good look at the name and photo of the person offering the I.D. Do not forget to fasten the door chain and use the spy hole when answering the door. If it is claimed that you owe money for an unpaid bill, think about whether this is true and if you think you might owe money check with the company directly over the [hone. Remember, most companies will write to you if you owe money, not send someone round to collect it.

PCSO Alex Bishop


3 April 2010
The order date for latest deliveries was Friday 26th March.

In the last Chimes magazine, I mentioned that supply from me has dropped off. I should have kept quiet, because when it came to January’s order it was mayhem, and topped the previous highest order with 100,000 litres.

The most expensive quote per litre was 61.p plus VAT (Monday 18th January price)
Our syndicate price per litre was 41.5p plus VAT (Monday 18th January price)

A few people have contacted me with regard to the large number of oil tankers delivering in the area. January’s unprecedented weather culminated in the fact that oil tanker deliveries were in arrears, and firms were working on a backlog of approx 3-4 weeks. Bearing in mind our 100,000 litres, plus ordinary deliveries, there was inevitably a lot of movement. I agree it would be nice if the oil companies actually delivered all their oil at the same time in a given area, rather than a few deliveries here and there and driving a multitude of miles. I do provide the company each time with a delivery route, which incorporates all the houses for a delivery. However, delivery is up to the company. We can only hope that in time oil companies will look at the concept of carbon footprint movement etc.

I am seriously thinking of charging all syndicate households a charge for this service I provide, as it is an expensive and time-consuming venture. I send approx 50 hours dealing with each oil delivery order and then there is the cost of all the stationery, email/phone/mobile calls etc. I think an annual charge of £10 seems a reasonable price. Please let me know what you think about this? Most households even ordering 2 x 500 litres a year, are saving approx £50, so to help cover costs at £10 per annum per household, should still be a saving to you.

However, if someone else would like to take on this venture, free, and provide a better service, please do so, I can provide you with all the information to date.

There will be no oil orders in April / May
June date (early June) to be decided

With the increase in oil thefts recently, the police have suggested that you protect your domestic tank with prickly plantings, like Pyrocantha, or a security light pointed at the tank coupled to an internal sounder to awaken you at night. Neither option needs to be expensive.

Many thanks for supporting this community led venture
Sally-Jane Emm

Chris Chapman

COUNCIL NEWS - January 2010 meeting

3 April 2010
ICY ROADS The County lorry kept the grit bins filled and residents spread the salt to good effect - in parts! The Parish Council will be buying more bins for the worst stretches; but these won't be in use till next winter.

LENGTHSMAN - someone to clear the gullies, cut back brambles, clean signs, etc? Some Dorset towns are trying this scheme. The Parish Council cannot afford to employ someone for these tasks (unless you want a sharp rise in council tax). It is up to residents to do the work. Please help! The parish councillors are each watching a stretch of local road to report problems: but a lot of the remedial work will have to be done by local people.

AFFORDABLE HOUSING, HALSTOCK A scheme for 9 dwellings is being put forward and a public meeting will be held to air views. Nothing yet for Corscombe. Is there any land available? A need has been shown. This is local homes for local people.

CORSCOMBE PLAYGROUND The improvement plan is under discussion now. If you have any thoughts please contact Cllr Paula Bowles 891317.

VILLAGE BEFRIEDNING SCHEMES The recent bad weather and power cuts highlighted the gaps in our informal caring neighbor networks. The Parish Council will discuss such schemes, promoted by the NHS Trust, at its next meeting.

CHANGING BRIDLEWAYS INTO ROADS There were some applications made some time ago which are now coming through the system. So far, parts of the Wessex Ridgeway on Beaminster Down are under threat. In the pipeline are Ryams Lane and Ford Lane (to Catsley) in Corscombe. The Parish Council is opposing such ‘upgrades’.

NEXT MEETING Monday 29 March 2010, 7.30pm at Halstock Community Hall. Public and press are invited.

