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CHIMES Corscombe January 2010

Editor: James Robertson

St Mary's Corscombe January Services

 3rd January 17.00 Evening Prayer - BCP 
10th January 11:00 Holy Communion
17th January 11:00 All Age Worship
Family service to learn about & pray for the work of the Ladybirds Playgroup
Lots to give thanks for and celebrate at the start of this new year!
24th January 11:00  Holy Communion
31st January 17:00 Evening Prayer - Informal Service 
We look forward to welcoming you at any of the above services

St Mary's Fellowship (SMF) is launched

The first Followers of Jesus had many opportunities to meet and speak with 'the Master' as they often called Him. But after Jesus death, they needed to develop their faith and impact their lives without his physical presence. So a key part of their lives was meeting together, eating together, reading Scripture together, discussing together and praying together. The Book of Acts in the New Testament describes how this was such an enriching experience for the followers of Jesus. So SMF has been launched to do just that in Corscombe.

We have been meeting informally on Thursday evenings - sometimes for a meal, sometimes just for coffee/tea to encourage and strengthen each other as we humbly seek to discover what it means to be Christians in 2010. Our discussions have been guided by reviewing a book written by Steven Croft, Bishop of Sheffield. The Book - "Jesus' People - what the church should do next" - has some challenging statements and lots of issues for discussion and action. There are many ways that a group of Christian friends can contribute to their local, national and international communities. The problem that many of us face with busy lives is - "What is the most important?"


Finding answers on one's own is not always easy. However, discussing and learning from other people has been very helpful. We will start again in 2010 - not sure exactly when and where and how (that is often the starting point of many of our discussions!!) but we are all agreed it has been very useful to meet. Ask Celia Tomkins (01935 891083) for info - she may know by January. All are welcome.
'Big Breakfast'
The Corscombe First Responders will be holding their highly successful 'Big Breakfast' on the following Saturdays between 9 - 11am
6 February
6 March
Come along and enjoy a fine cooked breakfast of local produce
Look forward to seeing you
The Responders

Anna Group

There will be no meetings at Corscombe until further notice.
R Newman

Fire in the Church and Outside!

Many people remember November 5th as the occasion to lights fires all across the UK to celebrate the good news that the lives of King James I and many parliamentarians had been saved by the prevention of the plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament by Guy Fawkes in 1605. Fire has also been used to celebrate Good News on various occasions in the Christian Faith.Exodus chapter 3 in the Old Testament describes how Moses had been quietly looking after some sheep but God spoke to him - firstly telling him to take his shoes off and then speaking from the middle of an amazing burning bush. Unsurprisingly Moses was terrified and produced all sorts of excuses to avoid the tasks that God wanted Moses to do. But - eventually - he obeyed.

So a "Fire Celebration" was held at St Mary's Corscombe on November 1st, the first of a new series of informal services at 5pm with the aim of making it easier for families with young children to attend. There was dramatised readings, a danced/worship group from a church in Yeovil, some traditional songs and several new ones, backed up by a great music group, some solo worship singing, prayers and a "thought for the day" - all in less than an hour! This was followed by a bonfire, fireworks and refreshments, on a fabulous clear dry evening. The 70 people who attended had a great time enjoying a "Fire Celebration" remembering how lives can be changed as a result of listening to God. Thanks all those who made this a special occasion.

Corscombe and District Pantomime
Zorro - the Panto!

The dates for our exciting new production will be:
Thursday 11th, Friday 12th and Saturday 13th February
There will be two performances on Saturday; 2.30pm and 7.30pm

Tickets will be available after Christmas from Paula Denham (891494) and Liz Male (891085)
Any other queries; Paula (891317)

P.S - Last year, thanks to the valiant support that we always get from local families, the Pantomime Group found that they had accrued 3583 as of the AGM 2008. The group was therefore able to donate 1000 to local organisations (Village Hall, Playgroup etc). The remainder was set aside to fund future productions and for capital expenses. Many thanks to our great audiences.

