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The villa is pre-dated by evidence of early Bronze Age activity, and Durotrigian (pre - Roman Celtic tribe) settlement. The Roman villa, was established in the middle 2nd century AD, 3 miles west of the Roman road, between Ilchester (Lindinis) and Dorchester (Durnovaria). Four Roman periods of development have been discovered, with impressive halls, mosaic flooring and a bath house.
Part 2 – Clarkes Gorse
The next section of the lane passes 0.5 mile through ancient woodland, through a Site of Nature Conservation Interest. The bordering hedges and woodland form managed ancient woodland, which existed before 1600 AD.
Part 3 – Ocean Hill (121m, 400 ft approx)
Thomas Hollis named this, like many of the local fields based on his philosophical connections. Branch for Brackett’s Coppice or Wood Fold Hill.
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