Clerk: Freda Hennessy 01935 891448.
Chris Chapman


1 April 2010
1st prize £6 Tessa Safadi
2nd prize £4 Rosemary Childs
3rd prize £2 Marlene Viol
Christine Garrett

Friends of Corscombe & Halstock Responders

13 March 2010
This group had its first meeting on Thursday 11th March 2010. It's aims are to:
  • Oversee the development of The Responders Team to ensure it meets the needs of the community

  • Monitor its day to day activities to ensure it is run effectively

If you fancy finding out more, why not come along to the next meeting - it is on Thursday 20th May 2010 at 7.30pm in Corscombe Village Hall - the meeting will be fun, and it will be followed by a wine & cheese supper
Chris Chapman


8 March 2010
1st prize £30
Mrs H Starkings
2nd prize £6 Mrs H Starkings
3rd prize £4 Mrs C Schartau
4th prize £2 Mr B starkings
Christine Garrett

February winners of Corscombe '120 Club'

23 February 2010
Winners were:-
1st prize Mr Steve Willis £6
2nd prize Mr Tony Frost £4
3rd prize Mrs Daphne Davis £2
Christine Garrett

Chimes Oil Group Syndicate (COGS)

18 February 2010
Please place your orders for oil ON Friday 26th FEBRUARY to Richard and Sally-Jane Emm on 01297 44347

If you wish to email your order prior to Friday 26th February, please send email to with all the relevant details. Remember to provide me with full name & address with post code. All land & mobile telephone numbers & email address if applicable at which you will be accessible, on Monday 1st March afternoon, when I will provide you with further information including the name and telephone number of company, code, etc. Please be available in that time. Oil delivery will be during the following fortnight.

As supply from me has dropped off, in so much (we only order 50,000 litres at a time rather than the 90,000 litres this time last year), I was wandering what could be the cause of this strange phenomenon. Perhaps being the cheapest is not the over-riding criteria and it would be nice to know the reasons why the demand has declined. Please let me know either by email or phone, what you would like from this service that I am obviously not providing in order to see if I can provide you with what you need.

Remember, oil cannot be delivered in less than 500 litre quantity to any household; this is a Customs & Excise Law and results in a heavy fine. Unfortunately, a number of householders recently were unable to read their tank capacity and it resulted in quite a number of deliveries being below the minimum of 500 litres. This has seriously compromised our oil syndicate. Householders, please ensure you are aware of your tank size and the amount of oil you need to order in the future. If you are unable tor read your tank capacity, why not purchase a Watchman Sonic or the upgrade and fit it.

When ordering, please be accurate in the number of litres to be delivered as refunds are not viable.

Future date for oil orders

Friday 26th February
Friday 26thMarch
None in April or May
June, date to be decided

Many thanks for supporting this community led venture, that is non profit making and has no affiliation to any oil company.
Sally-Jane Emm
Chris Chapman


14 January 2010
Winners are as follows:-
1st prize £6 Ms Kay Russell
Lower Farm Cottage
2nd prize £4 Mrs Bev Coleberd
Eweleaze Farm
3rd prize £2 Mr & Mrs White
4 Yew Tree Farm
Christine Garrett


14 January 2010
The winners are as follows:-
Christine Garrett

Chimes Oil Group Syndicate (COGS)

11 January 2010
Please place your orders for oil on FRIDAY 15th JANUARY 2010 to Richard and Sally-Jane Emm on telephone 01297 444347. Note the new telephone number.

If you wish to email your order prior to Friday 15th January 2010, please send email to with all the relevant details. Note the new email address.

Remember to provide me with full name and address with post code, all land and mobile telephone numbers and email address if applicable, at which you will be accessible, on the Monday 18th January afternoon when I will provide you with further information, including the name and telephone number of company, code, etc to sort out your payment, delivery details etc. Please be available in that time.

Oil delivery will be during the following fortnight.

Remember, oil cannot be delivered in less than 500 litre quantity to any household; this is a Customs & Excise Law and results in a heavy fine. Unfortunately, a number of householders recently were unable to read their tank capacity and it resulted in quite a number of deliveries beng below the minimum of 500 litre. This has seriously compromised our oil syndicate.
If you are unable to read your oil tank capacity, why not purchase a Watchman Sonic our the upgrade and fit it.

Please be accurate in your oil litreage amount to be delivered as refunds are NOW NO LONGER AVAILABLE, due to the fact that they are difficult, time-consuming and costly to the company and moreover recently, thoser demandig a refund were less than polite in some cases.

Oil ordered in November 2009: 55,000 litres priced at 34.3p / litre + VAT.

