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CHIMES – Corscombe – October 2009

Editor: James Robertson

St Mary's Corscombe – October Services

 4th October 18:00 Celebration and thank you service
11th October 11:00 Holy Communion
18th October 11:00 All Age Worship in the Village Hall
25th October 11:00 Holy Communion
We look forward to welcoming you at any of the above services
Sunday 1st November 5pm
New! "Village Praise"

All adults and children are warmly invited to join us in our new evening, informal style of worship to be held in church followed by bonfire, fireworks and refreshments

Spotlight On ...

Corscombe & Halstock Community First Responders

Corscombe & Halstock Community First Responders are made up of a group of volunteers trained by the South Western Ambulance Service to provide emergency medical aid, until the professional service arrives on the scene, to people living and working in the local community.

It is important to understand that we do not replace the professional service, but we are able to provide necessary support and assistance until their arrival on scene.

Corscombe & Halstock Community Responders scheme at present provides where possible twelve hour evening cover seven days a week for the residents of Corscombe and Halstock and surrounding area.

So how did it all come about?

Back in 2002 when a local resident required the services of the emergency service. The Ambulance response time was 35 minutes which is not uncommon for rural villages and the need was identified for a Responder scheme.

Like all First Responder schemes across the country we are not funded and all give our time voluntarily. The money that we need for day to day running costs as well as the purchase of equipment, uniforms and a vehicle has to be raised through fund raising events or public or private donations. One of our big fund raisers is the 'Big Breakfast'. This turned out to be a huge success and covers the winter months apart from January. Not only is it a fund raiser but a really good social event well supported by the village with upwards of 50 – 70 people in attendance.

Our second fund raiser is the 'Open Gardens' held every two years - this was very successful with twenty gardens open to the public for viewing, with visitors coming from long distances to view traditional country cottage to more formal designs and larger landscaped plots all with a variety of planting supported by the excellent cream teas on the day.

The Farmers Market down by The Fox was another project we attempted - selling local produce and wares - but this has now been discontinued.

Individual donations have been received and we are also grateful for the sponsorship of the 'Big Breakfast' which has gone a long way to raising valued funds.

In July 2005 the Ford Mondeo was purchased and well equipped and then the Responders went live following earlier training. It started out with a small number of Responders but has now increased to ten with a number waiting to be trained.

It started out as Corscombe First Responders and various incidents have been attended ranging from Traffic Accident - Child Birth - Seizures - Falls - Strokes - Sudden Deaths - Farm Accident - Sports Injury to Panic Attacks.

In October 2008 we replaced the old Mondeo with a Honda CRV which was badged with the Halstock details included as we now have a Halstock person who has joined the Responder scheme. The old Mondeo was given to Mosterton a satellite of Beaminster Responders to assist them starting up.

Our current projects are as follows -
  1. To enlist more people particularly from Halstock to join the Responder scheme.

  2. To raise funds for the purchase of a second defibrillator for use at Halstock by the Halstock Responder who at present uses her own vehicle to attend incidents prior to the arrival of the Corscombe vehicle. It is imperative that when a cardiac arrest occurs that the equipment is set up on the patient within eight minutes and that this critical time cannot be achieved from Corscombe when attending incidents in the Halstock area.
    A defibrillator can cost upwards of £2000 so it is a big project by the Responders which will benefit all the residents of Halstock. At present we have on loan from the Ambulance Service a defibrillator - and I would point out 'on loan' so it is in our own interests to purchase a second defibrillator for Halstock.
This all might seem a bit scary to some of you but it really isn't. You will be trained and work with like minded people who wish to put something back into the community which we live. You would be on a rota and work the days/hours convenient to you - so if you are interested give me a ring

Dick Thorne 891847

'Big Breakfast'

The Corscombe First Responders will be holding their highly successful 'Big Breakfast' on the following
Saturdays between 9-11am
3 October 2009
7 November 2009
5 December 2009
6 February 2010
6 March 2010
Come along and enjoy a fine cooked breakfast of local produce.
Look forward to seeing you.
The Responders

Keep Fit

Summer Term 2009

The term will run until December 7th.
The cost will be £30 for the 12 sessions.
Mondays 2:30 to 3:30 in the village hall.
There will be no session on one Monday in October (date tba)
Cheques should be made payable to me.
Many thanks.
Jean Mosser 891096


Chimes Oil Group Syndicate (COGS) formally Corscombe Oil Group
Please see this item on the News page

Tuesday Club

Our September meeting at the village hall was well attended and we enjoyed a very interesting talk accompanying a slide presentation on Mongolia given by Richard Collier.