Tithe Barn Fete 2010
19th June

Now is the time to start thinking about and producing anything of a saleable nature for the fete. We `have had one meeting of the Volunteer Group. There is one major change; the dog show will be held on the Court's lawn, together with children's face painting etc.
The village is fortunate in having such an attractive venue for this annual occasion.
Tony Frost

Coffee Morning

This month, the Coffee Morning will take place at Brook House, home of Heather & Brian Starkings, at 10.30am on the 13th January.

Tuesday Club

Our festive lunch held on December 1st at Halstock Golf Club was a great success - a very good start to the advent season!

We look forward to welcoming lots of you to our AGM on January 5th at 2.30pm. The proposed programme for next year is as interesting and varied as ever and includes a trip to Highcliffe Castle, one of Richard Collier's travelogues and a summer cheese and Wine Party.

Come along for a cuppa and a chat. The more the merrier!

120 Club

1st prize   30   Paul Howard
2nd prize    6   Mr Croft
3rd prize    4   John Viol
4th prize    2   Paula Bowles


We wish the happiest of birthday's to:
 Brinsley Colebird who will be 10 on the 5th
 Thomas Taylor who will be 18 on the 17th
 Sammy Jo Button who will be 18 on the 29th


Stagecoach Bus Times
This picks up at Lindisfarne, High Street at approximately 10.35/40am (ish), then stopping at The Barton, Pine Close and Church Farm ( if people are waiting there), returning from Tesco's Yeovil at 1.45pm and the Borough Memorial at 1.50pm. The bus runs on Tuesdays , Wednesdays and Fridays.

Recycling and Library Dates
Both of these events are on Thursday's, 7th and 21st of this month and also February 4th.

Bottle tops

Rosemary Childs is currently collecting plastic milk bottle tops to raise vital funds for the local air ambulance.

Village Website

For more details and village events please see our new website which can be found at

Ladybirds Playgroup

New Supervisor
January sees the start of another phase in the life of Ladybirds with the appointment of a new supervisor, Lindsay Veale, who has come to take over from Christina Diment who has finally had to give up playgroup to concentrate on work on the farm

Christina has been the bedrock of Ladybirds with her dedication and commitment, especially over the last two years when we quite simply could not have survived without her. I feel sure that many of the parents and children that have benefited from her hard work and dedicated care over the past fifteen years or so will join us in thanking Chris and wishing her well and we look forward to seeing her pop into Ladybirds from time to time.

We had an exciting morning when Lindsay came in to do a hand-over session; we arrived early to find an oil slick running down the playground and a rapidly dropping temperature in the hall courtesy of the oil tank thiefs who returned for a second visit in the night (see below). Added to which we were expecting our second morning of inspection from the Ofsted lady - who did comment that we coped very calmly with the crisis - little did they know! Thank you very much to Clifford Dowding and Lesley Chapman for their greatly appreciated help on a rather panicky morning, not to mention the charming policeman that the children enjoyed seeing too.

Mini Maestros and George Hawkins
The children continue to enjoy regular Mini Maetsros sessions with Adele Jakeman, involving singing, listening to music and playing instruments. Thanks to a generous donation from the George Hawkins Trust we are now able to contribute towards Adele's expenses and staff training costs. We are very grateful to Adele for her past support and to the Trust for coming to help us.


Forest School at Ryewater Farm
We have had some great outings into the woods for Forest School activities, giving the children - and adult helpers - the chance to get extremely muddy and experience their natural surroundings at close hand. We are going to be visiting the nature reserve at Ryewater Farm and team up with the staff of Plantlife for more of these sessions. If anyone has spare small person sized wellies or waterproofs that their children have grown out of we would be glad to have them.

