Corscombe Versus the Coronavirus Covid-19

Helping ourselves and each other stay safe

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Things To Know

St Mary's Church, Corscombe, is OPEN again!

Private Prayer and Reflection: each Thursday 11am to 1pm

Worship Services - start on Sunday 5 July

Seating has been re-arranged to provide 2 metre Social Spacing, plus windows and doors open to provide lots of ventiilation


Can We Help?

We are a group of volunteers in Corscombe (coordinated by St Mary's Church Corscombe) seeking to help those who are isolated because of the Covid-19 Virus Epidemic. This includes those over 70 years or have immune deficiency.

Many isolated people have relatives or friends who help them but if you, or a neighbour that you are concerned about, need support we will try and help with

  • Practical tasks
    • Collection - prescriptions etc
    • Shopping
    • Other tasks where we can
    • Some volunteers are available for a chat or to pray with

If you need help please call St Mary's Direct on 07513 513894

For further information please regularly consult the following, which are being updated daily:

Further volunteers are always welcome please email if you are able and willing to help- thank you

The Corscombe 5pm Wave

 Thank you Debbie, Mick and Ruby Rix
Every day, at 5pm, neighbours are invited to stand in their front gardens and wave to each other.
It is a great opportunity to check all are OK, and to offer help where and when it is needed. It also provides a welcome opportunity to socialise, which is something to look forward to and helps deal with the stress of being confined.

Rules we must all follow

if we are to help flatten the peak demand on the NHS and minimise the spread of Covid-19

The Prime Minister has set an unprecedented lockdown on the UK - with effect from 23 March - forcing people to remain at home and banning gatherings of more than two people.
Police will have the power to enforce the strict new measures with fines. These rules will be reviewed in 3 weeks time

People are now only allowed to leave their homes for four reasons, with events such as weddings and baptisms banned

The four reasons you can now leave your home are:








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