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What makes Common Lane Special?

Common Lane is a medieval route in Dorset which has now become impassable, itís surface damaged , deeply rutted and poorly drained.
It is an important lane between Corscombe and Halstock linking with the Wessex Ridgeway, and passing through the site of a Roman Villa in Halstock.
It traverses an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, passing Sites of Nature Conservation Interest and a Site of Special Scientific Interest.
A lost route, in a remote landscape , containing a wealth of wildlife.

Common Lane Renaissance Aims

 • To restore the Lane as a sustainable healthy recreational resource for a range of users, safeguarding its environment, history and nature.
 • To create an educational visitor attraction, which is free, accessible and open all year, and which promotes the local economy.
 • To balance the needs of a working lane and restore an ancient way into the national route network.

How this will be achieved?

 • By creating a partnership between the Friends of Common Lane, Dorset County Council and Sponsors
 • Managed by a local Common Lane Project Group.
 • Supported by the Friends of Common Lane and landowners, to clear the route and improve the drainage
 • Allowing the Dorset County Council to restore the surface in an environmentally friendly way.
 • Establishing a long term partnership to ensure that Common Lane will be sustained for generations to come.
Common Lane Renaissance - A Healthy Heritage Project

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