The November meeting on the 3rd will be the annual Skittles Evening. This is good fun so if you would like to join us phone me for details.
Heather (891538)

Village Quiz Nights

We are looking forward to our second Village Quiz night on Saturday 17th October which is held in the hall with baked spuds for supper and BYO booze if required. Everyone welcome and there will be a wide range of question topics covered.

You can put a team together of 4-6 people - Cricket Club team or Tuesday Club team vs Parish Council Team or Halstock Youth Club??? (Playgroup Mums will be seeking to prove that your brain doesn't really shrink after children.)

OR come along anyway and we can put teams together on the night.

Apart from being good fun and an opportunity to see other people also showing themselves up in public, it will raise some much needed funds for the village hall.

Hallowe'en Auction of Promises and Dinner

On Saturday 31st October, there will be a Hallowe'en themed night with prizes for the best fancy dress, proceeds to be divided between the hall and the play group.

If you want to have a 3 course meal join us at 7.00pm or come along at 8.30 for the Auction. There will be a bar and spooky themed cocktails. We already have some great lots on offer including a week in the Peake's villa in Portugal - for which we are very grateful - and lots are still coming in.

If you would like to put something forward for the auction or you would like to come along and help decorate the hall - please contact Henry Lovegrove on 891415 or by e mail to Henry

Tickets will be available for the dinner at £10 from anyone on the village hall committee - there is a hall rep from each hall user group - or from Henry or Sarah Girling 891481 or email


The rainfall for August was 128mm. Last year 126.5mm fell.
Welcome to the Anna Group
Next meeting - 12th October
Time: 7:30pm
In the lounge at
Epple-Clematis Cottage
High Street West, Corscombe
Film – Esther

Contact Ruth Newman on 891220

Paper Collection and Recycling of Plastic Bottles

A reminder that we gain valuable income for the hall from our paper collection. Rather than have it hanging around for a fortnight you can bring all your paper to the shed in the village hall car park any time that suits you!

We can't take cardboard so that can still go out with the dustbins. If anyone would like to do their bit by helping with the two-monthly paper sorting session on a Saturday morning please contact the hall committee, many hands light work etc etc.

We have also been approached by Dorset County Council about the possibility of siting a recycling facility for plastic bottles at the hall which will be especially useful for all those people that don't support our local milk man and accumulate plastic milk bottles! They have yet to approve the site but we will let you know the outcome.

Working Party

There will be the annual churchyard working party on 17th October at 10 o'clock. This 'summers' rain has led to significant grass growth. Therefore, as well as the usual general tidy up of hedges, some areas may need further mowing. Please support this once a year effort of maintenance. Coffee and biscuits will be provided.

Ladybirds Playgroup

What have the children been up to?

We've been busy outside planting bulbs. Hopefully we will have some pretty flowers in the play ground next spring. We have planted some leeks and some broccoli. May be home made soup will be on the menu. ( At the end of the summer we harvested 12lb potatoes from our spud plot!)

Autumn is great for outdoors fun. We've had several walks exploring the countryside, we are looking forward to Sticklands School reception class joining us for a wellie walk.

We are visiting a local farm to see the maize harvest and find out what the maize eating cows get up to.

In preparation for the harvest festival we walked up to St Mary's church and decorated a straw bale with vegetable animals that we made.

A trip to Halstock bakery was very interesting and gave us the idea to have ago at making our own bread rolls. We couldn't stop there, we borrowed a butter churn and had a go at making butter.


Something exciting has happened in the Gore field! We have taken delivery of a new play house. The grown ups tell us it was paid for by money from the fete. Wicked!! Thanks all you grown ups who contributed to the fete, you should see all the fun were having in the play house.

And we've got some new storage trolleys in the hall which the staff are purring over. (Grown ups are very strange sometimes.) Now what are the grown ups up to?

We're joining the fun at the Auction of promises on 31st October at the Village Hall and planning more fun for the youngsters at our playgroup. We are looking for more volunteers to join our band. We are now open on Wednesday morning so we need some more people to help on our rota. Having volunteers makes it easier to organise exciting walks and trips for the children.

If you are 2 - 5 years old we have fun on Tue, Wed, and Thur morning at Corscombe Village Hall. We are there from 9.15 til 12.15 and you can stay for lunch up until 1'o'clock.

Babies and toddlers can come along to our toddler group on Tuesday mornings from 10 til 12, don't forget to bring along your mummy or daddy they can make friends too!

Coffee Morning

This months coffee morning will take place on October 14th at 10:30am by kind invitation of Ian and Pat Tolin at 12 Woodfold View.

