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Corscombe Village Hall News

Village Hall Committee Meeting

16 May 2017
3 March 2017    
Melanie Harper

Village Hall Committee Meeting

16 May 2017
3 March 2017
Melanie Harper

Financial Reprt for meeting of 12 January 2017

11 January 2017
The report details income and costs and provides balances on the various accounts
Financial report    
Chris Chapman

Village Hall Committee Meeting 12 January 2017

10 January 2017
The agenda and papers for the meeting are attached.

The main issue relates to arrangements for and costs of heating the hall

Anyone may attend the meeting as an observer

The meeting is taking palkce at Edna Leonard's home
    Agenda    Comparison with other halls    Heating report    
Chris Chapman

Village Hall Committee Meeting

11 December 2016
25 November Meeting    
Chris Chapman

Village Hall AGM and Committee Meeting

3 November 2016
AGM    Committee Meeting    
Chris Chapman

Corscombe Village Hall Committee Meeting

8 October 2016
It is some time since minutes were posted on the website.
The service has been restarted so that your have the facility to view minutes of meetings.

|We hope this proves useful, and perhaps even encourages you to get involved!
Minutes of 14September 2016 meeting    
Chris Chapman

Corscmbe Village Committee meeting

8 October 2016
The meeting was 14 September 2016.
The minutes are attached below. Why not catch up on what is happening - click on the link below
Chris Chapman

Committee meeting October 2011

16 February 2012
Committee meeting October 2011    
Tessa Safadi

AGM OCtober 2011

16 February 2012
Please see minutes of the AGM 2011
AGM 2011 minutes    
Tessa Safadi

Arts and Craft Fair - a great success

25 October 2011
The village Hall Arts and Crafts Fair was a great success and we hope to run one next year.
We had over 12 stalls with a wide range of arts and crafts. There was definitely something for everyone. It just goes to show how very talented our local community is.

We had positive feedback from both sellers and buyers. I would like to thank all who attended, and especially those who provided a wonderful selection of cakes, soup and cream teas.
Tessa Safadi

Village Hall AGM

13 September 2011
7.30pm October 13th
Corscombe Village Hall

At the AGM we are looking for representatives to be nominated from each of the hall user groups. We are also looking for people willing to serve on the committee so all nominees are welcome. The AGM is followed by a committee meeting were elected offices will be decided.
Tessa Safadi

Minutes of September 2011 Meeting

10 September 2011
Click the link below to load minutes of this meeting.
September 2011 minutes    
Chris Chapman

March 2011 Minutes

10 September 2011
Minutes of March 2011 Meeting    
Chris Chapman

Corscombe village Hall needs you !

31 August 2011
We are always looking for members to help on the Village Hall Committee. So if you feel you can contribute to the running of Corscombe Village Hall in anyway, why not come along to the meeting and see what we are up to.

It is not an onerous task as we only meet about three times a year. So please come and help us to ensure that the heart of Corscombe community activities is able to keep going and continue to provide a valuable service to the community.
Tessa Safadi

Corscombe Village Hall meeting 8th September 2011

31 August 2011
There will be a Village hall meeting on Thursday 8th September at 7.30pm at the village hall.

Please do try and attend we value your input and need to have a quorum for the committee to function.

If you can't attend yourself please can you nominate a representative from your group.

Draft Agenda:

Approval of minutes
Matters arising from minutes
Financial report
Heating update
House keeping - Kitchen refurbishment
Bookings report
Fund raising - Quiz nights, Auction of promises, Arts and craft Fair
Secretary and Chairman vacancy
Any other business
Tessa Safadi

Corscombe 2012 Calendars - NOW AVAILABLE

27 August 2011
Limited addition (100)
Images of Corscombe Calendars
(Procedes to Corscombe Village Hall)

Contact Tessa on 01935891068
or Henry/Rosemary on 01935 891415
Tessa Safadi

New Hall charges from 1st April 2011

17 March 2011
The hall charges have not been increased since April 2009. However, due to rising costs the committee have, with reluctance, decided to increase the hall hiring fees from April 2011.
New hall fees from April 2011    
Tessa Safadi

