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Chimes: March 2009

Letter of thanks

January 14th was a memorable day for me and I wish to thank all the friends in Corscombe for visiting me and bringing such beautiful flowers and presents. I hope I did not miss speaking to everyone but at times I was bewildered at seeing so many friends here. Ninety-five years old and no aches or pains. I am so lucky.

I am not Corscombe's oldest resident as I had two over ninety-seven year olds (Stella and Phyllis) celebrating with me. Hope to see you at my hundredth in 2014

Marjorie Bristow

Letter from Afar

Dear Friends
Since I forgot to send a Christmas card to all of you, here is an update with news from Eshowe, South Africa

The last two weeks have been incredibly hot, even for this area, but with light winds and overcast skies, life is more normal again. How has it been your way?

Jacky is still struggling with the ups and downs of cancer, and not able to travel far at present. I do not think a trip to the UK will be possible in the near future. We both speak of the happy trips we have had, and of course the bus ride with all our friends to Yeovil. Please remember to tell all those we have met, you are all in our thoughts, wish them all the best for 2009.

We, of course keep in touch with our friends at Weston, and life has not been easy for them either, they do have family in Yeovil, which helps.

Other news is that my youngest grand-daughter Jenny is expecting her first baby in July, so Jacky is preparing for her first grandchild and getting lots of baby clothes etc together. They live on the Natal coast, East London, but we keep in touch daily by cell phone. What did people do before, other than make long distance phone calls or write, which is what I did when Jacky was in Canada, nursing over thirty years ago!

Much has changed, some bad some good. Our friends in Zimbabwe are having a dreadful time. There is so much hatred all over the world. We only have one life, so why make it so dreadful for one another.

I must end this scrawl but I felt we owed you a letter.
Please keep in touch.
Stay well and take care. God bless.
Our love

Peggy, Jacky and family


I was born at 'Milton Farm' in 1932, likewise my sister Doreen in 1935. We moved to live at 'Merrilands Farm' where Shirley Redwood was born in 1949.

Our older sister Betty was born in Swanage but was married from 'Merrilands Farm' at Corscombe Church on the 25th September 1948 - yes they celebrated their Diamond Wedding Anniversary last year, but didn't want a fuss!

We as a family are always pleased when that awful date the 14th January has passed, when our dear Mother died in 1985, the earth was again frostbound and a friend that lived with us at The Mill House wrote the enclosed poem, as she was unable to attend the funeral.

This poem evokes memories of that Winter in 1963 (George Ellis was the undertaker then and will remember the difficulty of digging the grave and getting up School Hill).

Thank you for reading the ramblings of someone whose heart will always be in Corscombe.

Yours sincerely

P. Jean Corben
Corscombe Big Freeze 1963

Ernest George Corben R.I.P 14th January 1963.
Blanche Iris Corben R.I.P. 9th January 1985.
Buried 14th January 1985.

The clock ticks on in the empty room
As we bury the Mother in the old stone hilltop
And the ice-bound earth waits gaping
In it's brown crust
To receive that which living now, lives no more
In the empty room with the ticking clock on the
chimney wall

Please come to our Spring Gift and Cake Sale
Homemade gifts and cakes
10am to 12pm, Saturday 28th March 2009
Down Cottage, Corscombe
Tea, coffee and refreshments
Entry 2.50
Proceeds of cake sale will go to the Bears
Corscombe History Group
So sorry the meeting on the second of February had to be cancelled due to weather conditions and Paula having bronchitis.
Next Meeting
Monday 16th March 7.30pm at 'Lindisfarne'
High Street

Stagecoach Bus Times
This picks up at Lindisfarne, High Street at approximately 10.35/40am (ish), then stopping at The Barton, Pine Close and Church Farm (if people are waiting there), returning from Tesco's Yeovil at 1.45pm and the Borough Memorial at 1.50pm. The bus runs Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
Recycling and Library Dates
Both of these events are on Thursdays, 12th and 26th of the month

Parish Council
Please read the notes from your Parish Council on later pages

Spring Litter Pick
The traditional litter pick will take place 1-17 April. Everyone can help! Do it in your own time - as little or as much as you can. Bags and instructions from Freda Hennessy, Lilac Cottage

More Dog Poo
Dogs (and dog owners) are still behaving antisocially! Please remember that poop should be scooped from footpaths and bridleways as well as the roads AND that plastic bag offerings should NOT be left hanging on garden hedges or even put in other people's gardens and bins!! Bag it, take it home and bin it PLEASE.
Chimes Oil Group Syndicate (Cogs)
Please see the article on the Community Information Page.

We wish the happiest of birthdays to:

Lucy Attwell who will be 5 on the 2nd
Edwards Coleberd who will be 1 on the 6th
Jonathan Pring who will be 15 on the 12th
Jack Harvey who will be 14 on the 30th

Ladybirds Playgroup

We've had a busy half term. In January a visit to Home Farm, Weston, was so much fun some children didn't want to go home. We started with scrubbing some potatoes and quickly shoving them into the oven, hoping they would be ready for a warm snack on our return from the farmyard. Then it was down to the dairy to see the milking cows and calves. The tanker had just arrived and we were just in time to see the cows milk being sucked up from the bulk tank into the tanker.

We said hello to Frampo the bull, admired his calves and other cattle (which will soon be beef stakes) and walked out to the fields to see last year's lambs (they will soon be lamb chops). Along the hedge we counted some very large holes in the ground. The home of Brock the badger and his friends. Back in the paddock near the farm house we saw chickens and a very handsome cockerel. No eggs yet, as the days draw out that should change.

By then we were starting to get hungry, all that fresh air and exercise stimulating our appetites! Yes the spuds were done. Jacket potatoes with grated cheese followed by fresh fruit and a choice of cakes (made by playgroup mums). Then the children were given the choice, did they want a story and a short video of Tractor Ted or did they want to take the trundles outside. Trundles won the vote, so in high visibility jackets we were outside again, still trundling when mums and dads came to collect their children. Tired and ready for lunch!

In February we had a visit from Adele. She has promised to come to do a music session on Tuesday 3rd March at 9.30am. We would like toddlers to join us too.

Adele brings a selection of musical instruments and soft toys and puppets, she teaches us songs and helps us explore music and rhythm in a fun and relaxed way.

Also in February we had snow. So much snow that we had to close one morning, but the children came to playgroup the following session with tales of tobogganing and snowballs and snowmen. There was still some snow in the village hall field that we had a crunchy snow run around.

What will we be doing in March? Something for Mothers Day. A walk up to our church to decorate our adopted window. A picnic at the playgroup. Begin our vegetable garden, make a start on our hazel wigwams. Don't forget Adele brings her mini maestros to us and lots lots more.............

Ladybirds Playgroup, open on Tuesday and Thursday mornings 9.15 to 12.15 at Corscombe Village Hall. Tuesdays we also run a toddler group from 10am. Come along and join the fun.

Telephone Christina for more information (891206)