Future dates for oil orders:
Friday 15 January 2010
Friday 26 February 2010

Many thanks for supporting this community led venture, that is non profit making has no affiliation to any oil company.
Chris Chapman

Council News

11 January 2010
Notes from the November meeting
  • FLOODED ROADS. The Parish Council reporting system is in place, but it is evident that it cannot get immediate results! Problems should be reported to the Clerk or direct to DCC Western Area Highways team at County Hall, giving as much detail as possible - exact location, probable cause, and extent of the flooding.

  • AFFORDABLE HOUSING. The Chairman and Clerk will be meeting with the Rural Housing Officer to review the results of the survey (leaflet in Chimes). Thank you to all who completed it! In the Parish Council area over 20 households are asking for help. More land is desperately needed for progress>

  • CORSCOMBE PLAYGROUND. Some repair work has been done on the current equipment which is 15 years old. Cllr Paula Bowles will be convening a meeting to plan real improvements.

  • FLY TIPPING AND ABANDONED CARS. There is now a dedicated officer at West Dorset District Council. Reports of problems will be dealt with much more quickly.

  • PRECEPT. The budget for 2010 - 2011 was discussed and agreed. The precept was set at £10800 - an increase of 2.7%

Next Parish Council meeting Monday 25 January 2010 at 7.30pm at Corscombe Village Hall Public and press invited

Clerk: Freda Hennessy 01935 891448
Chris Chapman

Team Dorset

11 January 2010
An Olympic Opportunity
Do you want a high speed digital Dorset with super fast broadband speeds?

British Telecom is the Tier 1 Comminications Sponsor of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Part of their sponsorship contract involves the installation of high capacity 21st Century network connectivity to the 2012 sailing event venue, the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy. This high band-width fibre optic connection will support data, voice, media and mobile communication during Games time. This activity provides a unique opportunity to fast-track high quality broadband provision across Dorset - however, to do this Team Dorset needs your feedback. Your support is critical.

BT, and other ommunication providers, will require a strong business case of the potential online demand and usage from the private sector, public sector and resident community in order to further invest in our digital infrastructure. We simply need to generate a substantial demand for high speed connectivity in order to influence BT and others to install and roll out these broadband services across Dorset.

Please give your support by completing our online Connectivity Survey

To find out more regarding this survey or any aspect of the Hi-Speed Digital Dorset project, please contact Helen Heanes on 01305 224677 or
Chris Chapman

COGS Information

6 December 2009
Oil ordered in October, 50,000 litres priced at 34.16p per litre + VAT
A future date for oil orders:
Friday 15th January.
Many thanks for supporting this community led venture, that is non profit making and has no affiliation to any oil company.test
Chris Chapman

First Responders Public Meeting

5 December 2009
The Corscombe and Halstock Community First Responders are holding a public meeting on Thursday 11th March in Corscombe Village Hall - 7.30pm to 9.30pm

The meeting will give you the opportunity to help us decide our development plans for the next year, and also let you know how we are doing.

The meeting will close at about 8.30pm so that we have time for a wine & cheese reception.

Please put the date in your diary and come along to help us provide an even better service.
Chris Chapman

First Responders Big Breakfast

5 December 2009
Today's big breakfast was a great success. We served 75 breakfasts, which is a record!
Thank you to everyone who supported the event.

Funds raised are used to provide medical equipment and training, so that we are able to give emergency medical support when it is needed.

We work with the South Western Ambulance Service so that, if someone dials 999 for an ambulance, we are dispatched to provide immediate support whilst an ambulance travels to us from Yeovil or Dorchester / Bridport.
Chris Chapman

Corscombe and Toller Whelme poppy collection

4 December 2009
Tony Frost writes:
The collection raised a record sum of £570.79. Thank you to all collectors and all who contributed

November 2009 rainfall

4 December 2009
Tont Frost writes:
229mm of rain fell in November

Preceding years:
2008: 79.5mm / 2007: 132.5mm / 2006: 153.75mm / 2005: 128.5mm / 2004: 16.5mm / 2003: 194mm

Tithe Barn Fete 2010 - 19th June 2010

4 December 2009
Tony Frost writes:
Now is the time to start thinking about and producing anything of a saleable nature for the fete. We have had one meeting of the Volunteer Group. There is one major change; the dog show will be held on the Court’s lawn, together with children’s face painting etc etc.
The village is fortunate in having such an attractive venue for this annual occasion.