Contact details for Bookings

28 February 2011
If you wish to book the village hall please contact Tessa Safadi on 01935 891 068
Tessa Safadi

Meeting minutes 24th January 2011

2 February 2011
Click below for minutes of the committee meeting held on the 24th January 2011
Meeting minutes    
Tessa Safadi

Official Opening Ceremony of the New heating System

5 December 2010
The official opening of the Village Hall's new boiler system was held on Saturday the 4th December 2010 and was well attended by supporters of the village hall.
Henry Lovegrove opened the proceedings and introduced Steve Dolby from Woodpecker Energy UK. The ceremony was completed when Tony Frost cut the ribbon leading to the new boiler room. Everyone got a chance to look at the displays and talk to the installers whilst enjoying a cup of coffee and cake.
Thank you to all who have helped to make this possible.
The cutting of the ribbon    Thank you to all our supporters    On display    
Tessa Safadi

AGM 2010

5 December 2010
Please see attached for a copy of the 2010 AGM minutes
AGM 2010    
Tessa Safadi

Village Hall Hire Fees

4 November 2010
Please click below for document
Hire fees    
Tessa Safadi

Village Hall Constitution - Declaration of Trust

4 November 2010
please click below for document
Tessa Safadi

Corscombe Village Hall Playground to Garden

3 November 2010
Click below to see the full plans for the garden
Garden design image    
Tessa Safadi

Corscombe Village Hall Playground to Garden

3 November 2010
The Project

To develop an area outside our Village Hall, into a relaxing landscaped garden that can offer another dimension to the use of internal facilities of the hall. The garden has been designed primarily with our local Playgroup (Ladybirds) and our community in mind.

As the Village Hall provides so many of our community with organised events and an opportunity to meet people, we feel that the garden will provide an extension to this, a lovely place to pass the time perhaps. Children love to interact with the older generation and vice versa, it would be a way of closing the gap and encouraging more of our locals to volunteer at the Playgroup.

This project has been initiated by the Ladybirds Playgroup and is fully supported by the Village Hall Management Committee, user groups and our local community.

Our Village Hall is a hub for gatherings, and our village thrives because we all help each other and use our local resources. Part of our vision for the garden is that it will be an communal outdoor area, where those who have limited mobility or are visually impaired can easily access an area other than their own property incorporating sensory elements from the planting and landscape features forming a shared retreat within the village.

We applied for a Grassroots Grant. The purpose of this funding programme is to support small voluntary and community groups and organisations that are addressing issues of need and disadvantage in their community.

We asked Paul J Howard Landscaping, from Corscombe, to review the garden design and provide a quote to carry out the work.

We were thrilled to receive half of the grant we applied for which enabled us to put in place the main raised bed structure which includes a sensory flower area, a central area for a small willow tree, and two smaller beds for wild and colourful flowers.

The Garden

As you will see from the design we have tried to include the following elements to cater for children as well as everyone who enjoys seeing beauty:

The woodland area:
• Sensory flowerbed to stimulate smell, touch, taste and sight
• Small willow tree to provide sound and movement
• Flower beds for planting
• Bark chippings for digging and playing
• Log pile to encourage bugs and insects to visit
• Solar powered water trickling over pebbles

Raised wooden planter:
Children have planted vegetables and can water them and watch them grow and when ready, they can pick or dig up the vegetables to eat.

New gates have been installed making the garden secure. An area
has been erected to store the bins to keep them tidy and clear of the garden area.

A cobbled pathway, with a central design, to connect the top gate to the lower gate and the Village Hall fire exit. We would also like the Playgroup children to add their own personal touches to the pathway by making mosaic designs and patterns.

To provide shelter and shade while people sit and admire the garden or while children enjoy some quiet time or pot up some seeds.

To rest.