Toddlers moves from Tuesdays to Mondays
With the stage going up until the end of February, we have run out of space to hold our popular Toddler drop-in group on Tuesdays and so are moving it to Mondays 10.00 - 12.00. Parents, grandparents and any other carers looking after small children from babies upwards are welcome to play, chat and have some great coffee and cake - just turn up.

If you would like more information about Ladybirds, contact Vicky Harknett, Committee Chairperson, on 891247 or check out our website or drop in for a chat at the end of playgroup session Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday mornings at 1.00pm.
Sarah Girling

Keep Fit Spring 2010

This term will begin on January 11th and will run for 10 weeks until March 22nd.
Mondays 2.30 to 3.30 in the village hall.
(One free Monday TBA)
Cheques for 25 should be made payable to me please.
Jean Mosser 891096

Notice from Village Hall Committee

Sadly our village hall oil was stolen on Wednesday night (2nd December). The Playgroup and Toddler Group arrived on the morning after to a mess of oil over the children's outdoor play area.

It has been suggested that the theft was made by a relatively local and poorly skilled person/s, because of the mess that was left - it seems that the oil was carried off site in cans, leaving an unpleasant trail of oil behind. Perhaps the vehicle used smells strongly of oil as a consequence.

The village hall is a village amenity, and works because local people work hard to raise funds for its upkeep and running. A theft like this is a theft from everyone in the village. Please be vigilant and report any suspicious behaviour - by acting together we can perhaps avoid a repeat of this sad occurrence.

Village Hall News

The next Village Hall Committee meeting will be on Tuesday January 19th at 7.30pm; please could all user groups try to have a representative there. Among other things we will be discussing the hall heating in light of another recent oil burglary and plans for while the stage is up.

Village Quiz

The next quiz night is in the Village Hall on Saturday 16th January - come and join in a lively night of questions and brain teasing with a baked potato supper. No need to be in a team until you get there although the competition between the regulars is starting to hot up. Bring your own booze to help get the cogs in motion!

Paper Bank, Village Hall car park

I have noticed whilst walking Taffy that a few people are leaving papers, and even big directories, out for the dustman. There is a shed in the Village Hall car park for such things. The paper creates much needed funds for the Village Hall.

If for some reason you are unable to take your paper there, please ring Paula on 891494 and we will try to arrange for someone to collect it.

Newspapers, magazines, telephone directories, light cardboard and any unwanted paper is valuable to us.
Thank you.


A warm welcome to Rob Fear who moved into Sunnybank, High Street, in November. Rob has lived in Buckinghamshire and Portesham. Thank you Rob for supporting the Responders' Breakfast.

Rob has a warm and friendly disposition, and will find many friends in Corscombe. We know he will not regret moving to this beautiful area.


Rainfall for November was 229mm. This was a very wet month as can be seen for the preceding years; 2008: 79.5mm / 2007: 132.55mm / 2006: 153.75mm / 2005: 128.5mm / 2004: 16.5mm / 2003: 194mm

Corscombe History Expo

Thank you so much to everyone who helped arrange this - and to the many visitors who came, saw and appreciated!

The Corscombe archive is expanding all the time but it would be wonderful to have copies of more photos related to people, houses and working in Corscombe, Benville, Weston, Toller - in fact, the whole parish. Do you have, or know of any? We have had a special request for any photos of the Ham House corner at the bottom of Hackney Hill when it was part of Council Farm farmyard. Any information to the sleuths please.
Freda 891448 or Paula 891494


Congratulations and a huge well done to Jenny Knight, of 2 Yew Tree Farm, on graduating from Plymouth University with a Master's Degree in Health and Social Care Quality Improvement. All that hard work has been well worth while and we are really proud of you.
Julian, Kirsty, Mike and Leanne


Your annual subscription to the Chimes magazine is now due. Please put 4.20 in the brown envelope enclosed in this edition and hand it to the person who delivers your copy, John Perris at "Gatcombe" or myself at 3 Yew Tree Farm.

Thank you and I wish a Happy New Year to you all.