Corscombe Village Hall Oil theft

4 December 2009
Sadly our village hall oil was stolen on Wednesday night 2nd December. The playgroup and toddler group arrived on the morning after to a mess of oil over the children’s outdoor play area.

It has been suggested that the theft was made by a relatively local and poorly skilled person / persons, because of the mess that was left – it seems that the oil was carried off site in cans, leaving an unpleasant trail of oil behind. Perhaps the vehicle used smells strongly of oil as a consequence.

The village hall is a village amenity, and works because local people work hard to raise funds for it upkeep and running. A theft like this is a theft from everyone in the village. Please be vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour – by acting together we can perhaps avoid a repeat of this sad occurrence.


28 November 2009
1st prize £30 Paul Howard
2nd prize £6 Mr. Craft
3rd prize £4 John Viol
4th prize £2 Paula Bowles
Christine Garrett

Calling all cooks

23 November 2009
Tessa Safadi write:
We are hoping to put together a Corscombe Village Cook Book, which can be sold to help raise money for the Corscombe Village Hall.

Have you any recipes you could share, maybe a family favourite passed down through the generations?
If you have any anecdotal or funny stories relating to your recipes please also send them to me. I would like to make the cookbook as personal and as fun as possible.

Areas being covered are: Starters, Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Eggs and Cheese, Deserts, Baking and Jams.

Also, if you have any helpful hints or tips relating to any subject, there will be a section at the back of the book entitled ‘My mother said…. ‘

Please would you E-mail your recipes to me at or hand a hard copy into Myrtle Cottage, 2 Barrow Lane, Corscombe.
Chris Chapman

Thank you from Ladybirds Playgroup

23 November 2009
Miriam Howard writes:

Halloween Auction of Promises
Thank you to all who donated "promises" for the auction, and to everyone who came along to support the event. Thank you also to all who helped make the evening such a success - many commented on the high quality of the meal!

Funds raised will be used to support the running of the playgroup.
Chris Chapman

Heating Oil Thefts

23 November 2009
Sally-Jane Emm writes:
Heating oil thefts are on the increase from farms and domestic oil tanks.
Unfortunately this local area has been hit quite dramatically of late. Please be vigilant on home security and oil tank security.
I do have some of the alarmed padlocks for sale which can be adapted to help safeguard your precious heating oil.Further to that there are some more ideas and safety tips in the safety oil tank newsheet which I can email to you.
For an Oil security handout please click the link.

Re cogs
Remember, oil cannot be delivered in less than 500 litres quantity to any
household; this is a Customs and Excise Law and results in a heavy fine.
Unfortunately, a number of householders recently were unable to read their tank
capacity proerly, and it resulted in quite a number of deliveries being below
the minimum of 500 litres. This has seriously compromised our oil syndicate.
Householders, please ensure you are aware of your tank size and the amount of
oil you need to order in the future. Failure to do so will result in the
syndicate being barred from any oil company and me being charged the fine.
If you are unable to read your oil tank capacity, I suggest you purchase a
Watchman Sonic or the upgrade and fit it.

Please be accurate in your oil literage amount to be delivered as refunds are
difficult, time consuming and costly to the company and may result in the oil
syndicate ceasing.
Chris Chapman

Volunteer with Generation Ryewater

17 November 2009
If you would like to learn about practical conservation and fancy volunteering outdoors at a stunning Nature Reserve with amazing wild flower meadows surrounded by ancient hedgerows then this is for you. You need to bring lunch and be dressed ready to spend the day getting muddy and using tools. Warm clothes and waterproofs can be useful!
Join us from 10 until 4 on the below dates:
24th November
8th December
15th December
12th January 2010
19th January
26th January
2nd February
9th February
16th February
23rd February
The reserve is on Ryewater Lane in Corsombe.
To book a place call Bex House on 0794 684 1322 or email
Chris Chapman


5 November 2009
1st prize £6 John Perris
2nd prize £4 Tony Frost
3rd prize £2 Dizzy Chance
Christine Garrett

Chimes Oil Group Syndicate (COGS)

3 November 2009
Please place orders for oil on Friday 27th November to Richard or Sally-Jane Emm on 01935 83640 or preferably the new telephone number from now on 01297 444347 (The old telephone number will not work from December)

If you wish to email your order prior to 27th then click here

Remember to provide a telephone number or an email address that you will be accessible on on Monday 30th November afternoon when I will provide you with teh relevant information to enable you to sort out your payment, delivery details etc.