Progress so far:
Paul Howard and his assistant Patrick Holt set to work during the end of May. They excavated parts of the tarmac to set the wood rounds in concrete and make adequate depth for flower beds.
Wood rounds were cut to several heights to give interest and diversity. Children have already enjoyed balancing on them!

The old rotten gates were taken out and replaced with new higher and secure fixtures giving the garden attractive and inviting entrances.

Finally Paul built a wooden planter, wide enough for children to reach over when planting and tending their crops.

What’s next:
Another grant has been applied for with the hope of being able to lay the pathway, build the pergola and site a bench, completing the design and giving the garden its finishing touches

The New Garden click here for image    
Tessa Safadi

The New Cooker

3 November 2010
We now have a lovely new cooker in the village hall thanks to Corscombe and Halstock Community First Responders. This is much appreciated by all users.

Click below to see image
New Cooker    
Tessa Safadi

Our New Shed

3 November 2010
As we lost some of our storage in the under croft to the new boiler room we now have a lovely new shed for storage.

Click below to see the image
The new shed image    
Tessa Safadi

The Hopper that feeds the Boiler with Wood Pellets

3 November 2010
Click below to see the image
Hopper image    
Tessa Safadi

Our New Boiler

3 November 2010
please click below for an image of our new boiler
New Boiler image    
Tessa Safadi

Come and see the new low carbon, renewable energy heating system at the village hall

30 October 2010
If you are not yet aware the village hall has suffered several oil thefts over the years. This in conjunction with the hall’s concern over rising oil costs and a desire to become more environmentally aware has meant that the village hall committee felt the need to look at other alternative fuel options for heating the hall.

After careful consideration of a range of possible low carbon, renewable energy systems it was decided that the best option was to look at a biomass fuel system.

Wood fuelled heating (Biomass) is organic matter of recent origin. It doesn't include fossil fuels, which have taken millions of years to evolve. The CO2 released when energy is generated from wood fuel is balanced by that absorbed during the fuel's production. This is why it is considered to be a carbon neutral process. Biofuels fall into two main categories:
• Wood fuel includes forest products, untreated wood products, energy crops, short rotation coppice (SRC) e.g. willow.
• Non-wood fuel includes animal waste, industrial and biodegradable municipal products from food processing and high-energy crops, e.g. rape, sugar cane, maize.

The system considered was a wood pellet burning boiler, which would use a renewable wood pellet source, this form of biomass will allow for automatic feeding to the boiler and offers the advantage of a low cost carbon neutral fuel.

However, the initial cost of this system, at about £33,000 was well beyond the means of the village hall finances. The ability of the village hall to install such a system therefore relied on us being successful in our bid for two grants, which in total would cover this cost. The village hall applied for and were successful, being awarded both the Community Sustainable Energy Programme (CSEP) grant and The Low Carbon Building Programme (LCBP) grant which meant that at the end of August work started on putting in a new wood pellet heating system. Ecofirst ( a local company based in Yeovil has managed the project. The boiler has come from Woodpecker Energy Heating Technology. Where possible we have tried to use local suppliers and companies. We would like to thank local electrical company Lawrence’s and builder Martin Sibley for their help with this project.

The new heating system did require that some of the under croft space had to be used for the wood pellet boiler. To compensate a new shed has been constructed next to the paper shed. This new shed has taken a large amount of the equipment stored in the under croft. This has had the added benefit of freeing up space in the under croft so that the stage can now easily be accessed.

It is hoped that this new heating system will not only ensure that hall users can benefit from a low cost, low carbon, environmentally friendly fuel system but that it will also raise the awareness of renewable energy resources in the village and further afield.

This has been a year of change for the village hall, not only the new heating system but also our beautiful new garden area thanks to the Ladybirds Play Group and a Grass Roots grant and a lovely new cooker thanks to the Corscombe First Responders.

If you would like to come and visit the hall please do, we would love to show you around? There is also a display in the village hall outlining the new system in more detail.
Tessa Safadi

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