Village Hall AGM
Thursday 22nd October
at the Village Hall
at 7:30pm
There will be refreshments available.
Anyone interested in Corscombe's Community Hall is Welcome.
As you will have seen from past Chimes reports, a drop in lettings income together with big repair bills have left us in need of some fund-raising to maintain our community hall.

You can have your say about Corscombe's Community space by coming along for the AGM on Thursday 22nd October at 7.30pm - all welcome, there will be refreshments.

We also have some fund raising events for you to get involved with coming up for the autumn and winter.


We wish Caroline Armstrong from West Farm, High Street, happiness in her next abode, which may be at Eype.

Caroline has been much admired in the Village, not least for her artistic floral arrangements in the Church, and her help with Village occasions has been much appreciated.

Caroline has asked me to thank everyone for their friendship and has found Corscombe a delightful village in which to live. She is only leaving because she found West Farm unfortunately is in the dampest part of the village.
Paula Denham

Babylon Morris Croatia Tour 2009

Corscombe is now well and truly on the International map. Babylon has now returned from their first ever overseas tour and were very well received by our hosts

We arrived in Zagreb some 7 hours after leaving Bristol. To great us was our full time guide and translator with a very welcome air conditioned coach. Within minutes of arriving at our accommodation we were asked to put together a short program for the art director, pleased with our performance we were cleared to continue.

Throughout the week we had 2 performances per day, these took place on a large stage in the centre of the capital. Each day the performers were alternated which meant we were able to see many other international dance traditions and some amazing costumes. Our audience was a mixture from many countries although was largely Croatian nationals totalling over 1000.

Each day we were collected from our accommodation by our guide who always preceded us from the coach, through the city with a large banner (now in the village hall) proclaiming ‘Babylon Corscombe England’. Many Croatians now believe Corscombe is a large city in the south west of England.

We took part in numerous television and radio interviews throughout the week. TV programs were shown 3 times per day and we became quite the talk of the town, ‘the English with the painted faces’. Even when out of costume we were recognised in the city.

Coffee Morning
in aid of
St. John Ambulance and the Weldmar Hospice Care Trust
on Wednesday, 28th October
10:30 – 12:30
Lower Farm Corscombe
Christmas Cards and Gifts
(also Bring and Buy)

Enquiries to Helen Perris 891515 and Sallie Else 891425

Sponsored Slim

Dizzy is doing a sponsored slim for Cancer Research UK. She is aiming lose 5 stone. If you would like to sponsor her, you can call us on 01935 891845 or email John Simms or Dizzy
John Simms


One battered small digital camera, hanging on the door of the village hall paper shed. To recover, contact Henry Lovegrove on 891415.

Calling all Cooks

We are hoping to put together a Corscombe Village Cookbook which can be sold to help raise money for the Corscombe Village Hall.

Have you any recipes you could share, maybe a family favourite passed down through the generations? If you have any anecdotal or funny stories relating to your recipes please also send them to me. I should like to make the cookbook as personal and as fun as possible.

Areas being covered are: Starters, Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Eggs and Cheese, Desserts, Baking and Jams.

Also if you have any helpful hints or tips relating to any subject, there will be a section at the back of the book entitled "My Mother Said ... "

Please would you send your recipes to me via email or hand a hard copy into Myrtle Cottage, 2 Barrow Lane, Corscombe.

Winners for '120' Club for September

1stNo. 37Mr Dowding£30
2ndNo. 69Mrs Perris£6
3rdNo. 53Mr Harrison£4
4thNo. 6Mrs Baylie£2


We wish the happiest of birthdays to:
Pippa Button who will be 14 on the 6th
Flora Coleberd who will be 8 on the 11th
Joey Harvey who will be 7 on the 19th


Stagecoach Bus Times
This picks up at Lindisfarne, High Street at approximately 10.35/40am (ish), then stopping at The Barton, Pine Close and Church Farm ( if people are waiting there), returning from Tesco's Yeovil at 1.45pm and the Borough Memorial at 1.50pm. The bus runs on Tuesdays , Wednesdays and Fridays.

Recycling and Library Dates
Both of these events are on Thursday's, 8th and 22nd of the month.


The silence this month will be held at “Gatcombe”, the home of Helen and John Perris on Monday 26th October, at 5:00pm.

Whizz Garage Sale

Friday 23 October 3-6pm
Lilac Cottage, Corscombe
Too good for jumble but probably not heirlooms!
Freda 891448

Village Website

For more details and village events please see our new website which can be found at

And Finally...

By the time you read this, I will have started a Business Management degree at the University of Birmingham. I intend to continue as your village editor and all contributions can be sent to me as before.

Just a reminder that the deadline for contributions is the 8th of the month.