Oil ordered in September was 55,000 litres, priced at 31p/litre + VAT

Next future date: 15th January 2010

Richard is seeking more part-time positions in book keeping. If you require his services please telephone 01935 83640 or email
Chris Chapman

Corscombe, Halstock & District Parish Council Housing Needs Survey

2 November 2009
The Parish Council is currently working with West Dorset District Council to find out if a lack of affordable housing is a problem for some households in the parish. In essence, are there people in the area in need of housing but who cannot afford curent purchase / rental prices?

If there is sufficient demand from persons having a local connection with the area then proposals will be drawn up to provide some new affordable housing in the parish.

Contact The Rural Housing Development Officer for more details:
West Dorset District Council
Stratton House
58/60 High West Street
Dorchester DT1 1UZ
Chris Chapman

Crime Prevention

2 November 2009
Theft of fuel, particularly heating oil is apparently on the increase - although not so far a significant problem in Dorset.

With prices rising, the risk of theft increases, and so The Chimes advises that we keep security measures under veview and look out for neighbours' supplies.
Chris Chapman

October 2009 '120' Club winners

16 October 2009
1st prize £6 Mr Chris Childs
2nd prize £4 Mr Colin Denham
3rd prize £2 Mr Brian Starkings
Christine Garrett


2 September 2009
The winners are as follows:-
1st prize Cliff Dowding £30
2nd prize Helen Perris £6
3rd prize Mr Harrison £4
4th prize Barbara Baylie £2
Christine Garrett

The friends of Common Lane are up and..

21 August 2009
Running was a slight exaggeration about the extremely large crowd of enthusiastic, but seated Corscombe and Halstock parishioners, as they vigorously supported Clerk to the Parish Council Freda Hennessey, and Corscombe Parish Councillor Henry Lovegrove's aim "To restore Common Lane for use by walkers and horse riders, and to promote it as a recreational resource" during Tuesday 9 June's open meeting at Halstock Golf Club.

Why bother? Because the two thousand year old lane is a unique, walkable and safe link between the two parishes, but it is being destroyed by motorised vehicles. It is the best summer walk around here! There are orchids, deer, foxes, and buzzards. You pass the buried site of the three acre Halstock Roman villa, then clamber through the deeply rutted Clarke's Gorse. If you turn your head left, you can see how Mr Fry's sensible fencing allows the adjacent land to recover when no motorised vehicles churn up the surface. Keep going until you top Ocean's Hill, and see Chelborough Castle's thousand year old turfed motte-and-bailey in the distance.

Turn left to get to The Fox in Corsocmbe, or keep straight on to pass the bridle path on your right. This leads to the SSSRI nature reserve at Brackets Coppice. It's home for Britain's rarest mammal, the Bechsteins bat and the beautiful but scarce Pearl Bordered Fritillary butterfly.

An added attraction is that your walk coveniently starts and ends at two excellent hostelries - The Fox in Corsocmbe, and the Halstock Golf Club and Hotel (open to non-residents). Both serve food, are child and pet friendly, and have gardens.

But the Friends are aiming high! Change the legislation, or even give the road to the community. But no more motorised vehicles! Safe access for small children, families, pushchairs and the disabled! The meeting was lively and realistic. A working party was formed. Everyone left so filled with enthusiasm that one Friend promptly fell into one of the Clark's Gorse ruts. So, if you are a walker. jogger, buggy pusher, or just approving of an innovative community project, join one of the following mailing lists:
Freda Hennessy
Henry Lovegrove
Chris Chapman

Chimes Oil Group Syndicate

21 August 2009
Please place your orders for oil ON Friday 4th SEPTEMBER 2009 to Richard and Sally-Jane Emm on 01935 83640 for oil delivery during the following fortnight.

If you wish to email your order prior to Friday 4th September, please send email to with all the relevant details.

Please ONLY ring us on the date above for oil orders as we are running a busy farm and I allocate those dates only to deal with oil.
Remember to provide me with a tel no, or an email address that you will be accessible on, on Monday 7th SEPTEMBER afternoon when I will provide you with further information including the name and tel no of company, code, etc to sort your payment, delivery details etc.

Oil ordered in June was 50,000 litres, priced at 32.80p per litre + VAT
If you were to buy it individually, below are the prices from 22nd June from a range of 15 different companies, including internet prices:
500 litres
Range: 41.2 to 36.9 per litre + VAT
1000 - 10,000 litres
Range: 40.83 to 35.5 per litre + VAT
50,000 litres (Group)
Range: 36.37 to 32.80 + VAT

Many thanks for supporting the venture
Sally-Jane Emm
Chris Chapman

First Responders go Streetwise

21 August 2009
A group of First Responders travelled over to Poole on Monday 17th August to spend an evening at Streetwise. This is a "life-sized village built inside a warehouse".

We had a very successful training evening, tackling the following scenarios:
  • Passenger cardiac arrest on a bus

  • Collapsed male alone in a house

  • Someone injured and located in a difficult to access allyway

  • An injured person on a building site

  • Someone electrocuted in their garden from an electric lawn mower

We found the event valuable and feel even better prepared to provide emergency support in Corsocmbe and Halstock.
Chris Chapman

Corscombe & District Players ..(The Panto Group)

12 August 2009
Well, panto season will soon be upon us again!! Are those groans that I hear from assorted adults who have been cajoled again into “thesp – land” for yet another year? Surely not.

The Corscombe and District players have been a thriving panto group for many years now, performing the whole range … Cinderella to Peter Pan. We’ve goosed our way up that beanstalk and more than one chap locally has a suspect pair of high heels lurking in his wardrobe from his stint of Dameship. The group has lent their talents to other groups and borrowed from adjoining villages supporting team efforts to keep community productions alive.

Of course there are stalwarts who have kept the traditions going for many years and in the past the able leadership if Enid Williamson was invaluable. Any group, however, can only be successful when new blood brings fresh enthusiasm. Last year, in “Hercules” the kids chorus showed us how versatile and talented they are. It’s fulfilling to see the expertise that they acquire in working so maturely alongside the adults.

This year’s production is still a closely guarded secret (which is code for ...we haven’t decided what to do yet and are open to suggestions).

We need you. The date of the first panto meeting is Sunday 27th September @ 7.30 Corscombe Village Hall. Do come along; we need actors, backstagers, publicity, singers….in fact anyone who is interested in seeing the production come to life.

Paula 891317
Chris Chapman


4 August 2009
1st prize Mrs Jennifer
Childs £6
2nd prize Mrs Sam Willis £4
3rd prize Mrs Rhianda Raitt £2
Christine Garrett

Corscombe 2009 Fete a superb success

21 July 2009
The fete made a record profit of £3863 - well done to all who helped organise it or came along to support it.

Funds are to be used as follows:
  • Ladybirds Playgroup, The Village Hall, The PCC (Church Committee), and First Responders each to receive £800

  • £100 to be donated to the Air Ambulance Service (it is an important service for Corscombe)

  • £500 to be retained for funding the 2010 fete

The 2010 fete is planned for Saturday 19th June 2010 (the 3rd Saturday in June), so please put this date in your diaries.
The first planning meeting is Tuesday 10th November 2009 in the village hall (7.30pm). Please come along and put your ideas forward - to help make the 2010 fete an even better event.

Chris Chapman

Winners for '120' Club for July '09

8 July 2009
1st prize No. 72 Mrs Raitt
2nd prize No. 24 Mrs Bev Coleberd
3rd prize No. 53 Mr Harrison
Christine Garrett

Corscombe Tithe Barn Fete

29 June 2009
The fete on Saturday 20th June proved a great success! Villagers turned out in force to either help run the event or to support it.
Tony Frost was the overall organiser, and he worked hard to ensure it all came together in such great style.
A special thank you to all the local companies that supported us by donating raffle prizes - a more detailed report will follow shortly
Chris Chapman

The One Show visits Corscombe

25 June 2009
If you would like to see Corscombe featured on The One Show, then tune in on 29th June.
Sam and Ned were walking their dogs with Rosie and Devon, through Corscombe, when they came across the film crew. The crew were in one of the flower meadows - the one on the left just after the left-hand bend in the road and the house on the corner.
Chris Chapman

Higher Ground Meadow, Corscombe

11 June 2009
Jo and Pete Vassie (891245) write:
We are pleased to advise that our new natural burial ground will be officially opened on 23rd June. Following the ceremony, there will be an open afternoon from 2.30pm - 6pm.

You are most welcome to come and have a look - just follow the signs. We will be on hand to answer questions.
Chris Chapman

Ahoy there!

11 June 2009
Allison Rees writes:
The Ark is afloat, and sailing towards the St Juthware festival on July 10/11.

.. And there is still time to join the fun. So why not sing away the week's cares on Fridays, 6.30pm to 7.30pm at Corscombe Village Hall? Men are especially welcome.

No experience is ncessary, not even a good voice! And you get taught how to sing!!

It's incredible, but an hour's singing is equivalent to a five mile run, or the calorie value of a bottle of wine, or half a game of football! And with all those muscles moving, it soon banishes wrinkles and makes your face look younger.

So, why not discover your inner singer, and turn up at the door, or phone Allison Rees 891782, or email
Chris Chapman

Chimes Oil Group Syndicate

11 June 2009
Sally-Jane Emms writes:
Please place your orders for oil on Friday 19th June with Richard and Sally-Jane Emm on 83640 for oil delivery during the following fortnight.

To email your order prior to Friday 19th June use with all the relevant details.

Please ONLY ring us on the date above for oil orders as we are running a busy farm and I allocate those dates only to deal with oil.

Remember to provide me with a telephone number or an email address that you will be accessible on, on the Monday 22nd June afternoon when I will provide you with further information including the name and telephone number of the oil company to sort out your payment and delivery details.

Oil orders for April 7th totalled 50,000 litres.
The average price for 500 litres was 37p + VAT and the most expensive was 42.9p + VAT.
The figures for 1000 litres were 35.5p + VAT and 41p + VAT respectively.
Oil priced at 29.27p + VAT per litre was purchased - again a considerable saving.
Chris Chapman

Corscombe Tithe Barn Fete

11 June 2009
Saturday 20th June 12 noon to 5pm
At Corscombe's Court Farm (opposite The Fox)

We are certain you will have fun, have a giggle, be entertained, be fed, and have a great family day - we look forward to entertaining you and your family

Superb programme of entertainment and many attractions

Stalls for children and stalls for adults - games of skill and competitions

Swimming .. boating .. Punch & Judy .. Rock Band .. hog roast .. duck race .. crafts corner .. home-made produce .. garden plants .. and much more

Superb food and hot / cold drinks - including a bar

Why not pay us a visit - entry is free and we are sure you will have a superb day!!
Chris Chapman


11 June 2009
There will be no coffee morning in August.
Christine Garrett


11 June 2009
Coffee morning will be on September 9th at Sue Dowding
at 'Crockermore', Curry Lane at 10.30a.m.
Anybody requiring transport please contact me. 891120.
Christine Garrett


11 June 2009
The next coffee morning will be on July 8th at 10.30 a.m. at Paula Bowles at 'Chilterns'.
Christine Garrett

'120' club June

11 June 2009
1st prize £30 Mrs Sally Else
2nd prize £6 Mrs Jenny Whitlock
3rd prize £4 Mr Mike Bennett
4th prize £2 Mrs Jennifer Gregson
Christine Garrett

Common Lane Project

11 June 2009
At the meeting on Tuesday 9th June, all agreed that Common Lane is in need of attention if it is to be put back to a state that makes it an attraction for residents and visitors alike.
A working group was set up to establish a blueprint for the restoration of Common Lane and to apply for funding to support the project.
Watch The Chimes for news on progress - contact Freda Hennessy (891448) or Henry Lovegrove if you would like to get involved.
Chris Chapman

Welcome to Caroline Osmond

11 June 2009
Paula Denham wrote in the Chimes:
"A very warm welcome to Caroline Osmond who has come to live at 'Rosebank' where Barbara Bradshaw used to live. She moves in from 'Yeabridge Farm' Mosterton. We know that already she is enjoying the peace and birdsong in the garden. You will find Corscombe is a firendly and caring village and 'Rosebank' a delighful home"
Chris Chapman

June 2009 '120' Club winners

7 May 2009
The winners of the '120' club for June are as follows:
1st prize £6 - Ms Armstrong, West Farm.
2nd prize £4 - Mr G Taylor,Butchers Cottage
3rd prize £2 - Mr J Davis, 2 Woodfold View.

We would welcome any new members so if you would like to join please contact Henry on 01935 891415.
Every third month we have an additional prize of £30.00
Chris Chapman

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